Last words in Isaac Asimov's fiction

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Short stories[edit]

  • No, Mr Peyton. Don't-
    • Who: Albert Cornwell.
    • Source: The Singing Bell.
    • The words were said by him just before he was shot by Louis Peyton, who didn't want to share a large loot.
  • AC, is this the end? Can this chaos not be reversed into the Universe once more? Can that not be done?
    • Who: Man.
    • Source: The Last Question.
    • Said about the thermal death of the Universe by the last human mind, before it fused with AC.
  • I cannot face the responsibility involved in having invented graphitics.
    • Who: Technician Myron Aub.
    • Source: The Feeling of Power.
    • Written in a note, just before he commited suicide. "Graphitics" refers to the (forgotten by then and reinvented by him) art of calculation on paper.
  • I alone
    • Who: Dr Harg Tholan.
    • Source: Hostess.

The Foundation Series[edit]

  • You're going to kill me.
    • Who: Rikaine Delmarre.
    • Source: The Naked Sun.
    • The words were constantly repeated by a robot found in the scene of murder. The robot was not in working order due to being unable to prevent it.
  • I ask you, with all respect, to move away from your present position voluntarily.
    • Who: R. Landaree.
    • Source: Robots and Empire.
    • After those words, she attempted to shoot R. Daneel Olivaw, but R. Giskard Reventlov deactivated her before she could press the blaster trigger.
  • Dishonoured, either way.
    • Who: Sergeant Emmer Thalus.
    • Source: Prelude to Foundation.
    • Thalus said those words when ordered to shoot Hari Seldon. After that, he was shot for disobedience.
  • Say good-bye, Dr Venabili. All I have to do now is turn the device to full power and you will be history.
    • Who: Tamwile Elar.
    • Source: Forward the Foundation.
    • Said to R. Dors Venabili. She killed him after those words, but died soon after.
  • You loved me and your love made me - human.
  • And yet I'll get you! Soldiers! Shoot me down that devil. Blast him! Blast him!
    • Who: Regent Wienis.
    • Source: Foundation.
    • Said to Salvor Hardin and the royal guards. After the latter didn't obey, he attempted to shoot Hardin himself, and when the shot was reflected by a personal shield, shot himself.
  • You've killed the General!
    • Who: Sergeant Mori Luk.
    • Source: Foundation and Empire.
    • Said upon seeing two people holding Bel Riose's personal blaster. He charged at them, and was shot by that very weapon.
  • Play, monster!
  • I can tell you.
    • Who: Dr Ebling Mis.
    • Source: Foundation and Empire.
    • After those words, he was shot so that the secret of the Second Foundation's location may die with him.
  • I must first be merciful to myself and my world, and to do that, you must die.
    • Who: Sarton Bander.
    • Source: Foundation and Earth.
    • After saying that, Bander attempted to kill the three people in question, but was killed by Blissenobiarella.

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