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Following is a list of last words from various Superman media.

Live-action films

  • [General Zod: This Council has been disbanded.] On whose authority? [General Zod: Mine.]
  • Who: Ro-Zar
    • Note: Said to General Zod before he shoots her dead after interrupting a meeting between Jor-El and the Kryptonian Council.
  • We've had a child, Zod. A boy child. Krypton's first natural birth in centuries. And he will be free. Free to forge his own destiny.
  • Silencing me won't change anything. My son is twice the man you were, and he will finish what we started, I can promise you that.
    • Who: Jor-El
    • Note: While near to send his son Kal-El to Earth, Jor says these words before fighting Zod and, after Lara successfully launches the spacecraft with Kal and the Codex in it, Zod stabs and kills him. The second line is said by the AI in the Kryptonian ship, before Zod terminates him.
  • Lady Lara, the Phantom prods are coming online.
    • Who: Kelex
  • Lady Lara, shouldn't you find refuge?
    • Who: Kelor
  • There is no refuge, Kelor. Jor-El was right, this is the end. Make a better world than ours, Kal.
    • Who: Lara Lor-Van
    • Note: After placing her husband's corpse into a burial chamber, she watches as Krypton is destroyed and says these words before she dies with the rest of her people.
  • Get your mom to the overpass.
    • Who: Jonathan Kent
    • Note: Saying these words to Clark before keeping him from saving his life to protect his secret as a Kryptonian and letting himself engulfed by the Tornado.
  • Yes, sir.
    • Who: Faora-Ul
    • Note: Said to General Zod after being asked to take command. During the battle, Colonel Hardy repeats the same words she said to him earlier before she and Zod's forces are trapped in the Phantom Zone.
  • We've had a slight set-back.
    • Who: Dr. Emil Hamilton.
  • A good death is its own reward.
    • Who: Colonel Nathan Hardy
    • Note: Colonel Hardy quotes what Faora said to him earlier then traps himself, her and the rest of Zod's forces in the Phantom Zone.
  • If you love these people so much, you can mourn for them! Or you can save them instead! [uses heat vision, putting innocent people at risk of getting killed] [Superman: Don't do this! I mean, great idea. Stop! STO-O-O-OP!] Never.
    • Who: General Zod
    • Note: While General Zod and Superman were battling each other throughout Metropolis, Zod (infuriated that Superman managed to send his terraformers and his fellow Kryptonians back into the Phantom Zone) attempts to murder a family of four with his heat vision. Superman, holding Zod by the neck, pleads for Zod to stop his madness, but Zod refuses, and Superman is forced to kill Zod by snapping his neck.

Animated films

  • So that is what provides the son of Krypton with newfound power.
    • Who: Brainiac
    • Note: Coming Soon!
  • Mercy, phone my attorneys. All of them.
    • Who: Lex Luthor
    • Note: Coming Soon!
  • LexCorp was never there.
    • Who: Mercy Grants
    • Note: She said that before Lex shot her and said, "And neither were you."
  • I have rights! I have nothing to say to you. [Dark Superman: How about goodbye?]
    • Who: Toyman
    • Note: Some time before Superman died, he faced the Toyman in a battle. Now, as Lex Luthor's Dark Superman is charged with Metropolis, he confronts the Toyman as the criminal is being arrested. When Dark Superman flies off with him, Toyman says that before Dark Superman drops him to his death from high above the city where he lands on a police car.
  • Protect...the people... [Superman: It's why I'm here]
    • Who: Dark Superman
    • Note: After Superman vaporizes the kryptonite canister (which was stuck in Dark Superman's chest because of the oil), Dark Superman says these words before dying.
  • [Leo Quintum: Is that...?] A map of Superman's genetic code. I reverse-engineered it from his 24-hour super serum. I also finally figured out how to replicate it. [Leo Quintum: No...] Of course, it will require an ovum from a healthy human woman.
    • Who: Lex Luthor
    • Note: Said to Leo Quintum prior to his "imminent" execution.
  • You won't kill me, and I won't stop until I kill you. [Superman: You're right. It's not how I'm programmed. But you should know...I've got a wildcard up my sleeve.] What?! What is this? [Eradicator: Eradication.]
    • Who: Hank Henshaw/Cyborg Superman
    • Note: During the final showdown against Superman in the Justice League Watchtower, Henshaw says these words after Superman has his powers boosted by the Yellow Sun, during which Superman manages to stab Henshaw in the head with a crystal containing the essence of the Eradicator, which apparently destroys Henshaw's consciousness.

Superman: Red Son (2020)

  • [Superman: We need to close the gap between our highest communist ideals and the cruel reality I saw today.] Then I urge you to try, but you'll quickly find that the only way to achieve that goal is to follow my example. The unpleasant truth, my son, is that certain people must die in order for the system to work.
  • Everyone, please proceed to the exits in an orderly fashion! There is more than enough time for us to--
    • Who: Museum Tour Guide
    • Note: Caught in an explosion rigged by Batman
  • You don't understand at all, do you? It may be a game to you, but not to me. Never to me.
    • Who: Batman
    • Note: Suicide via bomb implanted in his chest.


  • Everything...go dark...hello, Superman...hello...
    • Who: Bizarro
    • Note: In this universe, Bizarro became determined to prove himself a "perfect" imperfect duplicate of Superman. To this end, he committed suicide with blue kryptonite, as Superman was living.
    • Who: Mister Mxyzptlk
    • Note: This incarnation of Mxyzptlk was decidedly more evil than others, and so set about a cataclysmic chain of events. Superman eventually caught the sorcerer and threatened him with the Phantom Zone Projector. Mxyzptlk panicked and attempted to say his name backwards to return to the Fifth Dimension just as Superman fired the Projector, which caught the imp between two dimensions and tore him apart.
  • Doomsday...Is he...
    • Who: Superman
    • Note: Asks this to Lois Lane after he finally defeats Doomsday in Metropolis. Superman, fatally wounded by his prolonged battle with Doomsday, then falls unconscious and later dies, but is later resurrected.

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