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Following is a list of last words from Terminator films and related works.

The Terminator (1984)[edit]

  • Fuck you, asshole!
    • Who: Punk leader (Bill Paxton)
    • Note: Terminator demands his clothes, but the punk simply pulls out a knife and says this line. In response, the Terminator pushes him into a gate so forciby that it kills him.
  • Wash day, tomorrow. Nothing clean, right?
    • Who: Punk (Brian Thompson)
    • Note: Character sees the nude Terminator and says this line. The Terminator responds, "Nothing clean. Right." After a few seconds, the Terminator kills the punk's acquaintance. He then proceeds to punch the punk through the gut, killing him.
  • There's a, uh, 15 day wait on the handguns but the rifles you can take right now,- you can't do that.
    • Who: Pawnshop clerk.
    • Source:
    • Note: The Terminator is at the counter sampling a large variety of guns. He loads a shell into a shotgun, and when the shopkeeper says that he can not, the Terminator replies "Wrong", and shoots him.
  • Yes
    • Who: Wrong Sarah Connor (Marianne Muellerleile)
    • Note:Terminator comes to her house after reading her name in the phone book, believing her to be the Sarah Connor he is after. Upon her opening the door, the Terminator asks, "Sarah Connor?" The woman confirms that her name is Sarah Connor, so the Terminator breaks the door open and shoots her multiple times (Six to be exact)
  • Go on. I'm gonna make a belt out of you.
    • Who: Ginger Ventura
    • Note: Character goes into the kitchen late at night to make a sandwhich. As she makes it, she is frightened when Sarah Connor's pet iguana knocks a few boxes off the top of the fridge. Annoyed, she says this line to him. On her way back to her room, her boyfriend Matt is thrown through the door by the Terminator, who steps into the living room. Ginger tries to run, but is shot in the back by the Terminator.
  • Don't make me bust you up, man!
    • Who: Matt Buchanan (Rick Rossovich).
    • Note: When Matt sees the Terminator, he gets into a fight, but the Terminator throws Matt through the bedroom door; he is probably dead at this point.
  • Look, it may take a while. If you wanna wait, there's a bench over there
    • Who: Sergeant Wright
    • Notes: Terminator enters police station and asks to see Sarah Connor. Wright says that she is writing a statement and he cannot see her. The Terminator patiently asks, "Where is she?" to which Wright answers with this line. The Terminator looks around for a second, then says the famous line, "I'll be back" and leaves. After a second, the Terminator returns by driving a car through the station wall and running over Sergeant Wright.
  • Stay here.
Reese! She’s got to stay alive. Do whatever you have to do.
    • Who: Lt. Ed Traxler
    • Note: Says this to Sarah Connor. He then tries to shoot the Terminator, who is attacking the police station, but is shot dead. The other quote is in a deleted scene.
  • Ed. HEY!!!
    • Who: Hal Vukovich
    • Note: Sees Ed Traxler, who had been shot dead by the Terminator. Hal attempts to shoot the Terminator, but is also shot dead.
  • Come on, you motherfucker
    • Who: Kyle Reese
    • Note: Kyle is telling Sarah to run while he tries to destroy the terminator, he then says this to the terminator as he begins hitting him with a pipe, and uses a bomb to try to destroy him. He is then killed in the explosion.
  • Get out
    • Who: The Terminator
    • Note: His last words in the movie; Said to a truck driver who accidentally ran him over. The Terminator is later crushed by a machine that was activated by Sarah.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)[edit]

  • We oughta tell the kid to get rid of that fucking mutt
    • Who: Todd Voight
    • Note:Todd is annoyed by the constant barking of John Connor's pet dog. The T-1000, disguised as Todd's wife Janelle, is talking to John on the phone. After Todd says this line, the T-1000 moves his hand to the side. A slashing sound is heard. When the T-1000 hangs up, the camera moves to the side to show Todd stabbed through the mouth by the T-1000's knife hand.
  • Hey, I got a full house! Must be my lucky day
    • Who: Louis the night guard of Pescadero
    • Note: Character bought a cup of coffee from a vending machine and looked at the playing card game on the side of the cup. The first part is spoken to the receptionist of the hospital, and the second to himself. He says this line, then turns around to find the T-1000, disguised as Louis. The T-1000 stabs Louis through the eye.
  • I'm not sure... how much longer... I can... hold this.
    • Who: Miles Dyson
    • Notes: Character has been shot during the clandestine raid on Cyberdyne Systems, and is holding an explosive detonator. He drops the detonator, causing much of the Research and Development section of Cyberdyne to be destroyed.
  • Damn! Are you all right?
    • Who: Truck driver
    • Note: The T-1000 was hit by the car driven by the T-101. A truck driver sees this and asks him if he is okay, but the T-1000 stabs him through.
  • John! John!
    • Who: T-1000
    • Notes: Said while impersonating Sarah to kill John. John sees through the ruse and the T-800 destroys the T-1000 shortly after.
  • I know now why you cry. But it's something I can never do. Goodbye.
    • Who: T-101
    • Notes: Character sacrifices himself by descending into molten metal so that Cyberdyne Systems cannot study his parts to continue their research that will lead to a nuclear apocalypse.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)[edit]

  • Oh, my God! Are you okay? Do you want me to call 911?
    • Who: Rich Lady
    • Note: Character sees the nude T-X approaching her. The T-X states, "I like this car" and kills the lady, taking the car.
  • What?
    • Who: Unnamed police officer
    • Note: Pulls the T-X over for speeding. She looks at gun and says, "I like this gun." The officer says this. The T-X presumably kills him, as she is seen with his gun later.
  • Yeah, that's me
    • Who: Jose Barrera
    • Notes: T-X searches for John Connor's future lieutenants, so she searches for Barrera. She drives up to the drive thru of Jim's Burgers. Jose asks for her meal order over the drive-thru speaker. The T-X asks, "Jose Barrera?", to which he confirms. The T-X drives to the pick up window and looks at Jose's name tag, which has his name on it. After reading it, the T-X shoots him dead.
  • Um... I'm Bill. My sister's upstairs. Is there something wrong?
    • Who: William "Bill" Anderson
    • Notes: When he opens the door, the T-X, who is standing there, asks, "Elizabeth and William Anderson?" William says this line. After he says it, the T-X pushes him onto the floor and shoots him dead.
  • Is that you, baby? Did you just get in?
    • Who: Scott Mason
    • Note: Scott hears a noise and wakes up. He says this line, thinking Kate has returned from the vets office, but he sees that it is the T-X. The T-X kills him, causing blood to spurt onto a picture.
  • Oh, Katie, I'm so sorry. I opened Pandora's Box
    • Who: General Robert Brewster
    • Note: Character was shot by the T-X, and gives John and Kate a codebook. He says this line to Kate, apologizing for causing Judgement Day to occur. He then dies.
  • Daddy!
    • Who: The T-X
    • Note: Impersonates Katherine Brewster to get close to her father. A little while later, the T-101 shoves his remaining power cell into the T-X's mouth, where it explodes, killing them both. This line is said while impersonating her, and it is also her last line. In her regular form, her last line is, "John Connor was here. Where is he? Where did he go", spoken to Kate.
  • You are terminated.
    • Who: T-101
    • Notes: Character pulls out his power cell and uses it to cause a massive explosion that destroys himself and the T-X.

Terminator Salvation (2009)[edit]

  • What is it that makes us human? It's not something you can program. You can't put it into a chip. It's the strength of the human heart. The difference between us and machines.
    • Who: Marcus Wright
    • Notes: The character is a hybrid machine/human and is thinking as he slips under the anaesthetic to die and donate his heart to John Connor.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008-)[edit]

  • Dmitri Simkov: Hey, where are you going?!
    • Episode: "The Demon Hand"
    • Notes: The Mafia guns down Dmitri (who owes them money) and his sister, while Cameron, the terminator, walks away.
  • Cromartie: I'm looking for John Connor.
    • Episode:
    • Notes: Said to James Ellison shortly before being destroyed in a hail of gunfire.