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Following is a list of last words from media in The Godfather series.


The Godfather (1972)[edit]

  • Son of a bitch. C'mon! C'mon!
    • Who: Sonny Corleone
    • Note: Sonny was furiously driving to find his brother-in-law, who had beaten up his sister. While stopping at a toll booth, he says this to the car that is slowly moving in front of him. Several of Barzini's men then appear and riddle him with bullets.
  • (laughs) Not me, nothin' to worry about. Not me.
    • Who: Paulie Gatto
    • Note: Paulie says this after Clemenza says something to him in Italian (Clemenza asks Paulie if he farted in the car) while he, Rocco, and Clemenza joke around in the car. When they pull over for Clemenza to urinate on the side of the road, Rocco shoots him in the back of the head for betraying the Corleone Family.
  • Not bad!
    • Who: Luca Brasi
    • Note: Don Corleone sent Luca to infiltrate Sollozzo. While there, Sollozzo and Bruno Tattalgia offer him a job position, to which he responds with the words above. Bruno then stabs his hand while an assassin garrotes Luca from behind.
  • We will have peace, but your Family should interfere no longer.
    • Who: Virgil Sollozzo
    • Note: Said to Michael Corleone in Italian, before he and McCluskey gets shot by Michael, who brought a gun from the bathroom.
  • I've frisked thousands of young punks.
    • Who: Captain McCluskey
    • Note: Said to Sollozzo, when Michael asks to go to the bathroom. After Sollozzo tells him not to take too long, McCluskey says the second part. Michael then returns with a gun and shoots him twice.
  • Michael, wait there! I'll drive to you.
    • Who: Apollonia
    • Note: Speaks this line in Italian to Michael Corleone. Moments later, the car she is sitting in explodes due to a bomb set inside.
  • Tom, can you get me off the hook? For old times' sake?
    • Who: Sal Tessio.
    • Note: Tessio is surrounded by Corleone button men, after it was discovered he turned against the Corleone Family. He says this to Tom Hagen, who refuses, and is led to his death off screen.
  • Mike, please-
  • Who: Carlo Rizzi
    • Note: Said after Michael tells him there is a car to take him to the airport. Michael responds 'Get out of my sight'; when Carlo enters the car, he is garroted with a chain by Clemenza.
  • Oh, no. That's a new trick. You run in there. Run in there...
    • Who: Don Vito Corleone
    • Note: He says this to his grandson Anthony after covering his teeth with an orange and pretending to be a monster, which startles Anthony. He then begins to chase his grandson around through the garden playfully. Eventually, he begins to cough violently and has a heart attack, falls to the ground and dies.

The Godfather Part II (1974)[edit]

  • Run, Vito!
  • Who: Vito Corleone's mother
    • Note: Was visiting Don Ciccio, the murderer of her husband and son, begging him to spare Vito. When he refuses, she holds a knife to his throat and threatens his guards, telling Vito to run. She is then killed by one of Ciccio's men, who shoots her with a shotgun while she's distracted telling Vito to run.
  • What've you got there?
  • Who: Don Fanucci
    • Note: Said to a young Vito Corleone, after spotting him with a gun wrapped in a towel waiting in a dark apartment. Vito then shoots him once in the chest, once in the cheek, and kills him by putting his gun in the wounded man's mouth and pulling the trigger.
  • Louder, I don't hear so good.
  • Who: Don Ciccio
    • Note: Vito Corleone was telling him his father's name. After he said this, Vito responds "My father's name was Antonio Andolini...and this is for you!" and slices open his chest, avenging his murdered family.
  • Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are thou amongst woman, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners-
  • Who: Fredo Corleone
    • Note: Fredo had believed that saying a Hail Mary helps catch fish. While fishing with Al Neri, he is shot while saying it, on Michael's orders.
  • I am a retired investor living on a pension. I came home to vote in the Presidential election because they wouldn't give me an absentee ballot.
  • Who: Hyman Roth
    • Note: Roth says this to reporters whilst in FBI custody. When the crowd around him laughs, Rocco Lampone steps forward and shoots him in the chest before being shot dead by the police when trying to escape.

The Godfather Part III (1990)[edit]

  • Open the door! OPEN THE DOOR!
  • Who: Joey Zaza
    • Note: Says this while trying to escape Vincent Corleone who's disguised as a cop. But Vincent guns him down.
  • Dad?
  • Who: Mary Corleone
    • Note: Says this after being fatally shot in front of her father, Michael Corleone, by the assassin Mosca who intended the shot for Michael.