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Laura Ikeji-Kanu (March 15, 1988) is a Nigerian fashion blogger and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Hey! Laura, an online entertainment, fashion and lifestyle blog. She is starring on the Showmax reality television series The Real Housewives of Lagos.


  • To some women, marriage is an achievement, to me Laura, it isn’t. Life isn’t that serious. I wanna achieve so much in my life, to be a Nigerian Zara, with stores all over the country and across Africa. Be a household name in fashion, have my own reality shows, so much to achieve.
    • [1] Laura speaking on marriage in 2017
  • From knowing that you are alive and that you can see tomorrow as you are seeing today. Knowing that you are alive is a privilege. To be alive is a huge privilege.
    • [2] Laura on her strength in 2018
  • I plan to own the biggest fashion store in Africa, to empower the youth by creating different life changing opportunities for them. I also plan to create a shelter to care for the old in the future. I am planning on introducing my Jeans line, Laura Ikeji Jeans and 2018 is not over yet.
    • [3] Laura talk about her dream fashion store in 2018
  • It has been great so far, God has been great. I have been able to overcome my fears and I have discovered my abilities.
    • [4] Laura speaking on her career in 2018
  • My husband is my biggest obsession. I’m just so obsessed with him and I can’t help it. He inspires me a lot and I love him more than any other thing in the world.
    • [5] Laura talk about husband in 2018
  • Incomplete as the name implies is a Cologne which makes your fashion statement complete. You can’t be complete without my Incomplete. It was born out of the need to always smell good.
    • [6] Laura launch new fragrance in 2018
  • Being a mom, I can say is my greatest achievement. I love being a mommy. Never take any moment for granted.
    • [7] Laura speaking on motherhood in 2018
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