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Lauren Eve Montgomery (born May 1980) is an American film animation director and storyboard artist. She is currently executive producer of Voltron: Legendary Defender.


  • It was exciting. The idea of having this character, who had been so much to so many people. And none of that was based on his sexual orientation,
    And just to reveal that he is a gay man, and that in no way changes his relationships with any of these people, anything that he’s done. Sometimes it’s amazing to have the stories where the character is finding themselves, but then it’s also incredibly important to have the stories where this character is fully formed, and he’s a gay man, and he’s doing amazing things. And he’s flawed, and he has his own problems. That was why I loved the idea of having Shiro be our representation.
  • It was something that came up right from the get-go, but as you know, from the beginning we kind of thought we were going to kill Shiro at one point. And so we’re like, ‘Y’know what? We don’t really want to kill off our gay representation. Maybe we’ll find it somewhere else.’ But then we found out pretty soon after that, Shiro wasn’t allowed to die. Well, all right, we go back to plan one and yeah, it just took us a little while to get to the point in the story where we were able to reveal it. But he was kind of always in the works to be our [gay] representation.
    It’s a very normal part of his life and it’s just a very normal part of our story. It wasn’t supposed to be, like, scandalous or surprising or--
    It’s just daily life. And I think we kind of try to envision a world where all of those things are just normal and accepted and people don’t freak out about them.
    It doesn’t change who he is at all.
  • He is Shiro’s significant other,
    They weren’t married yet, but that’s the road they were going down
    Him being gay was just something that we had always wanted to do with him from early on.

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