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Laurie Colwin (June 14, 1944 – October 24, 1992) an American writer of five novels, three short story collections and two volumes of essays and recipes.


  • “Once in a while I get a kid in from the student agency to do some heavy cleaning. You’d be amazed how efficient budding sociologists and historians can be.”
    • Happy All the Time, Ch. 1
  • The fact was that, while Misty was moral, Vincent was good. Watching him sleep it was revealed to Misty that the good do not necessarily have to maintain morality: they were born with it, while people like Misty, who were not good, had to strive mightily for goodness. That was what a moral system was: it helped you be good when you weren’t very nice.
    • Happy All the Time, Ch. 7
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