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Lawrence Daniel Huculak (January 25, 1951–) is a Canadian prelate of the Ukrainian Catholic Church who serves as the Metropolitan of the Archeparchy of Winnipeg.


  • The Christian community recognizes itself in the parish structure and it’s through the work of the parish that they can look out for, starting with its members who may be sick, who may be alone, or who are in need in whichever way, and as a parish they can respond to them. This doesn’t just apply to the most notable or famous parishioner let’s call it, but if we want to say the average parishioners or those even who just come time to time, that the parish community together as a group with the priest, with the assistants, with the organizations that it there, that they can all go out into the community to find to find those people and identify the type of need that they have and to realize the response of the parish is based on the response of Jesus Christ, who always to the lonely, the elderly, and even those were deceased.
  • For many Faithful of the UCC in the diaspora the Church is regarded as a protector of political aspirations and the dreams of the Ukrainian People. For others, the Church is a centre for Ukrainian culture and language. For others yet, the Church is a display for the artistic life: where the church building becomes an end in itself. The preservation of a particular church building becomes the principal goal above all other efforts. Their concept or understanding of membership in an eparchy or a bigger Church is not clear.

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