Lazar Kaganovich

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Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich

Lazar Kaganovich (in Russian Лазарь Моисеевич Каганович), Lazar' Moiseevič Kaganovič, (22 November 1893 {November 10 O.S.} – 25 July 1991), was a Soviet politician and administrator.


  • Every time they say that what's happening in the country is... Stalin's fault. It's the moral of every speech: Stalin's guilty, it was Stalin, Stalin, Stalin, everyone against him. But Stalin died 35 years ago! 35 years! What does that have to do with today's troubles?
  • First, Stalin is disowned, now, little by little, it gets to prosecute socialism, the October Revolution, and in no time they will also want to prosecute Lenin and Marx.
  • Without Stalin's politics, we would never have achieved anything, we would all have died.

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