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LazyTown is a English-Language Icelandic childern's television series program that originated in Iceland in 2004-2014, where it is known as Latibær.


Season 1

Robbie Rotten[edit]

  • LazyTown is the laziest town on the planet, and I'm gonna keep it that way!
  • Mmmmmm creamy!!!
  • Look what else I have! A new video game! I've heard it's got 5,000 levels!
  • (As Robbie tells Stephanie that LazyTown will always stay lazy) Now why don't you sit quietly and do nothing like a good little girl?
  • (everyone cheers after Sportacus decides to stay in LazyTown much to Robbie's horror) (gasps) Stay, No!
  • (everyone cleans up LazyTown after Stephanie says No one's lazy in LazyTown much to Robbie's anger) (growls).
  • Don't let your kids watch it!
  • All right! I can see that I will have to teach you, how to be VILLAINS!
  • I bring cookies and he brings nothing?!?!
  • It's a perfect day to do nothing at all!
  • Who wants a badge for ignoring the girl with the pink hair and the bad attitude?
  • Have you ever heard the sound of a rubber ball breaking a window?
  • I did it! I'm in the airship!
  • Woof woof woof
    He loves to howl
    Woof woof woof
    Oh what a growl!
    Woof woof woof
    Just watch him play
    And chase those annoying brats away!
  • They say that I should change
    And wear a perky smile
    But smiling makes my face hurt
    And happiness is vile.
  • Yeah, now to put my rotten plan in effect. Get the trophy and get rid of Sportacus forever.
  • Three minutes. There won't be any concert. Uh. Ah. Come on, ducky. Let's fix our hair.
  • Now kids, stand up, turn your book around, sit down AND.... Fall asleep.
  • Sportacus' memory is as lost as a sock in a dryer.
  • This will be as easy as stealing candy from a baby, and I should know.
  • Sometimes I'm so mean, that I scare myself.
  • (Deciding what to wear) Too girly. Too curly. Too pearly. Too fancy. [sheepishly] That didn't rhyme.
  • We are number one!
  • It's disguise time!
  • So what can I do for you, you incredibly handsome person?
  • Thank you. I would like an ice cream about this high!!!
  • Okay, coming right up.
  • What do I owe you?
  • Nothing, its for free.
  • Hey! Robbie Rotten!!!
  • Who'd you expect, Sportaflop?
  • Okay. Open your book. Turn it around, lean forward and go to sleep.
  • It's about time, that someone with real class won the person of the year award. [burps loudly] Wow, that was classy!
  • "Rule Number One! Always say please and thank you." What?! They must be joking!


  • "Someone's in trouble"
  • "Someone's need help"


  • "Pinky"


  • This mailbox is mine, and this triagonal sign.
  • That blue balloon, the month of June.
  • They're mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.
  • Ziggy's sweets are mine.
  • That birdie's tweets are mine.
  • The city's streets, the both of your feet.
  • They're all emphatically mine.
  • It all belongs to me, everything that I see.
  • North, south, east, and west.
  • I caress it 'cause I possess it, I'm Stingy, and it's mine!
  • And this instrumental break is also mine.
  • The floor and ceiling are mine.
  • All your feelings are mine.
  • You always knew it, that's all there is to it.
  • It's mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.
  • That's what I said, it's mine!
  • I need to borrow your bath tub!
  • I want everyone to take a bath before eating my pizza.
  • Your hand, just your hands?
  • So, I only need to take your sink.
  • And get my sink all dirty?!
  • Thanks for the sink, bye!!!
  • (As Trixie asks for some popcorn) I could give you one little piece but it's mine!
  • Now, Ziggy's car is Number 11.

Season 1 (2004)[edit]

Welcome to LazyTown [1.01][edit]

Robbie: LazyTown is the laziest town on the planet, and I'm gonna keep it that way!

Sports Day [1.03][edit]

Robbie: I wouldn't be too sure.


Dr. Rottenstein[edit]

Pixel: Robbie Rotten moves a lot. But that's only when he's sneaking around.
Robbie Rotten: (disguised as Dr. Rottenstein) Isn't that the good-looking guy?
Stephanie: No!
Robbie Rotten: Yeah! In a "bad boy" sort of way.

Sportacus: I'm Sportacus.
Robbie Rotten: (dressed as Sportacus) No, I am Sportacus.
Sportacus: No, I'm Sportacus.
Robbie Rotten: Me, too!

Robbie's Dream Team[edit]



Pixel: Robbie Rotten, get out of my computer!
Robbie Rotten: Not until after I wreck your webpage!
[Pixel and Ziggy gasp in shock]
Ziggy: WHAT?!
Pixel: W-W-When I get my mouse on you, you're gonna be deleted BIG TIME, buddy!
Robbie Rotten: First, you have to catch me!
[Pixel tries to click on Robbie]
Ziggy: Go for it Pixel!
Pixel: There he goes, uh, uh...
Robbie Rotten: [dodges the cursor] Missed! Missed again!
Ziggy: Aw, Pixel...
Pixel: No...
Ziggy: Get him! Get him...!
Pixel: He's so quick!
Robbie Rotten: Hahahaha! Click click as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'M COMPUTERIZED MAN!
Pixel: I'm gonna get you all right! Uh, uh...
Ziggy: Go for it Pixel! You can do it!
Pixel: [notices Robbie picking up a paintbrush] Hey, what's he doing?!
Robbie Rotten: Let's do some... 'brushing up'!
Pixel: [gasps] NOOOO!
[Robbie runs with the paintbrush to Trixie's icon]
[Just as Robbie was about to touch the icon, the computers suddenly get powered down]
Pixel: What? Wh-wh... what happened?! What happened?!
Ziggy: Uh... well, I... [reveals the plug he pulled out] I just wanted to know what it did.
Pixel: Plug it back in! Plug it back in Ziggy, you gotta plug this in!
Ziggy: Ok, ok! [plugs the power plug back in the socket]
Pixel: [sighs in relief after the computers' power restore]
Robbie Rotten: [stands up in shock, then looks around the webpage] Whoa! What was THAT?!
Pixel: You got shut off!
Robbie Rotten: Well DON'T do it again! It gave me a headache!
Ziggy: [laughs, only to be stopped by Pixel glaring at him]
Pixel: Don't do it again.
Ziggy: Oh. Ok.
Pixel: [resumes clicking] Let's get him!
Robbie Rotten: [keeps dodging the cursor] Na-na-na-na-na-na!
Pixel: Ziggy, I can't corner him! He's too fast!
Robbie Rotten: Ha-hahahahaha!
Pixel: Send the message to Sportacus, he's the only one can help!
Ziggy: Right, message to Sportacus right.

Robbie Rotten: (flailing arms about and prancing) Robbie doesn't move! Robbie doesn't move!
Robbie-Robot: Robbie Rotten is moving now.

Sportacus: Are you okay?
Robbie-Mayor: Oh, why, yes, I'm fine, yes.
Sportacus: But my crystal beeped.
Robbie-Mayor: Oh, what? Well, obviously it's out of order. Why don't you just throw it away?

Sportacus: It's okay, Ziggy, everyone's afraid of something.
Ziggy: Even you, Sportacus?
Sportacus: No.


Robbie Rotten: Now,listen to me, little girl,I won end of story, time to go. Bye bye, Adios,Ciao
Stephanie: No,it's time for you to go...
Everybody:Robbie Rotten!!!
Ziggy:It was Robbie


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