Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

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Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III is a 1990 American horror film. It is the third part of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.

Directed by Jeff Burr. Screenplay by David J. Schow.
There's Roadkill All Over Texas. Taglines


  • [First lines] On August 18, 1973, Sally Hardesty, her invalid brother Franklin, and their friends fell afoul of a bizarre, cannibalistic clan of serial predators. Ms. Hardesty was the sole survivor of that night of terror. She died in a private health care facility in 1977. A single member of the murderous "family" lived to see trial. The prosecution recorded his name as W.E. Sawyer. He died in the gas chamber in 1981. The jurors concluded that "Leatherface", presumed to be an unapprehended killer, was in fact an alternate personality of Sawyer's, activated whenever he donned a crude mask made of human flesh. If there was no Leatherface in reality, then Sally Hardesty may at last rest in peace... If there actually was a Leatherface, he remains at large, and the so-called "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" . . . was only the beginning.


  • So? How do you like Texas?


  • There's road kill all over Texas.


  • I'm gonna service you real good babe.
  • It's Armageddon! It's Armageddon you bitch! God dammit!
  • [After throwing body parts in a lake] Is it soup yet?


  • Technology is our friend.
  • I'll be in hell for breakfast.


Tex: Whaddaya think to our little lady?
Tinker: ...Uncertain. Looks like she might get all screamy on us Eddie.
Tex: [Slams meat cleaver on table] I wish you'd call me Tex. I told you.
Tinker: Oh I'm sorry boy. God dammit, I'm sorry... how'd you like to do us the honor of plugging that whore up?

Benny: Sshh. This gun makes an awfully loud noise. And an awfully big hole.
Alfredo: Do I know you?
Benny: Shut up! Move it!!!
Alfredo: Look here Mister; I am very scared of guns, so please, do not point that at my face.
Benny: How many?
Alfredo: How many what, OJ?
Benny:: How many sick bent-fucks like YOU are there out here?
Alfredo: Darlin' I only got one thing to say to you; I don't like the tone of your voice.
Benny: What is this? Booby traps? Camel netting? What are you people doin' out here?
Alfredo: Big surprise... FUCK YOU MISTER! [Spits]
Benny: [Punches Alfredo into the bog] One down.


  • There's Roadkill All Over Texas.
  • He puts the teeth in terror.
  • The Saw Is Family.


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