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Lego City Undercover is an action-adventure platform video game developed by TT Fusion, originally released for the Wii U by Nintendo in 2013. It was later re-released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows via Steam by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in 2017. Based on the City themed toyline by Lego, the narrative follows cop Chase McCain as he returns to Lego City and pursues escaped crime boss Rex Fury. Gameplay features McCain both exploring the open world hub of Lego City, and completing self-contained levels featuring puzzles and combat.


  • Radio announcer: A warm welcome to all you listeners who've just tuned in. You're listening to the sizzling sounds of LEGO City Radio and let me tell you that the forecast for today is hot, hot, HOT!
    [The camera pans into view of the dock, then a rotational view of the cruise ship before zooming into Chase McCain.]
  • Chase: There she is... LEGO City! [A brief pause follows, showing a view of a diner, the exterior of a fire station, a setting similar to Times Square, and a street setting with various costumed characters.] It's been two years since I was sent away. [The scene returns to Chase.] But it made me a better cop. A smarter, faster cop.
  • Bluffbeard: Aaaar... So, what brings you back here, Chase McCain?
  • Chase: [bittersweet] An old friend. A promise to keep. A debt to be repaid. [A flashback with Chase and Natalia Kowalski plays as Chase says these words, intentionally distorted to parody 1980s camera technology.]
  • Bluffbeard: I meant "business or pleasure"? [The flashback ends shortly after. Chase looks over at Bluffbeard in confusion.] I have to fill out your paperwork. [The scene briefly pans out to the cruiser just as it is about to hit a bridge rung.]
  • Chase: Maybe neither. [The scene pans back to Chase.] Maybe both.
  • Bluffbeard: Yeah, I really do have to tick one of the boxes. [The cruiser hits the bridge rung, briefly knocking out Chase and Bluffbeard. The bow briefly gets caught on the rung, worrying a couple on the top deck.] Don't worry! That'll buff right out! [Bluffbeard steers the cruiser away from the rung, causing the couple to fall off the boat.]
  • Man: My love will go on! [He and his girlfriend both fall overboard, as does a hitboxer wearing construction attire.]
  • Bluffbeard: And with the skill of an old sea-dog, I slide her smoothly into port. [Bluffbeard recklessly steers the cruiser into a nearby port, putting other nearby boaters in jeopardy.]
    [The scene then moves forward to a few minutes later, where we see Bluffbeard completing paperwork for the passengers entering LEGO City.]
  • Bluffbeard: And what brings you to LEGO City, young lady?
  • Woman: [bewildered] Err... this boat?
  • Bluffbeard: Ooh! Fiddlepants!
    [The scene pans over to Chase, who is looking out at Mayor Gleeson. He rushes over to meet her.]
  • Chase: Mayor Gleeson!
  • Mayor Gleeson: Thank you so much for coming back, Chase. I know it can't have been easy for you.
  • Chase: I had to get a new passport.
  • Mayor Gleeson: [indifferent] I was referring you leaving under a cloud, but ok... [Chase scratches his head in embarrassment.] I'll get straight to the point. Rex Fury has escaped and is at large in LEGO City.
  • Chase: [suddenly worried] What?! Is Natalia ok?
  • Mayor Gleeson: [reassuring] Natalia's fine, she's in witness protection.
  • Chase: [demanding] I have to speak to her!
  • Mayor Gleeson: I'll give you her number. But if you really want to protect Natalia, find Rex Fury and bring him to justice...again. [Mayor Gleeson begins to walk towards her limousine.] Chase, this city is in the grip of a crime wave.
  • Chase: Really?
  • Mayor Gleeson: Yes. Look. [Mayor Gleeson's limousine is suddenly shown to have its hull ripped out and its tires missing, and her escort is stripped of his clothing.] And I'm certain Rex Fury is behind it. You're the only person I trust to stop him, Chase! [Chase looks down in anticipation.] Get to the station! [She boards her limousine.] And get me Rex Fury! [The limousine drives off awkwardly due to the makeshift tires. Chase appears overwhelmed.]

Chapter 1: New Faces and Old Enemies[edit]

Cutscene 1[edit]

  • [The scene opens with Frank Honey carrying several boxes of donuts to the station. Chase arrives on the scene.]
  • Chase: Hey! Do you need help with these donuts? [Chase unintentionally causes Frank to drop all of the boxes of donuts onto the ground.]
  • Frank: [looking down in embarrassment] No, I'm okay, thanks. [suddenly enthusiastic] I'm Frank Honey, by the way.
  • Chase: [holds out his hand in introduction] I'm Chase. [The scene pans to Chase's mouth in anticipation for Frank's sudden excitement.] Chase McCain.
  • Frank: [suddenly more excited] Chase McCain?! You're a legend! [Chase cannot help but grin as Frank says these words.] Is it true that you brought down Rex Fury?
  • Chase: [attempting to quell Frank's excitement] Just part of the team. [Chase kicks a dropped donut and accidentally hits Frank, who is only briefly stunned.] Deputy Dunby made the actual arrest. [He turns away from Frank.] And I'm not a legend, I'm an ordinary cop. Just like you, Honey.
  • Frank: [makes an excited holler while break dancing]
  • Chase: [deadpan] Well, maybe not just like you. [now affirmative] So, you wanna show me around this new station of yours?
  • Frank: [honored] It would be my honor. [suddenly up close with Chase] I will wait for you...inside.
  • Chase: [distancing himself from Frank] Okay...
    [The scene moves forward to a few minutes later, where we see Chase throwing the last box of donuts into Frank's pile. Chase shakes his head in acknowledged misunderstanding of Frank.]
    [The scene moves forward again to several minutes later, where we see Chase nervously dialing Natalia's phone number to call her. Natalia is seen at Mercy Hearts Hospital running to the back of an ambulance while parodying a love sequence from countless films. Her phone suddenly rings, and she picks it up to answer it.]
  • Natalia: Hello?
  • Chase: Natalia?
  • Natalia: [shocked] Ch-Chase?!
  • Chase: Yeah, it's me. Are you okay?
  • Witness protection officer: [referring to the electrostatic plugs] Charged!
  • Natalia: [annoyed] What do you think you're doing!? You can't call me! I'm in witness protection! [she picks up one of the electrostatic plugs] ...Witness protection!
  • Chase: I was worried! Rex is out! I thought he might come after you! [He briefly turns to the intern, Bea Heckerson, who distances herself from him.]
  • Natalia: I know, but he's not after me! The Chief of Police himself told me that Rex fled the city.
  • Chase: [disbelief] What?! The mayor told me he was still here! [He again briefly turns to Bea, who resumes her assignment.]
  • Natalia: [disbelief] What?!
  • Witness protection officer: [referring to the electrostatic plugs] Should I...?
  • Natalia: [to the witness protection officer] Yeah. [She hands him the electrostatic plugs, but accidentally electrocutes him with one of them.]
  • Chase: [reassuring] I just wanted to make sure you're safe.
  • Natalia: [disheartened] You're the reason I got into this mess in the first place!
  • Chase: [brief stunned pause] Where are you?
  • Natalia: I'm not telling you that!
  • Hospital receptionist: [though the intercom] Natalia Kowalski to Mercy Hearts reception, please.
  • Chase: Mercy Hearts Hospital?
  • Natalia: No! [realizes her secret is out] ...Yes, but don't bother coming here...[Chase briefly turns to Bea a third time, who gives him a nervous smile.]...because if Rex could come after me, then I'm not sticking around! [Natalia turns to the electrocuted witness protection officer before hanging up.]
  • Chase: [hanging up the phone] Rex...

Interlude 1[edit]

  • [Ted Baxter, a fellow police detective, is watching Frank attempt to fix the main computer.]
  • Ted: Are you sure that's safe, Frank?
  • Frank: Of course it's- [The main computer explodes before he can finish, scattering the pieces. Chase proceeds to rebuild the computer.] Hey there! This is our main compuper. It doesn't usually smoke like this.
  • Ted: It got hacked into this morning, triggered a security alert, and locked down the elevator... But it only blew up when Frank tried repairing it.
  • Frank: With a hammer!
After rebuilding the computer
  • Computer voice: Main computer operational. Security lockdown lifted. Elevator functionality restored.
  • Ted: Hey, not bad! I'll try and find out who hacked it...
  • Frank: Ooh, if you get stuck, I'll help you. I know everything about compupers.
  • Ted: [trying to correct Frank] CompuTERs.
  • Frank: Ye-es. Compupers. Basement time!

Cutscene 2[edit]

  • [Chief Marion Dunby exits the elevator with two other officers, grumbling and complaining as he speaks to Mayor Gleeson via his police communicator.]
  • Chief Dunby: [arrogant] Fine, Madam Mayor, I'll brief the officers on Rex, but I still say he's long gone from here! [He hangs up the call and storms down the corridor.] Meddling fool! Making me hire some "specialist" she brought in from overseas... [suddenly realizes Chase has returned] Chase McCain?!
  • Chase: [suddenly realizes Chief Dunby is present in return] Dunby?! You're the new police chief!?
  • Chief Dunby: [groans] Right! I might not like giving you a job, McCain, but it does mean you have to follow my orders. [suddenly demanding] First one - get to the basement and get a uniform on!
  • Frank: [embracing Chase and Chief Dunby] Are you two old friends?
  • Chief Dunby: Honey! Did you put those essential supplies on my desk?
  • Frank: [at attention] Yes, Chief! [The scene pans to the boxes of donuts in Chief Dunby's office.]
  • Chief Dunby: I'm going to my office! I'll be giving a briefing on Rex Fury in ten minutes...[now arrogant again]...even though he's probably a million miles from here away by now! [screams in rage] Do not...disturb me! [He knocks some papers out of another cop's hand before heading up to this office.]
  • Frank: Yeah, he does seem in a better mood today. Come on, let's go get you a uniform! [He gets into the elevator with Chase following close behind.]

Interlude 2[edit]

  • [Chase and Frank exit the elevator.]
  • Frank: This is our basement. I'll give you a tour!
Upon passing the vehicle request desk
  • Frank: Chuck's vehicle request desk is in there. When you start, they only let you use one type of car. But if you're good at your job, you'll be able to get loads more!
  • Chase: Yeah, how many types do you have, Frank?
  • Frank: Well, we should probably move on now.
Upon reaching the nearby lift
  • Frank: The lift up to those rooms is out of action. Chuck says it's for our own safety because a monster lives up there! Ha!
  • Chase: [snickering] A monster!
  • Frank: Yeah! [laughs] Please don't let it eat me!
  • Chase: Er... Sure, Frank.
Upon reaching the door to the requisitions desk
  • Chase: What's behind this door?
  • Frank: Oh! We'll come back to here. [in a whisper] It's...special. [back to normal voice] Come on! Let's find you a uniform. We had a delivery this morning so there should be one somewhere. [He runs over to the staircase and runs into the obstructing crates, clearing the path for himself and Chase.] When I started, I had to use a hand-me-down from another officer. I looked pretty good in a dress.
Upon joining Frank in the locker room
  • Frank: Check inside those boxes!
After building a cabinet with the uniform
  • Frank: Hey! Looking good! Now you've got your uniform, I'll show you the special place. It's the requisitions desk! I hope Ellie's in...

Cutscene 3[edit]

  • Frank: [calling to Ellie Phillips] Ellie! You in there?
  • Ellie: [answering Frank from offscreen] Is that you, Frank Honey? Gimme a minute!
  • Frank: [whispering to Chase] This is the requisitions desk and evidence locker. The girl who runs it is called...Ellie Phillips.
  • Ellie: [catches Frank off-guard] Hey there!
  • Frank: [searching for words] Oh, I had no idea you were in!
  • Ellie: [confused] You just spoke to me.
    [Chase and Ellie both look at Frank in bewilderment as Ellie begins to address Chase.]
  • Chase: Hey there. I'm Chase.
  • Frank: [excited] Yeah! It's the guy you told me about - Chase McCain!
  • Ellie: Well, it's nice to meet you, Chase McCain. [Frank is suddenly nervous, as is Chase.] My uncle Duke told me about you and that Rex Fury case a few years back.
  • Chase: [nervously] Oh yeah...?
  • Ellie: [reassuring] Don't worry, there's a few of us in the station who know you did the real work on it.
  • Chase: Phew! [gestures to Frank to move aside]
  • Ellie: This is a police communicator. It does everything your old phone did...and a whole lot more...including keeping me up to date on what you're doing. [Chase grabs the communicator to examine it.] You'll need to connect it to the main computer in the lobby before you can use it. [addressing an ecstatic Frank] You think you can help Chase do that for me, Honey?
  • Frank: [ecstatic] Uh-huh! Uh-huh!
  • Ellie: [patting Frank on the head] Good boy! [addressing Chase] And I'll give you a call once you're hooked up, Chase. [She winks before leaving.]

Interlude 3[edit]

  • Frank: Come on! I'm holding the elevator!
After exiting the elevator
  • Frank: This way, Chase!
Upon reaching the main computer
  • Frank: There you are! Go on, use the main compuper!
After connecting the communicator
  • Computer voice: Communicator connected. Updating. One percent complete.
  • Chase: [groans] Progress bars...
  • Female police officer 1: Hey, Frank, someone needs to wake the Chief up.
  • Chief Dunby: [sleeptalking] ...I work too much...
  • Male security advisor: Well, I'm not waking him up. He'll fire me again!
  • Female police officer 2: I didn't wanna get briefed on Rex Fury anyway...
  • Female police officer 1: You still got the key to his office?
  • Frank: It's right here in my hand, isn't it?
  • Female police officer 1: No.
  • Frank: Oh, then I've lost it.
  • Computer voice: One hundred percent complete.
  • Chase: I'll help you find it. The sooner he's awake, the sooner I can start doing some actual police work.
  • Frank: Thanks!
After reaching the entrance to Chief Dunby's office
  • Ellie: Hey, Chase, you got the communicator working!
  • Chase: Yeah, but now I have to help Frank find a key he lost.
  • Ellie: No problem - I've updated the software on your communicator and enabled its scanner. Its screen will show stuff you wouldn't be able to see otherwise.
  • Frank: Like ghosts!
  • Ellie: I told you; that was your reflection, Frank!
  • Chase: Thanks, Ellie.
  • Frank: I'll never forget his weird, googly eyes... [does a lip trill]
After using the scanner
  • Female police officer 2: You're gonna wake up the Chief?! Okay, after you're done with that, I've got a hornets' nest that needs whacking with a stick.
After finding the key
  • Frank: Hey! You found it! I'll let you wake him up. I've got some important work to do... Video game time! [whoops in excitement]
After entering Chief Dunby's office
  • Chase: Come on! You have to get to the briefing! Wake up!
  • Chief Dunby: [sleeptalking] ...don't wanna...
  • Chase: Okay, then, let's try a really loud noise.

Cutscene 4[edit]

  • [Chief Dunby is brought out of his slumber from loud music. He sits up in confusion]
  • Chief Dunby: Oh! Ah...who's that?! Oh, er...I was just resting my eyes...and my arms and my legs. [realizes Chase woke him up] Oh!'s you again... Fine! [shouting] Briefing room! One minute!
    [The fellow police officers enter the briefing room, loafing around for a bit.]
  • Chief Dunby: Come on, settle down, people! [He notices a half-eaten donut stuck to his cheek and discards it in disgust.]
  • Police advisor: Hey, Harry, how many coffees have you had?
  • Shaky Harry: [in reference to Harry Callahan from Dirty Harry] Yeah, I know what you're thinking, did I have six shots or only five, well-
  • Police advisor: [unconvinced] Okay, you've had enough.
  • Chief Dunby: Right, I'm gonna take this from the top. The mayor thinks we should be looking for this man... Rex Fury.
  • Frank: He's a giant!
  • Chief Dunby: Rex somehow escaped from Albatross Island three months ago, although we still have no idea how. But that's not what's important...what is important is that you catch up... [The janitor runs her vacuum cleaner in front of an oblivious Chief Dunby, making his voice inaudible.] So make a note of that! [Chase and Frank share a confused look.] Now, Rex Fury has been a habitual criminal since he was six years old. [A scene shows a then-six-year-old Rex Fury stealing donuts while on the run from police.]
  • Dr. Whatsit: [surprised] Good heavens! At that age, he would have still been in preschool!
  • Doorlock Holmes: [in reference to Sherlock Holmes] Elementary, my dear fellow. [They both laugh quietly.]
  • Chief Dunby: We got our break when a secret witness came forward. [sudden emphasis] Well, secret until somebody accidentally gave their secret identity away! [He glares at Chase as he says these words, causing Chase to slouch in his seat and blush in embarrassment. A scene then shows a photo-shopped witness image with Natalia's face on it.] Natalia's testimony enabled us to arrest Rex. He tried getting away and foolishly chose a lawn mower as his escape vehicle.
    [A flashback then shows Rex's "run" from the police on the aforementioned lawn mower.]
  • Police officer (flashback): Pull the lawn mower over! [The second cop tries to reach Rex, but fails.]
  • Chief Dunby: [arrogant] His other mistake was in doubting the ability of the man who finally arrested him...Me! *:[A scene shows then-Deputy Dunby being interviewed as Rex is being subdued, with Chase nowhere in sight.]
  • Chief Dunby: If Rex is behind the crime wave, then he needs to get back behind bars. So, to help catch whoever's behind it, ...[the projector is seen as Chief Dunby says these words]...I've had security cameras installed in key locations: [Security camera footage is seen as Chief Dunby says those words.] The museum, Forrest Blackwell's mansion, and, of course, the banks. [suddenly realizes the Clown Robbers are holding up the Cherry Tree Bank] What the?! Briefing's over! Everyone get to the bank! [Everyone leaves to intercept the Clown Robbers except DaMumbo.]
  • DaMumbo: Oh, uh, just one more thing, Chief... [From off-screen, Chief Dunby throws the half-eaten donut at DaMumbo's face.]

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