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Leo Amery in 1921

Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett Amery, CH (22 November 1873 – 16 September 1955), also known L. S. Amery, was a British Conservative journalist, politician, and Cabinet minister. During his career, he was known for his interest in military preparedness, British India and the British Empire and for his opposition to appeasement. He is remembered for the remarks he made to his colleagues in the House of Commons on 7 May 1940 during the Norway Debate.


  • You have sat here too long for any good you are doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!
    • Concluding his speech in the "Norway debate" (7-8 May 1940), in the House of Commons. In saying these words, he was echoing what Oliver Cromwell had said as he dissolved the Long Parliament in 1653. As quoted in Neville Chamberlain: A Biography by Robert Self (2006), p. 423

My Political Life, Volume Three: The Unforgiving Years: 1929-1940 (1955)

  • Speak for England, Arthur!
    • Retort when Arthur Greenwood stood during a House of Commons debate on 2 September 1939, and announced that he was speaking for Labour, as Labour Party leader Clement Attlee was absent at the time. The implication was that Greenwood should speak for England, as Chamberlain was failing to do so.
    • p. 324
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