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Leon MacLaren (24 September 1910 – 24 June 1994) was British philosopher and the founder of the School of Economic Science (SES). MacLaren was inspired by Henry George, Socrates, Dr Francis Roles, Pyotr Ouspensky, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and finally the philosophy of Advaita Vedānta through the Shankaracharyas of Jyoti Math.


  • It became very clear to me that there was such a thing as truth and there was such a thing as justice, and that they could be found and, being found, could be taught. It seemed to me that that was the most valuable thing that one could pursue. So I resolved to pursue this when I was twenty-one.
    • Brian Hodgkinson, In Search of Truth.
    • When he was sixteen, sitting by a lake, he had an experience which set the direction for the rest of his life.
  • From praise comes joy, from joy – strength, from strength – virtue, from virtue – purity and from purity comes realization of one’s full potential.
    • Leon MacLaren, The Machinery of Government, 1998
  • Clearly, the power of the lender to command interest has nothing to do with the use to which the loan is put. Whether the borrower uses it to build a factory or acquire a dwelling house, whether he spends it on tools of his trade or gambling on horses, will make no difference… The coupling of interest with capital has been an unfortunate error prolific in its progeny of falsehoods. It arises from confusing the power to exact payment for loans with the use to which some of the loans are put… It gives to the idea of a loan a quality it should not possess, a suggestion of productiveness and of social benefit, obscuring the indebtedness and dependence which the loan so plainly advertises.
    • Leon MacLaren, Nature of Society and Other Essays, p169
  • The first quality of a leader of people – always the first quality – is a devotion to truth.
    • Leon MacLaren, Principles of Music, 1978
  • I may have been wrong, but I was never in doubt
    • Adago, John. East Meets West (p. 114).
  • Some men work to maintain others who labour not. That is unjust.
    • Leon MacLaren, Justice.
  • The man who is in love with his work will not degrade it for his customer, but while satisfying his customer will honour himself. Thus his desires will be ordered so that he puts working towards finding and following his calling first, and pleasing his customers, second. By this his customers will gain, for he will give of his best; but he will gain more, for he will be laying the foundation of a full life’. This requires great confidence.
    • Leon MacLaren, Nature of Society and Other Essays
  • Wealth owes its existence to labour, not labour to wealth
    • Leon MacLaren, Nature of Society and Other Essays
  • When no man steps forward to meet a need, a woman will
    • Adago, John. East Meets West (p. 95)
  • The expression of negative emotions gives rise to endless pain and suffering.
    • Adago, John. East Meets West (p. 150)
  • Women really do rule the world, they just haven't figure it yet. When they do, and they will, we're all in big trouble.
    • Dr Leone, quoted in: Kabir, Hajara Muhammad (2010). Northern women development. [Nigeria]. ISBN 978-978-906-469-4. OCLC 890820657.

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