Leonid Tishkov

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Leonid Tishkov. 2014

Leonid Aleksandrovich Tishkov [Леони́д Алекса́ндрович Тишко́в] (b. May 4, 1953), Soviet and Russian artist, author of installations, writer, representative of the post-conceptual trend in art.


  • Sheet from the album “Forms of the Future”, based on the texts of Russian self-taught scientist and visionary Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who recreated a project of an ideal society and city of the future in his books. The left side of the sheet is devoted to selection of ideal city residents for dormitories, the right side is a description of a high-tech house equipped with an autonomous life support system. Rewriting the scientist’s texts by hand, the artist as if reincarnates into him, trying to grasp and hear the cosmic flows that controlled Tsiolkovsky.
    • Leonid Tishkov Forms of the Future / City as Artist's subjectivity. Artist's book project. Catalog. (Rus & En) — SPb: Ed. T. Markova. 2020. — 122 p. — P. 123.