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Lev Landau, 1962

Lev Davidovich Landau (January 22 1908April 1 1968) was a Soviet physicist, who made fundamental contributions to many areas of theoretical physics.


  • Главное, делайте всё с увлечением, это страшно украшает жизнь.
    • It is important to do everything with passion, it embellishes life enormously.
    • in a letter to his niece Maya Bessarab, as quoted by her in Lev Landau, biography. Moscovskiy Rabochiy (Moscow Worker). 1971. 
  • This work contains many things which are new and interesting. Unfortunately, everything that is new is not interesting, and everything which is interesting, is not new.
  • A method is more important than a discovery, since the right method will lead to new and even more important discoveries.
    • reported by Lance Dixon [2]

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