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Lev Nikolayevich Oborin (Moscow, 11 September [O.S. 29 August] 1907 – Moscow, 5 January 1974) was a Russian pianist.

Quotes about Oborin[edit]

  • Prokofiev’s piano music has always played an important role in my own work as both a performer and a teacher. While a student at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, I had the privilege of studying with Lev Oborin. This remarkable pianist premiered both of Prokofiev’s sonatas for violin and piano with David Oistrakh, preparing them under the composer’s guidance. Prokofiev’s works were heard very often in Oborin’s studio, as well as in his own concerts.
    • Boris Berman, Prokofiev’s piano sonatas : a guide for the listener and the performer (2008), Preface

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