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Lev Ivanovich Yashin (22 October 1929 – 20 March 1990), nicknamed the "Black Spider" or the "Black Panther", was a Soviet professional footballer, regarded by many as the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the sport. He was known for his athleticism, positioning, stature, bravery, imposing presence in goal, and acrobatic reflex saves.


Quotes about Lev Yashin[edit]

  • Lev Yashin was first-class, a real super goalkeeper. Everything he did was top-class. He was the model for goalkeeping for the next ten to 15 years. I visualised myself doing some of the things he was doing. Even though I was already playing in the top division, I used to learn from him.
  • He made me as a footballer. When you're able to score against the greatest goalkeeper in the history of world football, you remember it for your whole life. You realise that you can score against anyone.
  • The fans always called Yashin by his first name. To them, he was one of them, like a brother or a friend. He used to walk home from matches with masses of fans – he’d let them carry his sports bag.

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