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Li He

Li He (c. 790–791 – c. 816–817) was a Chinese poet of the mid-Tang dynasty.


  • 大漠沙如雪,燕山月似钩。
    • The desert sands look white as snow;
      The crescent moon hangs like a bow.
      When would the steed in golden gear
      Gallop all night through autumn clear?
      • "Twenty-three Horse Poems", 5 (《马诗二十三首(其五)》), in Song of the Immortals: An Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry, trans. Xu Yuanchong (Penguin Books, 1994), p. 91

"Ballad of the Grand Warden of Goose Gate" (《雁門太守行》)[edit]

In The Poems of Li Ho, trans. J. D. Frodsham (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1970)
  • 黑雲壓城城欲摧,甲光向日金鱗開。
    • Black clouds whelm on the city,
      Till it seems the city must yield.
      Our chain-mail glitters under the moon,
      Metal scales agape.
      • Opening lines
  • 報君黃金臺上意,提攜玉龍為君死。
    • We require the king for his favours to us
      At Yellow Gold Tower,
      Clutching our Dragons of Jade
      We die for our lord.
      • Closing lines

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