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Liam Gallagher (2006)

William John Paul "Liam" Gallagher (born 21 September 1972) is an English musician and songwriter best known as the lead singer, and occasional instrumentalist, of English rock band Oasis. He is the brother of Noel Gallagher.


  • Born on a different cloud
    from the ones that have burst round town
    It's no surprise to me
    that yer classless, clever and free.
    • Song Born on a Different Cloud
  • I wanna love you
    I wanna be a better man
    I don't wanna hurt you
    I just wanna see what's in your hand.
    • Song Better Man
  • I'm singing this song for you and your mum that's all,
    And it won't be long before everyone is gone.
    • Song Little James
  • A man can never dream these kinds of things
    Especially when she came and spread her wings
    Whispered in my ear the things I'd like
    Then she flew away into the night.
    • Song Songbird
  • If I'm to fall, would you be there to applaud, or would you hide behind them all? 'Cause if I have to go, in my heart you'd grow, and that's where you belong.
    • Song I'm Outta Time

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