Libeled Lady

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Libeled Lady is a 1936 screwball comedy film starring Jean Harlow, William Powell, Myrna Loy, and Spencer Tracy, written by George Oppenheimer, Howard Emmett Rogers, Wallace Sullivan, and Maurine Dallas Watkins, and directed by Jack Conway.

Libeled Lady was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. The film was remade in 1946 as Easy to Wed with Esther Williams, Van Johnson, and Lucille Ball.

Connie Allenbury[edit]

  • You can't build a life on hate, or a marriage on spite. Marriage is too important. Mine only lasted an hour, but... I know.
  • Women can't fool women about men.

Warren Haggerty[edit]

  • She may be his wife, but she's engaged to me!


Warren: Would I ask you to do this thing for me if I didn't consider you practically my wife?
Gladys: Would you ask your wife to hook up with that ape?
Bill: The ape objects.

Warren: Gladys, do you want me to kill myself?
Gladys: Did you change your insurance?

Mr. Allenbury: That man is a first class angler!
Connie: If he's first class, I'm traveling steerage.

Harvey: What'll we use for a headline?
Warren: I don't care. Anything. "War threatens Europe!"
Harvey: Which country?
Warren: Flip a nickel!

Gladys: Can't you go any faster?
Cab Driver: I can, but the cab can't.

Bill: I thought that was rather clever of me.
Connie: Yes, I thought you thought so.