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Liberty's Kids: Est. 1776 is an animated educational historical fiction television series.


Sarah and James: I see a land with liberty for all. Yet still I know the truth will rise and fall (yeah)That's just the way it goes, a word now to the wiseThe world was made to change, each day is a surprise I'm looking at life through my own eyes Searching for a hero to idolize Feeling the pain as innocence dies I'm looking at life through my own eyes.

James: I'll take my heart into battle. Give that freedom bell a rattle. Get my Independence signed. Declare it on the dotted line. Let Philadelphia freedom ring and patriotic voices sing red, white, and blue never give up you represent America!

All: Hopin' and prayin' for a brighter day I listen to my heart and I obey How can I see it any other way I'm looking at life (looking at life) through my own eyes

1. The Boston Tea Party[edit]

Narrator: Here are some exciting scenes from todays episode of Liberty's Kids.
Sam Adams: It time for us to band together. It's time for us to become patriots! And patriots are man of action! ARE YOU WITH ME?

[Scene cuts to the England flag flapping on the stern of a boat in a sea storm as a man turns the steering wheel. Inside of the boat, Sarah Phillips is writing to her mother. The ink bottle sways side to side]

Sarah: [Voico-over] Dearest mother, I can hardly believe it's been a fortnight since I bade you all farewell I miss you terribly, yet my heart is also filled with delicious anticipation [Sarah dips her feather into the ink bottle and continues writing] of the new life which awaits father and me in the colonies. I look forward to settling in Dr. Franklin's home in Philadelphia and long to see father again when he returns from the wilderness.

[Meanwhile, another man holds a rope when he screams, drops it, and runs away from a broken sail]I'm proud to have a brave explorer as my father. I wear his locket always. [Holds up a golden necklace on her neck] We'll all be reunited on the wonderful land he is sure to discover. [The ship then sailed to a rough wave] I shall be true to my word and write every day. Your loving daughter, Sarah [Sarah picked up her finished paper as the ink bottle lands on the ground and breaks. Sarah turns around, leaving a drop of ink on her nose. The ship was about to break as Sarah held on to the table that she used to write her letter and turns around. The England flag then breaks. The scene than shows the pictures of what's going on later]

25. Allies at Last[edit]

  • Vegennes: His Majesty King Louis does not wish to offend his brother-in-law King Charles of Spain.
  • Benjamin Franklin: I thought this was between France and the United States.
  • Vegennes: Spain owns a vast amount of land in America. King Charles feels that if you've taken what is England's, then you most certainly take what is his. And, France cannot make any agreement without King Charles' approval.

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