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Life of Ryan (also known as The Life of Ryan) is an MTV show following the life of pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler.

Season 1[edit]

Episode 1.1: New Start[edit]

Ryan: I'm Ryan Sheckler, I'm a senior from San Clemente, California. There's nothing I like more that playing big brother and kicking it with my close group of friends. But what keeps me away from being a normal teenager is, I'm a professional skateboarder.

Ryan: For starters, you need to go grocery shopping
Gretchen: What else is new with a family of all boys

Kane: Ryan doesn't like Japan
Ryan: Yeahh, Highh Fiive!

Ryan: I'm seriously gone for like 6-7 months this year
Shane:That's Terrible

Ryan: Girls take four hours to get ready. We skate, sweat, shower, go!

Ryan: Lemme see your face, yeah you're still cute
(Kane is mad at Shane)
Shane: Hug me brother!

Ryan: I'll probably hate Mitch for a little bit. Again.
Cambria: You're gonna hate Mitch now?
Ryan: No. I never hated Mitch

Ryan: I am Ryan Sheckler. I'm a 17 year old professional skateboarder, and I'm just trying to be a normal kid.

Episode 1.2: Let the Party Begin[edit]

Gretchen: What are you doing?
Ryan: I found a rat

Kane: You sit right there. Get in the seat, Get, in, the seat.

Ryan: Join the cool people. I was waiting for these taco's all day.

Ryan: True that

Ryan: Are you excited for your party?
Kane: Yeah
Ryan: Do you wanna wait 'til Saturday for me to give you your present, or tonight?
Taylor: Patience Ryan
Ryan: T.B, we have been over this whole patience conversation before
Taylor: We needa teach Kane patience
Kane: I think I'm gonna wait
Taylor: Good choice
Ryan: Do you really wanna wait?
Kane: No. Why would I?
(Ryan and Kane laugh)

Ryan: Woddup Nugg
Taylor: What are you doing?
Ryan: Just tryna shred
(Ryan slides down ramp)
Taylor: Oh My God. How's everything with Tina? I just like talked to Casey, and everything seems a bit, kinda, not..
Ryan: It's No Bueno
Taylor: Like Casey didn't tell me details but tell me like what happened, what are her parents like.
Ryan: What I heard was, her parents don't approve of my lifestyle, which they don't know my lifestyle.
Taylor: I know thats kinda frustrating
Ryan: It's super frustrating, cause like all I wanna do is have fun, and have a chill girl.
Taylor: Huh, well maybe they like automatically think that since your like a professional skateboarder, then like, I dunno, they just need to get to know you
Ryan: Yeah
Taylor: Cause, your okay I guess.
Ryan: Thanks T.B

Shane: And she got his custom made M&M's
Gretchen: Oh did she?
Shane: They say, scooter or live, and then Happy Birthday
Ryan: Are you serious?
Shane: I'm dead serious.

Tony: We could just ditch the girls and go to the beach. You don't even have a girl so it doesn't even matter for you.
Ryan: That's not funny.

Alex: How are you Ryan?
Ryan: (sarcastically) Oh I'm great.

Ryan: You should've brought me a hot blind date, like one of your dancer friends
Tony: Like her mom, your mom would've been sick
Ryan: That's not funny Tony.
Tony: I'm not talking about your mom, I'm talking about Alex's mom
Ryan: Oh
Tony: See, now its funny.

Ryan: Why does Tony do that, he just bails from the crew
Taylor: Cause hes Tony

Ryan: It shouldn't be hard for me to find a girl, but it shouldn't be hard for me to find a legite girl, and she needs to be chill, and hot, preferably blonde
Taylor: I was waiting for the blonde part.

Ryan: Hurry up Tony, I gotta get home. I don't have time to wait for you...TOONNY! NO KISSING!

Kane: Ace Ventura, at your service

Ryan: Holler at your boy, what are you doing out here, loner.

Episode 1.3: Dad's Coming To Cleveland[edit]

Ryan: When do we leave?
Gretchen: Honey, this is what we're doing, K.
Ryan: K, I just wanna know when we leave.
Gretchen: 4:45am in the morning, on wednesday morning.
Ryan: As in today's Monday!?
Gretchen: As in today's Monday and tomorrows Tuesday, yes.

Ryan: My dad now, is coming to Cleveland
Tony: Your stoked!
Ryan: Uhh yeah, Pysched?!

Randy: Alright buddy, love you
Christie: Bye
Ryan: Later guys, love you too
(Ryan Gets in truck)
Christie: Hey Ryan, wait wait!
Ryan: Whats up
Christie: I love you too!
Ryan: I'll see you later.
Christie: Bye.

Episode 1.5: Daddy Issues[edit]

Ryan: DAD! I have a chode!

Episode 1.6: He Said/She Said[edit]

Episode 1.7: Business and Pleasure Don't Mix[edit]

Episode 1.8: Moving Out[edit]

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