Life with Feathers

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Life with Feathers is a 1945 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Friz Freleng.


  • Sufferin' succotash! Squab!
  • Scram, swallow! Go back to Capistrano!


  • [first lines] I'm a lovebird, a paraketus romanticus. [a vase is hurled at him, he ducks] That was my sweetheart, Sweetypuss. A lovebird can't live without love, so what is there left to live for? I guess there's nothing left to do but end it all.


Lovebird: Come on, Mr. Cat. Eat me.
Sylvester: No! No! I'll die!
Lovebird: Please, Mr. Cat?
Sylvester: All right! I'll do it. I'd rather die than starve to death!
[Sylvester is about to eat the lovebird when a telegram arrives; lovebird reads]
Lovebird: You don't have to eat me, Mr. Cat. I just got a telegram from Sweetypuss, and everything is going to be, oh, just dandy.
Sylvester: Oh, yeah? Well, I haven't changed my mind!

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