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Light of Day is a 1987 American drama film about a pair of siblings who must choose whether to pursue their dream of touring with their rock band or support their family and stay in Cleveland, Ohio.

Written and directed by Paul Schrader.
When your family is closing you in, music may be the only way out.

Patti Rasnick[edit]

  • Music is all that matters. One hour on stage makes up for the other 23.
  • [during a fight with her brother Joe] You really ought of start your own band. Call it The Attitudes.


  • Smittie: [Joe pays Smittie for some tools Patti stole from his brother-in-law] I like you, you're all right. You've got real family loyalty. Too bad your sister ain't worth it!


Patti Rasnick: Well well well. They finally got to you. Welcome to the line up. Mom, Reverend Ansley. The whole gang, telling Patti what she can do.
Joe Rasnick: What about Benji?
Patti Rasnick: Already packed.
Joe Rasnick: Go. Go with my blessing.
Patti Rasnick: I will.
Joe Rasnick: Go, go blow out the fucking walls! But you're not taking Benji on the road, not with that metal band.
Patti Rasnick: He's my son, remember?
Joe Rasnick: He's staying here.
Patti Rasnick: With you? With mom?
Joe Rasnick: If necessary.
Patti Rasnick: What's your problem? You want be so clean, so one day you don't have to shit? Benji comes with me!


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