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Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz (2009)[edit]

  • "I keep a gat cuz niggaz murder gott a badd habit
of that purple in the studio i merk ya,
I sware to god I'm thuggin hard Trill niggaz deal wit ya big glocks soft top we aint stunntin man, we street niggaz we eat niggaz off tracks from Mouse and Bigg, better be about ya badge to talk to me, Mom you wonder why yo child so bad because the fuckin body baggs gone hyponotize my ass its deep, holdin on to this money man i gotta get it choppaz and a glock 40 play wit me and get ya issue, wrap ya dick up cuz ya dick will have the hick ups"

  • "Thug Life thats all we know so we grow into some beasts when we get let off them leashes we go and get it, get ya weight up, and when that camera phone flash you aint never have to ask is that Boosie Baddazz straight up, i aint runnin my mouth, i aint runnin the south, spade for spade im the realist nigga out, know what im talkin bout, my niggaz let chalk out, jealous cuz we fresha then the rest of dem fellas that stick togetha, I gotta have alarms now, I aint cant trust no body, I gotta keep a Desert Eagle, nigga know I got it, heart full of fuckin pain cuz im tired of gettin stabbed n grabbed by all these motha fuckin crabs, I laugh but maintain, dont switch the game plan and its FUCK THE POLICE they bring us no peace, its the mind of me Boosie Boo, so much shit goin on where I rome how am I gonna find some peace, they say I'm a role model but I'm not a role model gotta smile when i aint gotta, tired and still holla, I'm a boss so I go off, know i like to Show Off, on the road to riches gotta murda these niggaz" - Boosie
    • Mind of a maniac
  • I know the game i know the streetz

    i got the raps you got the beatz we gonna lay it down real sweet
    so yall can ride to, head bobbin from side to side
    I dont want shit from my fans but this, feel a real nigga's vibe
  • Smokin on Purple
"Look... they still racist i can see it on them bitches faces, thats why im smokin and laughing i got my grind on, they dont feel my sturggle they think my mind gone, thats why its murda murda, kill kill on the corna, these Lil Niggaz got big pistols ready to pull it on ya, sooo when ya die you might as well be high is heaven or hell or is it all a lie? Thats why i smoke purple on monday purple on tuesday, 2 glocks cocked so they dont blues me noww" - Boosie
  • Smokin on Purple
  • "They said im on Ex. I sipp syrup i flip birds but nigga i be chillin wit my Lil girls in a whole notha world.
    • Look at Me Now
  • "Boosie this, Boosie that, well Boosie keep a 30 strapp, my dog he shot the murder gat but Boosie took the murder rap
    • Look at Me Now
  • "They Holla Young Gunz and Young Bloodz, but Boosie he bust gunz and spit it to his loved ones.
    • What About Me?/They Holla
  • What About Me?/They Holla
"They Holla I Smoke I Drink but i made that bitch, They Holla Wayne, Baby, Jeezy, aint no one holla Boosie like no one dont believe me" - Boosie

  • "They call me Boosie Baddazz and I Zoom right by ya, 760 partna crispy cream on the tires, I smoke that fire purple kush by the pound, ask my dog Webbie this is how it goes down, from my hood to yo hood, man we makin money" - Boosie

  • Zoom
"On my feet I got them J's
play with me I got them thingsK's" - Boosie

  • Head Busta
"Head Busta heart stoppa, you dont wanna start partna, creep up slowly and its loaded nigga plus they all choppaz" - Boosie

  • Head Busta
"I was raised in the south where i stayed, treat niggaz like slaves, we dont use whips, we us K's" - Boosie

  • Too Much
"God its Too Much and i need yo touch" - Boosie

  • Too Much
"I hope the feds aint layin cross the street in that Blue Cherrokee, tryin to take me from my family hollarin bout Conspiracy" - Boosie

  • Beef Wit Me
"Look... I got in beef when i was 14, fuck that bought a black 25 from a dope fene, fully loaded on my side niggaz know me, but im young so they might just try and show me, fucks that I wants repsect I know how to get it, beef wit everybody in the Baton Rouge City" - Boosie

  • Cold Blooded
"Money made me some shit but i steady be beefin, Hoes love me niggaz hate so i guess that they even, my rollz went from fatt to swole, my hoes went from wack to cold, now i act fa show n im gonna thug tonight, I'm takin chances wit dis pistol cuz i love my life, man since 12 its been hell, mind in a maze, fucked wit K's and i put that on every blunt i blazed" - Boosie

  • Cold Blooded
"You see my bitch, my fit, my clique all Cold Blooded" - Boosie

  • Cold Blooded
" Now im dat Cold Blooded killa from cross the track by That River shoot hot shit up in ya liva been like that since i was Lil, I dont give a Fuck judge told me 60 days and I laughed in that bitch face, gotta stash full of Chinese K's and I'm ready to go to war, got a black 9 beam for protection in my car" - Boosie

  • Cold Blooded
"If you want to Beef you betta have ya head right, and boy if you Wanna Go To War you betta have ya bread right, Cold Blooded" - Boosie

  • My Nigga Then
"If you My Nigga you My Nigga Then, stick togetha thick n thin thats My Nigga Then, My Nigga Then" - Boosie
  • My Nigga Then
  • "Now show me where them pussy niggas at who playin wit my son, you gonna walk ova there and knock out his lungs, n tell that boy somethin gangsta when you Hit Em Up, like what... o you playin nowww BLUHH BLUHH, now we scrathcin off the scene in the Elcamino, straight to That River where them niggas throw them black ninas, now you official nigga, My Nigga One Love anybody play wit you they get they issue nigga, We got 35's n 38's 22's n 25's n 12 gauges that come from lock wit a 100 buck shots BlUHHH" - Boosie
    • Wanna Be A Gangsta
  • Bank Rollz
"Bank Rollz afta Bank Rollz, Big Money i like that, Bank Rollz afta Bank Rollz, a million dollars on my mind 100 G's at a time Nigga" - Boosie
  • Bank Rollz
"Every day i spend a 1000 cash so when money calls i gotta bust my ass" - Boosie
  • Bank Rollz
"Who am I make these haterz want to cry, drive by, a homocide will have a life cold, niggaz aint killin for stripes they want a Bank Roll" - Boosie
  • 4 kids to feed it aint a game partna, all of them eatin good ask they baby mommas.
    • Bank Rollz
  • OG told me how it would unfold, if i eva got the money the cars n clothes, these niggas hoes just like hoes, a lot of rappas in My Ghetto need to be exposed, strate up, i know some Boulevard Niggaz who bout they business, some uptown gorillaz, some bottom boy killaz
    • No Mercy

Touch Down 2 Cause Hell[edit]

  • Touch Down to Cause hell
"I, told myself i woudlnt go to jail, but I lied, now my momma on her knees and she crys, n my daughters askin where they Daddy at n why, where he at n why" - Boosie

  • Streetz Is Mine
"I went mad when the world forgot about me
best beleive im back bitch, Drama man its Drama time n im still
reppin this track shit, from Cali. to A-Town
Louisiana is strate gangsta its get down of lay down
  • Streetz Is Mine
"Pt the gutttaaa in my backpack take them to skoo
Do's and Dnt's to Right's and Wrong's I teach them da rules
fuck wit real nikkaz lik fucking Buck and B.G. you get yo chest filled with holes if ya fuckin wit me, ya feel me ya shoulda been killed me, now im in the dope and money got me untouchable that 50 shit, wicked wit this 40 Glock boy i make ya heart stop, 2 belly shots n his draws drop" - Boosie
  • Streetz Is Mine
"Since 98 ive been a beast under rated my whole life
small as a motha fucka harda then a fuckin rusha, bustin at my enemies, rap shit done changed shit, now the only niggaz that i ride wit are the niggaz that i vibe wit, 50 grand on my neck befor I hit the store, n if i go broke then is back to sellin O's, i cant forget about my niggaz locked up on the Bottom bumpin Boosie on they Walkman when they walkin through the yard" - Boosie
  • Streetz Is Mine
"Off top man im the Realist, Why Lil Boosie? Cause i lived it" - Boosie
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