Lin Chia-lung

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Lin Chia-lung

Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍; Lín Jiālóng; born 13 February 1964) is a politician in Taiwan (Republic of China). He currently serves as the Minister of Transportation and Communications since 14 January 2019.


  • If we don't speak up, our voices won't be heard in the international community. Even if the decision cannot be changed (Taichung's East Asian Youth Games host city revocation), we need to get more people to understand the truth.
  • I was a local government official before I became minister of transportation and communications, and I know how people feel. The most important thing about government policy is that it must be down-to-earth. The ministry should not only focus on building infrastructure, but it should also care about serving the public. Government officials should look at policies from the public's perspective and have complementary measures in place before they implement the policies.
  • No matter what the cause (the Nanfang'ao Bridge to collapse) was, we must express our apologies to the nation's people and take responsibility.

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