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Lincoln Heights is an American drama television series about a street cop who moves back with his family to his old neighborhood to start a new life and help his neighbors. The series premiered January 8, 2007 on the ABC Family network.

Season 1


Pilot (1.1)

Charles: I hit him with a schnitzel.
Cassie Sutton: With a...?
Charles: Dinner.

Suspicion (1.2)

Jenn: (of Reverend Hammond) That man is a born activist; if there's nothing to protest, he's out of work.

Betrayal (1.3)

Charles: Cassie, what I'm trying to say is, I don't wanna be your friend, I want to be more than that. I like you Cassie.
Cassie: Okay, is this you talking or the beer?
Charles: I know what I'm saying, and I'm not drunk. (she grins at him) Okay, maybe a little. (she laughs) But I still like you, a lot.
Manolo: A little bleeding and you cry like a girl? Man, you're N.A.T.O., man – No Action, Talk Only.

Obsession (1.4)

Cassie: She's afraid he'll reject her.
Charles: He won't. See the way he's looking at her? He's got feelings for her too.
Cassie: How could she be certain?
Charles:It's in his eyes. Eventually they'll find the courage to tell each other how they feel.
Cassie: And their hearts will open like cherry blossoms in the spring. (pauses for a moment) Or, he'll tell her he's gay.
David: Easy, Eddie, this whole thing has been a huge misunderstanding.
Eddie: You're damn right it has. You misunderstood when you thought you could mess with me and mine and get away with it!

Spree (1.5)

Eddie: So are you saying we all should become bad guys?
Mulaney: Being a good guy hasn't exactly been a growth business.
Eddie: What do you think?
Det Wilkes: I think we're looking at a worst case scenario.
Eddie: Which is?
Det Wilkes: A guy with nothing left to lose.
Jenn: You didn't happen to bump into a particular cop, Eddie Sutton?
EMT: After a while they all start to look alike.
Kevin: He actually chose the clarinet?
Eddie: Yes.
Kevin: Not a trumpet, or a saxophone...
Eddie: Seriously, I think you should stop right now.
Kevin: (laughing) I've upset you.
Eddie: I'm not upset.
Kevin: Boy of mine comes home, says he wants to play the clarinet, God knows how I'd react.
Eddie: You actually think I won't shoot you?
Kevin: Rolling stop about ten years ago, no DUI.
Eddie: He's not a drunk. What do you say we cut him some slack.
Kevin: Whatever gets us to lunch on time.
Eddie: Hey man, check it out.
(A minivan is swerving in the road)
Kevin: Kinda early in the day to be getting your load on.
Kevin Lund: So, you wanna check out that new Thai place after watch?
Eddie: I can't. Tay's recital tonight.
Kevin Lund: So, eh, the clarinet huh?
Eddie: Don't start.
Kevin Lund: I'm just saying...
Eddie: Well, don't just say.
Eddie: Hey champ, big night tonight.
Taylor: You gonna be there?
Eddie: Wouldn't miss it.
Taylor: That's what you said the last time.
Eddie: Hey. I'll be there.
Taylor: You have to be there by 6:00.
Eddie: I know.

Baby Doe (1.6)

Kevin Lund: You have the right to shut up. Now, if you don't shut up, we'll use what you say against you. You have the right to hire a shyster to get you off. But, if no lawyer will take your case because your such a miserable excuse for a human being, the court will provide some low paid, overworked public defender. Now get in the damn car.

Manchild (1.7)

Taylor (to Lewis): Hey, I got this game. I thought maybe you wanna play? (hold out his video game)
Lewis: Let me see that. So, what's on here?
Taylor: All kinds of neat stuff.
Lewis: (going through the list of games) Chess? Medieval Jousting? Dragon slayer? What– what is this? (to another boy) Hey, check out little white boy.
Taylor: Don't call me that!

Blowback (1.8)

Jenn (to Cassie): If you want a car, you need to find a job. One close enough to home this time, so your father and I will approve of you working. Are you still looking?
Cassie: I posted my resume on the internet.
Jenn: Why not look the old fashioned way? Pound the pavement.
Lieutenant: Till we find these guys you wanna lay low, ride the desk for a while?
Eddie: You mean hide? That's not my style.
Lieutenant: I know. But if these are the guys that hit Lund, you probably realize that they were aiming for you as payback for Donell.
Eddie: I'm not letting these fools put me behind a desk.
Delilah Sandoval: Don't worry, Lieutenant, I got his back. Anybody tries anything they got to come through me first, and I'm crazy.
Lieutenant: Yeah, I'm starting to get that vibe.

Abduction (1.9)

Lizzie (to Boa): Did you grow up around here?
Boa: Yeah, two blocks over on Wyoming.
Lizzie: You go to Powell?
Boa: Yeah.
Lizzie: You'd you have for English?
Boa: Ms. Lawheed.
Lizzie: (scoffs) She's mean. She once failed me on a spelling test because I used pencil instead of pen.
Boa: (laughs) Man, that's cold.
Eddie: (to Boa) I didn't want to kill Donelle. I didn't want Magnum to die, but I will kill you if you don't tell me where my daughter is.
Vera: (about Lizzie's ransom) What about the department? Don't they have funds for stuff like this?
Eddie: The department won't help out. It's against policy to lend money for ransom.
Jenn: But not against policy to get us to move here.
Lizzie: Um, can I have something to drink, my throat's all dry?
Magnum: (to Boa) Get her something to drink.
Boa: You got a beer or something?
Magnum: What's the matter with you? Get her a soda.
Lizzie: Do you have root beer?
Magnum: Shut up! This ain't no 7-11.
Lizzie: What are going to do to me?
Magnum: Nothing if you cooperate.
Lizzie: Cooperate how?
Magnum: Do what we say and don't make trouble.
Boa: We going to sell you back to your family.
Eddie: (of Delilah) That woman's my partne...
Jenn: And I am your wife; Lizzie's mother. Don't put me on a need-to-know basis, alright? I want all the information, and I want it first. (holds up her hand) You see this? Wedding band trumps uniform!
Eddie: I got one of those too, Jenn, and it doesn't mean I can walk into your O.R. and perform brain surgery!

Missing (1.10)

Jenn: I'm worried about Lizzie too, but she's a survivor… just like you. And she looks up to you as an example.
Eddie: Yeah, which is why she's so screwed up.
Cassie: Charles, this will never, ever be our song.

Tricks and Treats (1.11)

Dr. Cole (to Jenn): Sutton, two nurses called in sick, I'm gonna need you tonight.
Jenn: Oh, I'm off at 6:00, Dr. Cole.
Dr. Cole: We all put in long hours around here, Sutton.
Jenn: That's why I'm in the float pool, so I don't have to. It's spring break, my kids have been home alone all day.
Dr. Cole: Floaters work overtime like everybody else. I'll see you at 7:00.
Dr. McGhee: I'm jealous, I thought Cole and I had an exclusive thing going on.
Jenn: No, he likes spreading his love around.
Jenn: (about Dana) Eddie, how can I open up my home to a woman who's been nothing but insulting and nasty to me?
Eddie: Be an example to her.

House Arrest (1.12)

Lizzie: I thought you were going to ask Jessie P?
Wanda: She can't sing as good as me and I have a karaoke machine.
Becky: She won the eighth grade talent contest.
Lizzie: Yeah, but, Wanda, you got me into serious trouble shoplifting. My sister lost her job.
Wanda: I'm sorry about that, but didn't you get my e-mails? I said I was sorry 50 times. (singing) So can we be friends?
Kevin: At least the weather'll be good for you for this weekend.
Eddie: Hey, don't start.
Kevin: Tay's sweet sixteen party?
Eddie: His coming of age party.
Kevin: I don't get it, so it's like a bar mitzvah… but with soul music.
Eddie: Tay's turning 13 this weekend, he's coming of age. What's not to get?
Kevin: And you're gonna get him a hooker.
Eddie: What the hell's wrong with you?
Kevin: Nothing's wrong with me, I'm not the one throwing my son a cotillion.

The "F" Word (1.13)

Taylor: Is he crazy?
Lizzie: It wasn't his idea to kidnap me. It was his partner's.
Taylor: You can't write to him Lizzie. I mean do you want us to be homeless? I mean if Dad finds out that Boa wrote you and you wrote him back, Dad will kill him, Lizzie. Then Dad will go to jail, Mom will be mad, we'll be sad, we'll end up on the streets broke and homeless because of you.
Cassie: I can't believe that my dad is letting me go out with you. What did you say to him?
Charles: Stuff men say to each other. But the important thing is what I want to tell you. Cassie, sex isn't really a big deal to me right now. (pause) Well, maybe a medium deal. The important thing is that I love you and I want you to feel comfortable with me.
Cassie: I am and I've always been comfortable with you.
Khan: (to Eddie) You'll never rest easy, as long as I'm alive.
Reverend Hammond: (to Eddie) One thing about the real Lincoln Heights, we look out for our own.

Season 2


Flashpoint (2.1)

Gangbanger (to Cassie): So what you doing out here by yourself, mami? Don't you know the streets are dangerous?
Cassie: Go away!
Gangbanger: I'm just trying to help you out, see? If you come with us, we're gonna take good care of you. (he gropes Cassie's leg)
Cassie: You wanna know why I'm by myself? The buses aren't running, there's people all in the streets, I lost my boyfriend. I've been waiting an hour-and-a-half for him to pick me up! –People are throwing bottles everywhere, this city's going crazy! Now you come to hassle me?! You want something from me? Well, come get it, papi, otherwise back off!

Peacemaker (2.2)

Lizzie: Nothing's up, quit riding me!
Eddie: What did you say? (to Cassie) What in the hell's going on? You're home late; your sister's talking back.
Cassie: Don't look at me, Tay's the one wearing makeup.
Lizzie: (about Boa) He says that my letters are what's keeping him alive. I know I should listen to what my dad says, but if all it takes is a letter to help someone, isn't it wrong not to write it?

Grown Folks Business (2.3)

Kevin: What the hell kind of a name is "Sage"?
Eddie: It beats "Parsley".
Kevin: Okay, dude, this is no time to joke! My kid just landed on my doorstep. My over-developed, under-dressed, trucker-mouth kid.
Jenn: This is not about me; this is about you and your family.
Eddie: Okay, but right now I gotta deal with my family.
Jenn: Fine. I'm coming with you, you're not gonna do this alone.
Jenn: We just got a shipment of flu shots and Saturday mornings are especially bad.
Eddie: Remember when we used to be especially bad on Saturday mornings?

The Old Man and the G (2.4)

Jarone: (voice over) In every war there are weapons: Gats, nines, hate, intimidation. Don't matter who you are, everybody's strappin'. But sometimes, some days, it goes the other way, and the weapons are hope, trust and understanding. Maybe those are the weapons that can win the war, or maybe it ain't supposed to be won at all. Maybe the point is to keep on going, keep on fighting, and never, ever, give up.
Eddie: I'm in kind of a bind here. I made Jarone's family a promise, if you press charges I won't be able to keep that promise.
Jake: That boy needs to pay for what he's done.
Eddie: I hear ya, but some bad guys are after Jarone –connected guys. He goes into the system now, he may not come out alive. See how it goes. If it doesn't work out, press charges. Make him pay his debt to society.
Jake: To hell with society, he can pay his debt to me.
Eddie: (about Jarone) How can I help him if I don't give him the benefit of the doubt?
Kevin: Well, you're a better man than me.
Eddie: And this surprises you?

The Feeling that We Have (2.5)

Cassie: (to Charles) Are you breaking up with me? (Charles looks away) Are you?
Charles: Yes.
Cassie: Don't you love me anymore?
Charles: It doesn't matter...
Cassie: It does, Charles, it matters to me. Did you ever love me?
Charles: I did, and I still do.
Cassie: Well why won't you fight for us?!
Charles: 'Cause it won't work. This is for the best.
Cassie: For who, Charles? Don't say it's for me, because it's not. You're doing this for you! (turns and runs out)
Jenn: (to Lizzie about The Wiz) You want me to watch it with you? I know the words to the songs.
Lizzie: Uh… no thanks, Mom, I've heard you sing. You're no Diana Ross.

The Cost of A T-Shirt (2.6)

Eddie: Baby, I don't want you to quit your job.
Jenn: But you don't want me to have that job, either.
Eddie: That's because I can't let you go to work without worrying you'll get stuck by a needle, or that some sick guy in the waiting room is not gonna get violent on you. So I need your help. I need you to tell me how you get through the day, knowing the dangers I come across. Tell me, so I can do it for you.

No Way Back (2.7)

Sage: (spills coffee on purpose) Oh! Oops! Sorry. Guess you might wanna mop that up.
Cassie: (looks at Sage's top) Was that Charles' shirt?
Sage: Yeah.
Cassie (rips the shirt): Oops! (wipes the counter with the ripped shirt) All fixed.
Cassie: Your eggs are on the stove.
Lizzie: And the toast is ready, and the coffee's hot.
Eddie: Okay, what'd you guys do with our kids?
Cassie (to Lulu): I have much more in common with a guy like Luc. Our passion for life, our dedication to art.
Lulu: Okay. Your I.B.U.s are off the scale.
Cassie: Hmm?
Lulu: Your International Baloney Units?

Eye for An Eye (2.8)

Eddie: I'm just trying to keep you safe.
Jenn: We gave up safe when we moved here, Eddie, now it's about trying to make a difference where we can.
Eddie: Jenn, you can't fix every broken wing.
Jenn: Neither can you, but you haven't stopped trying.
Lund (to Charles): So what's the deal? You got some kind of a twisted fetish for cops' daughters?
Charles: No! Sage is cool, we're just hanging out.
Lund: Let's keep it that way; Sage has got enough problems.
Charles: Mr. Lund, I'm a good guy. You don't need to worry about me hurting your daughter.
Lund: It's not her I'm worried about. Sage eats good guys for breakfast.
Sage (to Charles): What do I have to do for you to dedicate a song to me?

Out With A Bang (2.9)

Sage: Hey girls, I know it's very ghetto-chic to gang up on me, but I gotta get to class.
Ta'Wanda: Ghetto what?? Bitch, I know you did not just call me ghetto!
Ta'wanda: So, What's up girl? You and Charles back together again?
Cassie: (slowing down) No.
Ta'Wanda: 'Cause it kinda looked that way after he was doing all that singing to you last week.
Cassie: Charles and I are not back together. He's with Sage now.
Ta'wanda: He was better with you than that skinny old ho. (Cassie giggles)
Ta'wanda: (sees her boyfriend take number from Sage) Oh, hell no! (to Sage) What the hell do you think you're doing, chattin' up my man?
Sage: (smirks) Looks like your man's thinking 'bout trading up.
Ta'wanda: Girl, it's no wonder white boy sang his little love song to Cassie instead of you. You're just plain old white trash.
Cassie: Charles, you broke up with me. Then you go and buy my painting… now you're singing to me in public? Why are you playing games with me?
Charles: I'm not playing games with you, Cassie. I'm sorry. It's just been harder for me to turn it off than I expected. You meant a lot to me, you still do.
Cassie: Charles, it's hard for me too, but you have to stop.
Charles: I never meant to cause you any pain… especially now that you're with Luc. You are with Luc, aren't you?
Cassie: (sighs) Maybe it'd be easier if we just stayed away from each other. (walks away)
Charles: I'll try. (slams his locker)

The Vision (2.10)

Charles: (about the mural) I hope you finish it. Cassie, you have to do the stuff that matters to you; you never know when something's gonna happen.
Taylor: (bumps into Desmond) Oh! Sorry.
Desmond: Yeah, you better be, bitch!
Taylor: Don't call me that! I said I was sorry. (looks at another Shiloh member) What you want from me, a cookie?!
Eddie: (about Cassie's mural) But what kind of parents would we be if we let her do this and she gets hurt?
Jenn: And what kind of hypocrites are we if we don't help her? And to be honest, I don't think we can stop her.
Eddie: Oh. Oh, I can stop her.

Season 3


Glass House (3.01)

Cassie: So how's your leg? Are you fully recovered?
Charles: I've been recovered, but I could use some of this…
(Charles & Cassie begin to make out)

The New Wild Ones (3.03)

Cassie (to Sage): He needs you!
Sage: He doesn't need anybody, okay? Kevin Lund is an island.
Cassie: No, he's a sinking ship. I mean, for the past three months, all he's done is worry about you, sit with you, pray for you.… And now he's drinking, he's in trouble on his job.
Sage: What? How do you know that?
Cassie: I heard my parents talking. They're really worried and now you're just gonna walk away? (Sage shrugs her shoulder) Guess that accident didn't hurt you at all. You're still the same old Sage.

Season 4


Aftershock (4.03)

Bishop: You feel like you want to go off and die for your country? 'Cause you can die right here just as easy.

Bully For You (4.08)

Cassie: (about Aunt Naomi) She knows a lot of people in the New York art scene and she promised to hook me up.
Eddie: You know. (scoffs) You know, I don't know that I want you "hooked-up."
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