Lincoln Steffens

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Lincoln Steffens

Lincoln Austin Steffens (April 6, 1866 – August 9, 1936) was an American investigative journalist and one of the leading muckrakers of the Progressive Era in the early 20th century. He launched a series of articles in McClure's, called "Tweed Days in St. Louis", that would later be published together in a book titled The Shame of the Cities. He is remembered for investigating corruption in municipal government in American cities and for his leftist values.


  • The misgovernment of the American people is misgovernment by the American people.
    • Lincoln Steffens, The Shame of the Cities (New York: Hill and Wang, 1957 [1904]), p. 2.

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  • Peter Hartshorn, I Have Seen the Future: A Life of Lincoln Steffens (Counterpoint, 2011), ISBN 978-1582438078.

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