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Línjì Yìxuán (臨済義玄; Wade-Giles: Lin-chi I-hsüan; Japanese: Rinzai Gigen; died 866) was the founder of the Linji school of Chan Buddhism during the Tang Dynasty China.


  • Be a master everywhere and wherever you stand is your true place. (Translator unsourced.)
    • <爾且隨處作主。立處皆真。> [T47n1985_p0498a19] from Linji lu (臨濟録, Record of Linji).
    • Just make yourself master of every situation, and wherever you stand is the true [place]. (Trans: R.F. Sasaki, Ed. T. Kirchner, The Record of Linji).
    • If you master any situation you are in, wherever you stand, all becomes true. (Trans: Irmgard Schloegl, The Zen Teaching of Rinzai).
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