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Linkin Park is an American rock band.


Hybrid Theory (2000)[edit]

  • I know just what it feels like to have a voice in the back of my head.
    • "Papercut"
  • I need a little room to breathe.
    • "One step Closer"
  • Graffiti decorations, under a sky of dust
    A constant wave of tension, on top of broken trust
    The lessons that you taught me, I learned were never true
    Now I find myself in question
    • "Runaway"
  • If I let them go I'll be outdone,
    If I let try to catch them I'll be outrun.
    • "By Myself"
  • Time is a valuable thing, watch it fly by as the pendulum swings.
    • "In the End"
  • This is the last smile that I'll fake for the sake of being with you.
    • "Pushing me Away"
  • Without a sense of confidence I'm convinced that it's just too much pressure to take.
    • Crawling

Reanimation (2002)[edit]

  • Reverse psychology is failing miserably, it's so hard to be, left all alone.
    Telling you is the, only chance for me, there's nothing left but to turn and face you.
    • P5ing me a*wy
  • The journey is more important than the end or the start
    • Enth E Nd

Meteora (2003)[edit]

  • I want to find something I wanted all along.
    • "Somewhere I Belong"
  • When this began. I had nothing to say, and I get lost in the nothingness inside of me.
    • "Somewhere I Belong"
  • If I could change I would, take back the pain I would, re-trace every wrong move that I made I would,
    if I could, stand up and take the blame I would, I would take my shame to the grave.
    • "Easier to Run"
  • Don't turn your back on me, I won't be ignored.
    • "Faint"
  • I'm tired of being what you want me to be.
    • "Numb"
  • I've become so numb, I can't feel you there.
    • "Numb"
  • I don't know what's worth fighting for, or why I have to scream. I don't know why I instigate, and say what I don't mean. I don't know how I got this way, I'll never be all right. So I'm breaking the habit, I'm breaking the habit tonight!
    • "Breaking the Habit"
  • I don't know who to trust, no surprise.
    • "From the Inside."

Minutes to Midnight (2007)[edit]

  • When the rich wage war it's the poor who die.
    • "Hands held high"
  • Bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away.
    • "Bleed it out"
  • Fuck this hurts, I won't lie;
    Doesn't matter how hard I try.
    • "Bleed it out"
  • Are you lost, in your lies? Do you tell yourself I don't realize,your crusade's, a disguise? Replacing freedom with fear, trading money for lives. I'm aware of what you've done.
    • "No More Sorrow."
  • When my time comes, forget the wrong that i've done. Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed.
    • "Leave out all the rest"

A Thousand Suns (2010)[edit]

  • I am not a pattern to be followed, the pill that I'm on is a tough one to swallow, I'm not a criminal not a role model, not a born leader, I'm a tough act to follow.
    • "When they come for me"
  • All I wanna do is trade this life for something new, holding onto what I haven't got.
    • "Waiting for the end"
  • I thought i felt right, but the right was wrong
    • "Waiting for the end"
  • Steel unload, Final Blow! We the animals take control, hear us now, clear and true, wretches and kings we come for you.
    • "Wretches and Kings"

Living Things (2012)[edit]

  • Weep not for roads untravelled. Weep not for sights unseen. May your love never end. And if you need a friend, there's a seat here alongside me.
    • "Roads Untravelled"
  • Cause I'm only a crack, in this castle of glass, hardly anything there for you to see, for you to see.
    • "Castle of Glass"

Recharged ()[edit]

  • Night gets darkest right before dawn
    What don't kill you makes you more strong
    • A Light That Never Comes

Single Releases[edit]

  • And your voice was all I heard; that I get what I deserve
    • "New Divide", Transformers 2 OST
  • You're guilty all the same; Too sick to be ashamed; You want to point your finger; But there's no one else to blame.
    • "Guilty All The Same (2014)"

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