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Lieutenant-General Lionel Protip "Bogey" Sen, DSO (20 October 1910 – 17 September 1981) was a decorated Indian Army general. He served as the Chief of the General Staff during 1959–1961 and commanded the Eastern Command during 1961–1963. He was the general responsible for countering the Chinese invasion of NEFA during the Sino-Indian War of 1962. Sen is also the author of Slender was the Thread, a military history of the Indo-Pakistani war of 1947–1948.


  • The sight that greeted us in Baramula is one that no period of time can erase from the memory. It was completely deserted, as silent as tomb, with not even a whimpering pie dog. Everywhere one looked, whether it was a house or a shop or a shed, there were signs of pillage, arson or wanton destruction. The well equipped Mission Hospital, the most modern in the valley, looked as if it had been hit by a tornado. Nor had the Mission Church escaped the wrath of the savages. The lovely images had been mutilated with axes and riddled with bullet holes. There were unmistakable signs that the patients in the hospital had been slaughtered in their bed or dragged out to meet the same fate in the compound. The battle seasoned World War II veterans of 161 Infantry Brigade shuddered at the sight.
    • Lt Gen LP Sen, DSO, in his book `Slender was the Thread' narrates the scene upon his arrival in Baramula.
  • Everything was peaceful until the afternoon of 27 October, when the tribesmen suddenly appeared in their lorries. They took control of the town and an orgy started. Anyone who attempted to argue with them or showed any signs of resistance was shot immediately. This resulted in those residing in the Southern portion of the town fleeing to the Northern part which lay across the Jhelum River. Almost throughout the night there were signs of arson and bursts of firing. The next day, 28 October, groups of tribesmen entered the Northern part of the town and abducted women whom they dragged back to the Southern part. They warned the people to stay in their houses or face death if they stirred out.
    • Slender was the Thread

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