Lionel Tennyson

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Lionel Tennyson

Lionel Hallam Tennyson, 3rd Baron Tennyson (7 November 18896 June 1951) was a cricketer who captained England. He was the grandson of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Quotes by Lionel Tennyson[edit]

  • Cricket has more in it than mere efficiency. There is something called the spirit of cricket, which cannot be defined.
    • Sticky Wickets (1950), ASIN: B0000CHN1L

Quotes about Lionel Tennyson[edit]

  • He was a magnificent figure in the game ... and one does not see his like today. He was one of the Corinthians; he played cricket for fun, and played it well enough to beat the professors at their own game, sparing neither time nor money to raise the standard of English and Hampshire play. They called him "the Baron" because he was a man unaccustomed to mince words; but that was because he had a profound knowledge of the game and loved it, not meekly, but with a passion.

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