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Lisa Goldstein (born November 21, 1953) is an American fantasy and science fiction writer.


A Mask for the General (1987)[edit]

All page numbers from the mass-market edition published by Bantam Spectra, ISBN 0-553-27312-4
  • “I can’t believe this,” Mary said, whispering urgently. “Every time I talk to you I think I’ve heard the worst, and then you come along and say something even stupider.”
    • Chapter 7 (p. 119)
  • “Lots of people would give anything to be in your place.”
    “I’m not lots of people,” Mary said. “I’m me. That’s what I’ll never forgive, that you did all this without even asking me.”
    • Chapter 8 (p. 137)
  • Maybe art couldn’t survive it if was sponsored by the government. Maybe art always had to be subversive.
    • Chapter 10 (p. 184)
  • You really can’t choose the people you’re going to like.
    • Chapter 11 (p. 191)
  • Layla’s story, though not always accurate, was far more interesting than the truth.
    • Chapter 12 (p. 214)

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