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Lisa Henry Omorodion(27 April 1990) is a Nigerian actress, film producer, and entrepreneur. She is best known for her lead role in the 2013 movie, First Cut, alongside Joseph Benjamin and Monalisa Chinda. She is also known for her plus-sized figure.


  • I’m growing faster than anyone can imagine. I have passion for acting, and when you have passion for something, you are driven to do the unexpected. I have passed my boundaries as an up and coming actress. This is because I have done things that I thought I wasn’t capable of doing in the industry. At the moment, I have featured in two movies. I still have a lot of scripts lined up for me.
  • It has to do with my passion. I have always wanted to be an actress. So, I pushed my family into supporting me. I am a director in my father’s establishment. I have been combining office work with acting. The best thing that can happen to anyone is to be humble. When you are humble, your name will go to places. I’m humble and my humility is paving way for me in the industry.
  • I am totally against that kind of mindset. I don’t believe in exchanging sex for a movie role. I believe in my talent and if you want to engage my talent, then you have to come for it. I am a business woman, I don’t mix business with pleasure. I don’t intend to do so. I have a boy friend and I am happy with him.
  • I am a strong African woman. I am beautiful, intelligent and I’m a go-getter. I am determined to make the difference
  • Yes, I am. I break men’s heart, but it’s not intentional. It’s either you are lying about something or you are not truthful. Different factors could make me break your heart. And once I‘ve gone, I never returned.
  • Only a coward will find me intimidating; if you know your worth and you’re confident of your abilities, I see no reason why a hard-working woman like me should make a man feel inferior. Therefore, a man should find these qualities attractive rather than intimidating. I get a lot of advances from men everywhere I go and I think it is typical of any beautiful woman like me.
  • He must fear God because when you get married to a man who fears and loves God, every other thing will fall into place. Everything boils down to God and if he loves God, then he can love me. He must be loving, caring, understanding, and patient and hard-working. I can’t marry an actor and I am currently in a relationship.
  • The cinema, Comedy does better because everyone wants to laugh. Everyone is going through struggles. Nobody wants to come to the cinema to watch something that will make them cry.
  • But on the other hand, we need to reach out to people to let them understand what human beings are going through
  • Suicide rate is on the increase because people don’t tackle these serious issues. We don’t talk about it well enough. I feel that Nigerians need to be open to new genres of movies well enough. Movies that tackle serious issues that need to be talked about in Nigeria
  • The Fashion Industry creates a fantasy world of what women are supposed to wear, and sadly a lot of women struggle to fit into this. This fantasy world always excludes curvy and plus size women, even though the fashion industry continues to laud itself as democratic in the era of Social media and Gender Equality
  • That represents $20billion worth of buying power. Inclusion of all women in the fashion industry is the way forward. Only then can we say Fashion is truly democratic. To all the plus size women, you are beautiful, stylish, fabulous and worthy of every Best Dressed List.
  • Feminism is about equality of genders, advocating for equal social, economic, political, and cultural rights and opportunities for both sexes. It is not about women bashing men or vice versa. It is about creating a world where women and men can equally live and thrive and be the best. Yes, I am a feminist and I want that noted.
  • It’s a free world and people are allowed to make their choices. I do not feel pressured to undergo any surgery because of my size. I love being a voluptuous plus size woman. Being plus size is not shameful. I embrace my curves and stay healthy.
  • Nollywood is improving and evolving. The story lines and technical quality are getting better daily with more attention to details and strategic collaborations. There’s a bit more funding now. It’s definitely looking better as a business. However, there are many challenges in Nollywood, and a peculiar one is distribution. It’s a Herculean task to distribute movies the way it should be done and we need to create more structure and channels of distribution so as to maximise profit and create more visibility for our stories and experiences
  • Life has taught me that people have their own agenda for being your friend or business partner. I tend to question people’s intention towards me and do not trust easily. You have to earn my trust and loyalty

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