Little Annie Rooney

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Little Annie Rooney is a 1925 silent film about a tough young ragamuffin named Annie Rooney, who lives in the tenements among an international community, but their neighborhood may be threatened by a dangerous street gang.

A romping rollicking story with more laughs than you ever had in one setting!(taglines)

Title card

  • Up town a gang calls itself "Society" -- down town a gang calls itself a "Gang" and lets it go at that - Let's go down town!
  • Abie Levy was not allowed to fight because it was a holiday.
  • The "Big Kellys" - whose hardest work was selling tickets to a dance for the benefit of their bail fund.
  • To end a fight some one must quit - - but in this case both leaders happened to be Irish.

Little Annie Rooney

  • You pug-nosed Mick -- I'll knock your block off for that.
  • Why, Daddy, dear, you don't think I would do anything like that - do you, Daddy dear?


  • It ain't no fun fightin' a girl! C'mon, le'ts go home!


  • Spider: G'wan, Tim Rooney, I don't shake hands with no cop's son!
  • Chubby Kid: Now we're gonna have the real show with a genuwine horse - anybody what don't like it will get a bust on the beezer!


Joe Kelley: Shame on you - fightin' a girl!
Mickey: She ain't no girl - she's a wildcat!

Little Annie Rooney: Doctor, is he going to die?
Young Hospital Intern: It's an emergency case. Immediate blood transfusion might save him.
Little Annie Rooney: What does that mean, Mister?
Reporter: It means that someone will have to give their blood to save his life - right away.
Little Annie Rooney: Doctor, please let me do it, please!
Young Hospital Intern: I'm afraid you're too small.
Little Annie Rooney: But, if he dies, they'll put my brother in jail! My brother shot him.
Reporter: Why not take her? It's either that or let him croak. Besides - it will make a peach of a story.

Little Annie Rooney: Say, Doc, this transformation business don't make us brother and sister, does it?
Surgeon: No. Why?
Little Annie Rooney: Cause when I grow up I might wanna marry him.


  • OUR MARY - As you like her best---a broth of a brat ready to fight at the drop of a hat---and drop the hat!
  • A romping rollicking story with more laughs than you ever had in one setting!