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Little Giant is a 1946 film about a vacuum cleaner salesman and his crooked boss.

Directed by William A. Seiter. Written by Walter DeLeon, Paul Jarrico, and Richard J. Collins.
They're Selling Vacuum Cleaners !  (taglines)


Benny Miller: Do you mind if I have a piece of candy while I wait on you?
Hazel Temple Morrison: Aren't you worried you're going to wear your teeth down to the bones?
Benny Miller: What?
Hazel Temple Morrison: You ate three packages of cracker jacks, two bags of peanuts, one of those red gooey apples on a stick, and three chocolate malked milkshakes.
Benny Miller: And don't forget the banana split, with a lot of fruit on it!


  • They're Selling Vacuum Cleaners!


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