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Little Shop of Horrors is a 1986 American horror comedy musical film about a nerdy florist who finds his chance for success and romance with the help of a giant man-eating plant who demands to be fed.

Directed by Frank Oz. Written by Howard Ashman, based on his play and the 1960 film.
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  • On the twenty-third day in the month of September, in an early year of a decade not too long before our own, the human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence.  And this terrifying enemy surfaced, as such enemies often do, in the most seemingly innocent, and unlikely, of places...


  • [singing] Poor! All my life I've been poor! I keep asking God what I'm for! [Mushnik glares at him the moment he stops work so he hastily resumes] And he tells me "Gee, I'm not sure! Sweep that floor, kid!" Oh I started life as an orphan, child of the street, here on Skid Row. He took me in, gave me a shelter, a bed, a crust of bread and a job... treats me like dirt. Calls me a slob, which I am. [he walks dejectedly along the streets with the passers-by as his backup singers]] So I live... downtown... [all: "downtown"] That's my home address. So I live. [all: "Downtown."] Where my life's a mess. So I live [all: "Downtown."] Where depression's just status quo. Down on Skid Row.... [wanders into an alley] Someone show my the way to get outta here, [beggars slowly appear from nowhere and climb the gateway at the end of the alley] Cos I'm constantly praying I'll get out of here, someone give me one shot, or I'll rot here.
  • Wait for me, Audrey.  This is between me and the vegetable!
  • [singing about Mr. Mushnik]  And he calls me a slob, which I am …


  • [singing about her dream house]  With a washer and a dryer, and an ironing machine…somewhere that's green.

Audrey II[edit]

  • [repeated line] Feed me!
  • I'm starving!
  • [asking Seymour what he wants] Money? Girls? One par-ticu-lar girl! How 'bout that Aaaaauuuudrey? Think it over! There must be someone you can 86 real quiet-like, and get me some LUNCH!!!
  • DOES THIS LOOK "INANIMATE" TO YOU, PUNK?! If I can talk and I can move, who's to say I can't do anything I want?!
  • [after Seymour deduces that Audrey II wants to take over the planet] No SHIT, Sherlock!
  • [Seymour says he won't feed the plant, due to the guilt] Tough titty. [Seymour then tells him to watch his language.] Aw, cut the crap. Bring on the meat!
  • [singing] I'm just a mean, green mother from outer space and I'm bad!


Seymour:  The Audrey II is not a healthy girl.
Mr. Mushnik:  Strictly between us, neither is the Audrey I.

Seymour: You see, sir, if you were to put a plant like this in the window, then maybe…
Mr. Mushnik: Maybe what? Maybe what! Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? Just because you put a strange and interesting plant in the window, people don't suddenly…
Customer: Excuse me. I couldn't help noticing that strange and interesting plant. What is it?
Seymour: It's an Audrey…II!

Audrey: Seymour's first radio broadcast! I wanted to hear it so bad. I tried to be on time, but…
Mr. Mushnik: Don't tell me. You got tied up.
Audrey: No. Just handcuffed a little.

Audrey II: Feed me.
Seymour: Under no circumstances.
Audrey II: Feed me.
Seymour:I will not, so stop asking.
Audrey II:Feed me!
Seymour:No! No more! I can't take living with the guilt.
Audrey II:Tough titty.
Seymour: Watch your language.
Audrey II:Ah, cut the crap! Bring on the meat!
Seymour: I'll run to the corner, pick you up some nice ground round. How about that?
Audrey II: Don't do me no favors!
Seymour: Well?
Audrey II: Hmm…?
Seymour: It's my last offer. Yes or no?
Audrey II: You sure do drive a hard bargain.
Seymour: Done! Fine. Great. Don't think you're getting dessert!

Seymour: Every household in America. Thousands of you, eating. That's what you had planned all along, isn't it?!
Audrey II: [smugly] Noooooooooo shit, Sherlock!
Seymour: We're not talking about one hungry plant here. We're talking about world conquest!
Audrey II: And I wanna thank you!
Seymour: You won't get away with this! Your kind never does! [Audrey II laughs maniacally] I don't care what it takes, only one of us gets out of here alive!

Mr. Mushnik: Seymour, what is going on down there?
Seymour: Very little Mr. Mushnik!

Audrey II: [meekly] Feed me!
Seymour: I beg your pardon?
Audrey II: [gloomily] Feed me!
Seymour: Tuey! You talked! You opened up your - trap, your thing, you said--
Audrey II: [suddenly aggressive] FEED ME KRELBOURN! FEED ME NOW!
Seymour: I can't!
Audrey II: I'm starvin'!
Seymour: Look, maybe I can squeeze a little out of this one,
Audrey II: More, more, more, more, more!
Seymour: There isn't any more! Whaddya want me to do, slit my wrists?! [The plant sighs, almost saying "Well..."] Oh boy Look. I got an idea. I'll run down to the corner, and pick you up some nice chopped sirloin.
Audrey II: Must be blood!
Seymour: [creeped out] Tuey, that's disgusting.
Audrey II: Must be fresh!
Seymour: [covering his ears] I don't wanna hear this!
Audrey II: Feed me!
Seymour: Does it have to be human?
Audrey II: Feed me!
Seymour: Does it have to be mine?
Audrey II: Fee-eed me!
Seymour: Where am I supposed to get it?
Audrey II: [singing] Feed me, Seymour / Feed me all night long - That's right, boy! - You can do it! Feed me, Seymour / Feed me all night long / Ha ha ha ha ha! / Cause if you feed me, Seymour / I can grow up big and strong.

Audrey II: You think this's all a coincidence, baby? The sudden success around here? The press coverage?
Seymour: Look, you're a plant; an inanimate object! [Audrey II then pulls a chair up from under Seymour, bring him closer to the plant]
Audrey II: DOES THIS LOOK "INANIMATE" TO YOU, PUNK?! If I can talk, and I can move, who's to say I can't do anything I want?
Seymour: Like what?
Audrey II: Like deliver, pal! Like see you get everything your sick, greasy little heart desires! [singing] Would you like a Cadillac car?/ Or a guest shot on "Jack Parr"?/ How about a date with Hedy Lamarr?/ You gonna get it! If you want it, baby./ How would you like to be a big wheel?/ Dinin' out for every meal./ I'm the plant (that) can make it all real!/ You gonna get i-i-it../ Hey, I'm your genie, I'm your friend! I'm your willing slave.../ Take a chance, feed me, yeah./ You know the kind of eats, the kinda red hot treats, the kinda sticky-licky sweets I craa-aave, Oh!

About Little Shop of Horrors[edit]

  • Going back to the beginning, Howard and I were in David Geffen’s office and we both wanted to retain the original ending, with the plant winning and the key people dying, and David was against that. He said you can’t do that, but again he knew Howard and I wanted to, so David supported us. The film was completed two years later and we went to San Jose for the first preview and everyone was very excited about it. This was, I think, the most expensive film Warner Bros. had done at that time. For every musical number there was applause, they loved it, it was just fantastic…until we killed our two leads. And then the theater became a refrigerator, an ice box. It was awful and the cards were just awful. They were saying that they hated us killing them. You have to have a 55 percent “recommend” to really be released and we got a 13.


  • Don't feed the plants.
  • A Singing Plant. A Daring Hero. A Sweet Girl. A Demented Dentist.
  • I'm a mean green mother from outer space... And I'm back!


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