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Littlest Pet Shop is a children's animated television series. Based on the Littlest Pet Shop and Blythe toys owned by Hasbro, the show follows a Blythe Baxter, a teenage girl who, after moving into an apartment in a metropolitan area, gains the ability to communicate with animals. Located below her apartment is the eponymous pet store where Blythe works and talks to a group of pets who regularly reside at a day care in the shop. Worried that a corrupt rival business will drive their shop out of business, the pets depend on Blythe to drive business into the store with her pet fashion designs. This includes TG4 in Ireland, Pop in UK and CNBA1 in Japan.

Season 1 (2012-13)


Blythe's Big Adventure Part 1

Blythe: Now this is an adventure!

Pepper Clark: Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!

Minka Mark: Oh good. She can sit up. SHE'S FINE!
Blythe: Eek! Talking monkey! What is happening to me? Animals are speaking, and... I can understand them!
Russel Ferguson: Wait. Did you say you... understand us?
[The pets gasp]

Vinnie Terrio: I think that giant head of hers got the worst of it...

Boy Chihuahua: I like you, you crazy!

Blythe: How'd you guys get up here?
Vinnie: Eh, we took the up-and-down box thingy.
Pepper Clark: "Dumbwaiter".
Vinnie: What'd you just call me?

Blythe's Big Adventure Part 2

Blythe: Mrs. Twombly, I've got a surefire idea for saving Littlest Pet Shop!
Zoe: *trying to listen* Blythe said that she's sure to set fire to the pet shop!

Bad Hair Day

Minka: Hey, where did my fantasy go?!

Russell: Heeeey! Uh, Minka, can we talk?
Minka: Of course we can! You couldn't ask your question if you couldn't talk, and I couldn't answer your question if I couldn't talk! So yeah, we can talk!!!

Penny Ling: I wanted to call it "Minka Inka"!


Gail: Oh, let me guess, you mistook me for someone else. Again...
Blythe, Minka, Sunil, Vinnie, Russell, Pepper, and Penny: *shocked* Again?!?!
Gail: Oh, Zoe, what are we going to do with you?
Zoe: I'll tell you what were gonna do...we're gonna DAAAAANCE!

Brittany: Ugh seriously. He needs to go like, green.
Whittany: Brittany, he's electric. He's already green.
Brittany: Oh...then he needs to go like, a different color.

Blythe: He's frozen. Any ideas, Russell?
Russell: Well, from what I know of Sunil, he may be a terrified coward with no belief in himself but there is one way to bring out his inner hero.
Blythe: *over the headset* Sunil, I want you to listen to me closely. There are COBRAS inside that store. *Sunil's eyes snap open and his pupils contract* Do you hear me? Cobras.
Sunil: *over the walkie-talkie* Did... Did you just say that cobras are inside?
Blythe: Well, not exactly... But when you look in there, instead of pet toys and food, I want you to see cobras.
Sunil: *stands with determination and narrowed eyes* I... Hate... Cobras.

Mean Isn't Your Color

Penny Ling: Leave me alone! *roars*

Blythe: Give it up dad, reverse psychology doesn't work on her. Neither does normal psychology. She's...different.
Youngmee: I prefer the term "special".

Vinnie: Try not to damage the lizard!

Russell Up Some Fun

Russell: *Testing some squeaker toys* Loud, loud, soft, loud, soft, loud, broken...
Pepper: A-da-na-na-na whoo! A-da-na-na-na hit me! A-da-na-na-na over here!
Russell: STOP! You could poke someone's eye out with that!
Other pets: Boo!!!
Pepper: Seriously?
Russell: Yes, I'm confiscating this.
Pepper: Oh, come on Russell. It's a gag rubber arrow. We're just having a little fun.

Blythe's Crush

Sue: You can do it too, just lift your foot.
Blythe: Uh, I don't think so, you're the jock, I'm the designer, remember?
Sue: *annoyed* Foot, now.

Zoe: Oh no! This is terrible! Sunil! I'm experiencing a wardrobe malfunction!
Sunil: I don't know what you're talking about, Zoe.
Zoe: My beret is missing! That's what I'm talking about! It has simply disappeared! Vanished! It's gone, baby, gone!
Sunil: *glances up to see her beret on her head* ...Are you serious?
Zoe: As a deer tick!
Sunil: Riiiiight... Look, Zoe, I'm really busy right now practicing my psychic powers-
Zoe: That's IT! Sunil, you can use your psychic powers to help me find my beret!
Sunil: ...I am not being pinked, or punked, or whatever it is, am I?
Zoe: Now I don't know what you're talking about.
Sunil: Well, Zoe, your beret is-
Zoe: LOST! But if we both close our eyes and concentrate, maybe you'll get a vision of where it is?
Sunil: Alright, I'll play along. *pretends to use his psychic powers and when Zoe copies him he plucks it from her head* Zoe, you can open your eyes now.
Zoe: *gasps* My beret! Sunil, you really do have psychic powers!
Sunil: Well, actually, I could see it.
Zoe: You could see it in your mind's eye! You have an amazing gift. Everyone, come here! Sunil just used his psychic powers to find my beret! Isn't that fantastic?
Sunil: *begins to look uncomfortable* Zoe, the truth is-
Zoe: The truth is you have mad skills. You're the real thing, Sunil.

Zoe: Hey, maybe Sunil can help you. He can find anything and probably anyone. He's psychic, you know.
Blythe: You're psychic, Sunil? That's so cool!
Sunil: Eh, Zoe is exaggerating my gift.
Zoe: Don't be so humble. He just found my beret in two seconds flat. I'm sure he could easily find you your boyfriend.
Blythe: He's not my boyfriend! *laughs nervously* I don't even know his name. I just wanna return his keys.
Sunil: That's not enough to go on! Oh well, wish I could've helped! Who wants to raid the food dish with me, hm? *begins to walk away*
Zoe: *grabs his hand and pulls him back* Sunil, just try your swarmy thing. It couldn't hurt. Do it for love?
Blythe: I'm not in love!
Sunil: Well, I'll try, but please don't expect too much. It doesn't always work.
Zoe: He's just being modest. Go on, Sunil.
Blythe: *Sunil attempts to use his psychic powers but falls asleep and begins snoring* Sunil!
Sunil: *is startled awake* AAH! Oh! Uh, oh! *concentrates and this time we see what he is seeing, a faint image of a street corner* Oh, I see something!
Blythe: What is it?
Sunil: Um, the corner of Maple and Main.
Blythe: That's not too far from here! Maybe I could still catch him.
Sunil: Wait, Blythe! I'm not totally sure that's where your boyfriend is!
Blythe: First, he is not my boyfriend. And second, I have complete faith in you, Sunil. If you've got a vision of Maple and Main, then it's worth checking out! I mean... I've just gotta get that poor boy his keys!

Sunil: Not only did I sent Blythe on a wild goose chase, we're on one too!
Minka: We're not gooses!

Sunil: Blythe, I have a confession to make. I really didn't find you using any psychic skills. I just opened my eyes and there you were. I don't think that I have any psychic abilities.
Blythe: Oh, I don't know about that, Sunil. You guided everyone here to the park where I was. That took some mad psychic skills!
Sunil: Yes, I suppose you are right! Hm, but still.
Blythe: What is it?
Sunil: I DID start you on this whole wild goose chase by sending you to Maple and Main to find that boy who wasn't there! What kind of psychic would do that?
Blythe: An amazing one! Look! You had the right boy and the right street corner! You were just a little off on the time.
Sunil: *pulls out a deck of cards and looks them over before glancing back at Blythe* Ehh, numbers aren't really my thing. *flings the cards everywhere*

Dumb Dumbwaiter

Vinnie: If you're a guy, you're the pet who's the best!
Sunil: Oh, what can I say? Musical theater was never my strong suit...
Minka: I need space! Above me, and around me, and I don't have that, and that's bad, because...I'M A SPACE MONKEY!"
Vinnie: This is the life, ain't it? No bossy girls around to tell us what to do.
Russell: Yup.
Sunil: Indeed, this ain't the life, of this I am certain. Bossy or not, I do miss the girls.
Russell: ...Why?
Sunil: Why you ask? Well... Yes, well... *gets really nervous* I don't know why, okay? It just seemed like the right thing to say! For a moment I wished to appear sensitive and caring, is that so wrong?!

Eve of Destruction


Books and Covers

Blythe: Whittany! Thank goodness. Where's Brittany?
Whittany: The shirt made her itch because it's got something called polyester in it, and now she has, like, a rash. It's embarrassing.
Blythe: So, where is she?
Whittany: She's hiding in the bathroom, duh. I need to get her some cream for problem skin, and thought you'd, like, have some.
Blythe: I do not!

[At the end of the episode...]
Brittany: [from inside the girls' bathroom] Hello! Whittany! I'm still, like, itchy!

So You Skink You Can Dance


Vinnie: Shake A Leg

Lights, Camera, Mongoose


Topped with Buttercream


Buttercream: Aw, Penny Ling, you're the "skoosh-ta-booshi-est" of all the "skoosh-ta-boosh-es"! Penny Ling: *Confused* what? Buttercream: *Also confused* What? *Winds up, then calms down* anywho...

Trading Places


Vinnie: Y'all will just have to cover for the little guy

Sweet Truck Ride

Roger: A ticket?! I don't understand why you'd act so irresponsibly.
Blythe: I know it seems like I did, Dad, but I didn't drive the truck.
Roger: Christie checked the truck out and there's nothing wrong with it mechanically. So what else could've happen?
Blythe: I told you already, it was the pets!
Roger: I wanna believe you, Blythe. I know how honest and reliable you are, but you can't expect me to believe that the pets took the truck for a drive.
Blythe: Not intentionally. It was a--
Roger: I know, a chain reaction.
Blythe: That's exactly right!
Roger: How could you possibly know that?
Blythe: Because they told me... (Roger looks skeptical) Uh, I mean... I can't tell you.
Roger: (looks at his figure, Buddy and lowers his head down) Well, in that case, you leave me no choice. You're grounded. And hand over your smartphone.
Blythe: "Grounded?!" You mean, (gives Roger her smartphone) no father/daughter picnic?
Roger: And...(sighs) No three-legged race. Believe me, it hurts me more than it hurts you. (leaves her room, but his figure, Buddy got stuck in the door) (grunts) (opens the door) Oh, and you'll help rebake all the treats that were destroyed on your little joyride. (closes the door, but Buddy got stuck again) Oh, come on! (opens the door and finally closes it)
Blythe: (sighs)

Helicopter Dad


What's in the batter


What Did You Say?

Roger: Listen to the weird possible side effects! May impair to juggle, knit sweaters, properly polish silver, rebuild car engines, wax surfboards, ride a unicycle, and the abiltiy to understand pets
Blythe: What?!
Roger: I know, nobody rides a unicycle anymore.

Bakers and Fakers


Terriers and Tiaras


Lotsa Luck


Pepper: Why did the chicken cross the road? To lay it on the line. Ob -Old bananas: (clapping) Pepper:Why didn't you tell me he was watching?!





Blythe's Pet Project


Summertime Blues


Season 2 (2013-14)


The Nest Hats Craze

Russell: Let Sunil try.
Sunil: What-what do I do? I just sit on it? I don't want to crack it.
Russell: Don't worry, Sunil. Just sit down, it won't crack.
Sunil: *goes to sit but freezes* But what if it does crack? What if the baby chick hates me for cracking his home? I don't think I could live with that kind of guilt! *screams and leaps off the bedding*

Sunil: *smacks the food out of Hubble's wings* NO! Russell, this is not how mama birds feed their newborn babies!
Russell: Well, how do you know?
Sunil: *pulls a book out and opens it* Oh, I found this book over in the bird section. There's a whole chapter on feeding chicks.
Russell: *skeptically* Let me see that.
Sunil: Hmm... I don't want to show it to you.
Russell: Why not?
Sunil: Because I'm afraid you'll say, "Eww, that is so gross!"
Russell: Oh, please! I'm a guy! Nothing grosses us out! Just give me the book.
Sunil: *hands him the book* Okay, you asked for it.
Russell: It says here that the mama bird chews her food and puts it right into the baby's mouth. Oh, there's even a picture. *immediately flings the book away from himself* Ewww! That is SO gross!
Sunil: What did I tell you?
Russell: Well, I am NOT doing that.

Alligators And Handbags

Little Alligator: Alright! You pets better come down or I'm coming up! Understand?!
Russell: You heard 'em, pets! armor up! (pulses flash revealing the pets in Power Ranger-like suits) Super Intelligence!

Minka: Super Long Arms And Legs! Vinnie: And Super Slitheriness! Pepper: Super Barrieable Stinklar! Sunil: (quietly) Super Quietness! Penny Ling: Super Niceness! Zoe Trent: Super Fabulousness! (Door opens) Little Alligator: *growls* You think that's all you've got? Zoe Trent: You can't bully us now, Lizard Lips! As long as we stand together! (All the pets watch as the little alligator runs away whimpering)

Blythe's Big Idea


Commercial Success


Zoe: *singing in the fantasy commercial while Sunil dances across the stage behind her* You've got money in your pocket that you wanna spend, come to Littlest Pet Shop and be a friend for all your pet shop needs! Sunil: *comes in off-screen* Supplies are all organic and gluten-free! Minka: Don't wait, just take a chance! Vinnie: Coming here will make you wanna sing and dance! Pepper: A day care for your pets! Penny Ling: Where we sing duets! Russell: And there's no regrets! Vinnie: Plus we sell fishing nets! Russell: Um, actually Vinnie, we don't sell fishing nets. Vinnie: Oh, well maybe we should! Russell: Not really a pet supply. Vinnie: Eh, fish are pets too. Sunil: He's got you there, Russell. Russell: Fine. All the pets: Just come to Littlest Pet Shop, yeah, come one all to Littlest Pet Shop! Sunil: Spend all your money at the Littlest Pet Shop! All the pets: Where we'll be your friend too! Minka: *commercial ends and all the pets grin at the viewer* We'll be right back after a word from our sponsor!

So Interesting


To Paris With Zoe


Super Sunil

Sunil: *about the Super Sam comic* Why don't we read it together?
Blythe: Hi guys! What's going on?
Zoe: *excitedly* I want to be Designer Dog! She has this special collar that gives her the power to create fabulous outfits.
Blythe: Is it because she looks like you, Zoe?
Sunil: And I'll be El Cobra Cabra. He has this special insect pertracter that gives the strength of all insects. And Blythe, can you make us some costumes so we can act out the story and some special equipment?

Blythe: Penny Ling, aren't you going to take part? Cause, I've got a special surprise for you.
Penny Ling: A Pandamonium costume? Why did you make it for me?

Blythe: Penny Ling, everyone wants you to participate. Don't you want that?
Penny Ling: Yes, Oh, Blythe, Can I be Pandamonium?
Blythe: Of course you can, Penny Ling.
Penny Ling: Oh, I'm not Penny Ling, I'm Pandamonium!
Sunil: Russell the brave little hedgehog has been taken away and hidden somewhere. But where?
Pepper: I don't know but with my super-hearing ears, I can hear him.
Russell: Help! Help!
Pepper: *gasp* I hear something!

Sunil: I better use my bug sight! *gasp* I can see! It's a cobra trio!
Blythe: So Pandamonium lassoed a branch.
Penny Ling: Oh, this is a job for... Pandamonium!
Blythe: And Elasti-Monkey stretched her tail, and they both swang across to rescue their good friend Russell. Da-da-dah!
Russell: Oh, Penny Ling! I mean Pandamonium! You saved me from the nasty cobra trio! You are my hero!
Penny Ling: Oh, Don't thank me, thank the League of Incredible Super Animals!
everyone else: *cheers*

Sweet Pepper


Pepper Clark: Hey, Zoe, I think you gave me a picture of a pretty skunk instead of a mirror.

Pepper Clark: And you don't think an arm punch will make him interested.


Russell: I don't need a test to tell me that I'm a hedgehog. I mean, look at me - what else could I possibly be?
Vinnie: Porcupine?
Sunil: Prickly rat?
Pepper: A pineapple?

Inside Job


Littlest Bigfoot


Sunil's Sick Day

Zoe: Sunil is sick.
Pepper: Surreal is lick.
Russell: Cereal smells ick.
Minka: Cira McDrick?
Zoe: Okay. What did I say?
Penny Ling: Cyril McFlip!
Zoe: Cyril McFlip?!
Russell: Who's Cyril McFlip? Is he a new pet here? Ugh, why am I always the last to know?!
Blythe: What do you think made you sick? Did you catch something from someone
Sunil: If by someone you mean Vinnie, then no. I would certainly did not catch it from him. He would never give me anything.
Blythe: Okay then. I actually wasn't thinking specifically about Vinnie.
Sunil: Vinnie this. Vinnie that! Could you please stop talking about Vinnie already?! (shoves some mangos into his mouth with a frown)

The Hedgehog In The Plastic Bubble


Pepper: Russell, This has been happening a lot lately.

Russell: How dare you! Prove It!

(Pepper, Vinnie, Sunil, Zoe and Minka turn around revealing bandages)

Russell: Wow, I stand corrected.

Minka: My quill collection is getting bigger and bigger!

Russell: Hey, I don't understand it! In the last few days, I've been losing so many quills for some reason.

Standup Stinker


Shanghai Hi-Jinks


Plane It On Rio


The Expo Factor, Part 1


The Expo Factor, Part 2


Mona Autumn: (The Biskits have just been busted for cheating in the International Pet Fashion Expo, have been humiliated on national television and Mona has informed them that Fisher Biskit lied about making a second Largest Ever Pet Shop) the rotten apple doesn't fall very far from the tree, does it, girls?

Season 3 (2014–15)


Episode 12: The Very Littlest Pet Shop


Mrs. Twombly: Oh, I've never seen a slow loris before- or a fast one, for that matter.