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Liu Zhongjing (劉仲敬), also known as William Liu and by his cult followers as 阿姨 (Auntie), is a Chinese historian and translator of history and political philosophy works from English.


Political views in line with the People's Republic of China[edit]

Advocating the destruction and replacement of the U.S.-Japan Alliance[edit]

Maritime strategy is vital for us. A proposed federation of Greater-Canton and Malay would match the level of Japan in terms of population and economy. As this federation surrounds the South China Sea, it would be a great replacement for the current U.S.-Japan Alliance.[1]
The Sino-U.S. treaty signed in 1946 granted the right of free migration between the two countries, which is the best treaty we can get in 200 years as the reward for defeating Japan. It is only after the Korean War that the role of being the major ally of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region shifted from China to Japan.[2]

On Japan's Role in WW2[edit]

The purpose of Japan's invation of China was to integrate resources across Asia against the West and the Soviet Union.[3]
Why did Japan fail? Through her armed intervention she violated the law of war and was called to stop by other nations. She had done her own favor of controlling the entire Far East in the war with KMT, which made herself a criminal as well. [4]

Advocating Taiwan as part of Chinese culture[edit]

Taiwan as the Utopia of traditional Chinese culture gives protection to the last Confucian intellectuals, who often finds themselves under attack from both the KMT bigwigs and the DPP mobs.[5]
De-Sinicization claimed by the Taiwanese is similar to the Confucianists in Qing Dynasty who in fact, were defending their own version of Confucianism.[6]

Despising Taiwan's democratic process[edit]

What the Taiwanese people are acting in their political life is way too childish comparing to what we Chinese people are suffering from. Dear compatriots, beware that they are spoiled and do not learn from them.[7]

On muslims and Islam[edit]

In all occassions we should not trust the muslims...You have to infiltrate a state with a high fertility rate like locusts...which is the characteristic of modern-day Islam. [8]

On his previous job of being a medical examiner in Xinjiang Police and views on China's Uyghur oppression[edit]

In 1999, I did not believe I can set my own destiny...The country and the system are all eternal and they lasts forever...I gradually realised that being a civil servant in Xinjiang would not guarantee my peaceful retirement or promotions, but a trap that puts me in danger. [9]
It is exactly like what I was in Ürümqi. If I continued my job and after 10 or 20 years when I am old enough, I would never have the chance to escape from Xinjiang. That would be a dangerous situation for me. [10]
...By then you will have no way to resist, let alone escaping. I can tell this from my personal experience. Before 2009, I was having a great time enjoying my life in Ürümqi. I knew that they would put every Uyghur in the rural area into the concentration camps, but that was none of my business, right? I got my salaries anyway without even being at the post. I spent most of my day at bookstores and talked like an intellectual in Paris. I guess I won't be talking in front of you if I did not leave by 2009. [11][12][13]

Previously used on Wikipedia[edit]

Anti-Chinese nation[edit]

Deconstruction of Chinese nation and Han nation[edit]

First of all, Han is not a nation, not even an ethnic groups. It is anti-ethnic, it is an empire, it is the successor of Qin empire, is anti-ethnic things. If you say that Qu Yuan belongs only to Chu state, Lu Zhonglian only belongs to Qi state, and Meng Tian only belongs to Qin state. They each have their own special ethnic identity, and this point can still be set up. However, in the real history, Han dynasty was an unrooted universal empire, it is difficult to find a special community identity for all citizens.

Fellah theory[edit]

There is no Han nation, there is only the Han people = the Fellah people = the legal captivities.
The Chinese know that they are despicable slaves. If someone treats them by their true class identity, they will secretly admire them, they feel that these people have eyesight and judgments about other things are probably right. If someone respects the Chinese and regards them as lives with souls, conscience, and shame, the Chinese will doubt the judgment of these people for the same reason, including the judgment of other things not related to China, not only they will not trust and follow these people, but they will feel that these people are suitable for deception and plunder.

[citation needed]

Fellah don't distinguish weakness and generosity. If you don't abuse them, they will bite you. Commie abuse them, you can't blame commie completely. You want to keep Fellah away from you, so you should not make them think you've lost, and you have to pretend to be a winner. This is the opposite of dealing with the white left... If he apologizes for his insulting of China, the anti-Japanese masses must say that he is not sincere, and then he must be beaten by insatiable masses, until he can't stand, turn his face again. If he uses rogue method to deal with the untouchables, they would rather suspect that people backstage are very hard. If I apologize for my Nanking Massacre denial in that year, then I would be finished. Now, Fellah think I am an agent of the Party's big brother.

[citation needed]

Fellah are actually very easy to be manipulated or exploited. They have no personal rights or boundary consciousness. It can be said to be a species that will never be able to grow spiritually. If you are determined to exploit or to infinity expand your own interests, living in Fellah people is extremely beneficial to you. You can easily exploit them or dominate them, just use their character weaknesses to play with them, use them as your tools, and put their interests in your own name. But there is a bit bad, after you do this, yourself will be trapped in the cycle of SM, you will inevitably fall into their circle. One day, you will run into SM masters who are more powerful than you. One day, you will encounter SM masters who are more powerful than you, and you will end up becoming the object of being played.

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