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Lucius Livius Andronicus (Greek: Λούκιος Λίβιος Ανδρόνικος; c. 284 – c. 204 BC) was a Greco-Roman dramatist and epic poet of the Old Latin period of the Roman Republic.


E. H. Warmington, Remains of Old Latin, Vol. 2, LCL 314 (1936), pp. 1–45
Norbert Guterman, A Book of Latin Quotations (1966), pp. 2–5
  • Mirum videtur quod sit factum iam diu?
  • Praestatur laus virtuti, sed multo ocius
    verno gelu tabescit.
    •     To virtue praise is offered,
      But quicker far it melts than ice in spring.
    • Aiax Mastigophorus
  • Lepus tute es; et pulpamentum quaeris!
    • A hare—that's you; and yet you're hunting game!
    • Ex incertis fabulis
  • Virum mihi, Camena, insece versutum, ...
    • Tell me, O Goddess of song, of the clever man, ...
    • Odissia I, 1
  •     ... namque nullum
    peius macerat humanum quamde mare saevum;
    vires cui sunt magnae topper confringent
    inportunae undae.
    •         ... for nothing
      Wastes a man worse than cruel sea. The man
      Whose strength is great—him will the savage waves
      With all speed shatter.
    • Odissia VIII, 138–39
  • Cum socios nostros Ciclops impius mandisset, ...
    • When wicked Cyclops had my comrades munched, ...
    • Odissia XX, 19
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