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Deignan in 2016

Elizabeth Mary Deignan (née Armitstead; born 18 December 1988) is an English professional world champion track and road racing cyclist.


  • You can talk about fitness but the element people forget about and which has to come first is tenacity. You need that attitude and determination to commit to what you’re doing. It’s not always easy. That tenacity serves you well in races too. I do overload effort in training so when I get to races it all feels easier. I know if I am in pain others will be in pain too.
  • Being an athlete, you have to consider whether your meals have enough of everything you need. As a vegetarian, you are forced to be creative, which I find makes me more adventurous with my cooking. Following a strict diet based on performance can be tedious, but because I enjoy the variety of my diet, it makes it easier to follow. … If any cyclists are thinking of becoming vegetarian, then I would suggest giving it a go. There’s definitely no harm in trying it! Be prepared to be experimental and open to new foods – you can’t just take out meat from your existing meals, you need to learn new ways of eating.

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