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Lon Milo DuQuette (born 11 July 1948), aka Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford, is an American occultist, lecturer and humorist.


Angels, Demons, & Gods of the New Millennium (1997)[edit]

  • The gods of one age become the devils of the age to follow. The priests look forward to the age to come and see only the end of the world.
    • Chapter 4
  • It is the profoundest of cosmic ironies. The divine power, our true spiritual essence, does not achieve perfection until it hits the ‘rock’ bottom of the cosmos – the dense and crude earth. It remains imperfect until the moment of entombment for the simple reason that until that dark nadir is reached the experiential adventure of existence remains incomplete, and Self is not yet endowed with the entire spectrum of the light of consciousness – from spirit to matter – from the highest high to the lowest low.
    • Chapter 3
  • Religion exalts mystery as an unknowable secret that must be sealed in glass like the corpse of an enchanted princess and fearfully worshipped from afar. Initiation, on the other hand, requires direct participation and demands each of us to smash the casket and press mad lips to mystery, wooing her as a lover who will offer up her treasurers in a succession of sweet surrenders. This she will do, but only in exact ratio to our evolving ability and worthiness to receive them.
    • Chapter 5

My Life with the Spirits (1999)[edit]

  • Do I think I'm a holy man? Sometimes.
    • Epilogue

The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford (2001)[edit]

  • It's all in your head — you just have no idea how big your head is.
    • Chapter 8
  • God and I will achieve Supreme Enlightenment at the same moment.
    • Chapter 10

The Key to Solomon's Key (2006)[edit]

  • If we can’t wake up to the fact that deep down inside we are good, then we deserve to remain asleep dreaming we are evil.
    • Chapter 13
  • In a world that’s gone hellishly mad we’ve always taken comfort in the fact that the faith of our fathers is the one thing that remains solid and unchanging. It occurs to very few of us that perhaps for the last 2,500 years the faith of our fathers has been one of the main reasons why our world has gone hellishly mad.
  • Spirits are as real as the powers they personify.
    • Chapter 14

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