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Look Who's Back (German: Er Ist Wieder Da, translation: "He's Back Again") is a 2015 German dramatic comedy film ("dom com") in which Adolf Hitler wakes up in the 21st century and quickly gains media attention. While Germany finds him hilarious and charming, he makes some serious observations about society.

Directed by David Wnendt. Written by Johannes Boss, Minna Fischgartl, David Wnendt, based on the satirical novel of the same name by Timur Vermes.
"It's you. You're him."
"I never claimed to be anything else."
"Even Poland still exists!"
"You have to learn from the past. Something like that should never be repeated."
"It won't be repeated. This time we're going to do this right."
"I can work with this."

Adolf Hitler[edit]

  • People in a creative crisis come up with odd suggestions. Sawatski wanted to film "The Fuehrer at the Bank," or "The Fuehrer by the Sea", with me in a bathing suit! Goebbels would've turned in his grave.
  • I can work with this.
  • Even Poland still exists!


Adolf Hitler: Do I look like a criminal?
Kioskbesitzer: You look like Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler: Exactly.

Random Man: You have to learn from the past. Something like that should never be repeated.
Adolf Hitler: It won't be repeated. This time we're going to do this right.

Fabian Sawatski: Sawatski, Fabian.
Adolf Hitler: Hitler, Adolf. Grossdeutsches Reich.
Sawatski: Your manager said you have a program?
Hitler: Of course I have a program.
Sawatski: Then say something like "Since 5:45 we are returning fire!" Like that?
Hitler: If you are quoting my speech, then you must know how it continues.
Sawatski: There's more? I'm listening.
Hitler: "From now on, we shall repay bomb for bomb." What do you know about Poland?
Sawatski: Poland? Uh, the capital is Warsaw...
Hitler: Just facts from a book. A paper moth can digest that. How about real knowledge? You have 1.4 million men and only 30 days to take the whole country.
Sawatski: Why only 30 days?
Hitler: Where do you attack? And how do you keep the Romanians quiet?
Sawatski: The Romanians?
Hitler: Oh, pardon me. Who cares about the Romanians? General Sawatski, he does not look left, he does not look right, he just starts marching, that General Sawatski. Poland is an easy foe. But what's this? Suddenly our army has lots of small holes in its back. And out of those holes flows and oozes the blood of German heroes. Has our General perhaps forgotten about the Polish-Romanian alliance? You, Sawatski, could not find the way to Poland for any army in the world! You could not even find your way into your own uniform! I, on the other hand, know at all times where my uniform is! It's at the cleaner's!

Sawatski: So what's your real name?
Hitler: Adolf Hitler! Like I told you!
Sawatski: Really?
Hitler: Yes, really.
Sawatski: What a coincidence.
Hitler: Oh, please. You have a name too. I don't say, "Oh, what a coincidence!"
Sawatski: And you look like him. The mustache, the hair, your language. It's exactly the same.
Hitler: And do you look much different than your name?

Ulf Birne: Ulf Birne, Federal Chairman of the National Democratic Party.
Hitler: Please. We have to talk.
Birne: It's my pleasure.
Hitler: So you represent the national cause?
Birne: Well... you haven't been around a while.
Hitler: I have to manage my time. The question is, what have you achieved up till now?
Birne: Our comrades-
Hitler: You share trenches with comrades. Except for me, however, that applies to nobody here.
Birne: Okay. We National Democrats...
Hitler: National Democrats. National Democracy! What is that supposed to be?! National Socialism requires a concept of democracy that is not suited for a name! How stupid can you be?! Have you read my book?
Birne: It's hard to get in Germany.
Hitler: [Contemptuously] Is that your excuse for having read it? Or for not having read it? Or for not having quite understood it?
Birne: [Visibly uncomfortable] Well, this is... can we turn off the camera?
Hitler: NO! You have wasted enough time. Each of your words throws the movement back by decades. [Throws a pamphlet at Birne] What about race?
Birne: Germany for the Germans?
Hitler: Who else would it be for? The Poles? [Standing up to leave] This is your best available man? [No one answers] Then best of luck, gentlemen.

Hitler: I was wondering when you would show up.
Sawatski: It's you. You're him.
Hitler: I never claimed to be anything else. History repeats itself. I guess it's my fate to have to part with my dearest companions.
Sawatski: That way. Yes, history repeats itself. You're fooling people with your propaganda.
Hitler: Oh, Sawatski. You don't understand. In 1933, people were not fooled by propaganda. They elected a leader, one who openly disclosed his plans with great clarity. The Germans elected me.
[At gunpoint, Hitler takes the elevator to the top of the building and walks out on the rooftop, standing close to the edge.]
Sawatski: You're a monster.
Hitler: Am I? Then you have to condemn those who elected this monster. Were they all monsters? No. They were ordinary people, who chose to elect an extraordinary man, and entrust the fate of the country to him. What do you want to do, Sawatski? Ban elections?
Sawatski: No. But I'm going to stop you.
Hitler: Have you never asked yourself... why people follow me? Because at their core, they are just like me. They have the same values. And that's why you won't shoot.
[Sawatski shoots, and Hitler falls backward off the rooftop. Sawatski looks over the edge and sees no body.]
Hitler: You can't get rid of me. I'm a part of you. A part of all of you. And look; it wasn't all bad.


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