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Look Who's Talking Now is the third and final installment in the film series that began with Look Who's Talking in 1989. Released in 1993, it introduces the newly extended family members to the film.

James Ubriacco[edit]

  • Look, they're gonna know my wife put me in this suit. It's the color of poo.

Mollie Ubriacco[edit]

  • When he gets nervous, he gets completely honest. That is a major business liability.


Mikey Ubriacco: Stop brushing her, Julie. She already looks like a Q-tip.
Julie Ubriacco: Your dog smells like a diaper.
Mikey Ubriacco: Does not!
Julie Ubriacco: Diaper dog! Diaper dog!
Mikey Ubriacco: Q-tip head dog.
Julie Ubriacco: Stinky dog!
Mikey Ubriacco: Bald-butted dog.

Mikey Ubriacco: I don't wanna brush my teeth. I brushed them last Saturday!
James: I know, but you're gonna have plants growing out of your mouth.

Rocks: Ma, hey, Ma! Check it out! I got these things on my face to open. I can see! I can see... wrinkly butts. Yuck!
Rocks' Mother: Oh, they're not mine. They're your brothers' and sisters'.
Rocks: Good. That makes me the cute one.

Mollie: Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, and she moved to Queens. The end.
Julie Ubriacco: That's not a story!
Mollie: It is tonight. Good night.

Mollie: James.
James: What?
Mollie: Don't tell jokes.
James: I'm funny!
Mollie: You *are* funny, honey, in sort of a...
James: Corny.
Mollie: Corny, kind of funny.

Mollie: Most little girls are obsessed with ponies and mermaids, not big sweaty men making jump shots. Should we be worried? Mike!
James: Well, it's the Suns, honey. If it were the Mavericks, I'd be worried.

Mikey Ubriacco: We need a dog. 'Cause like those guys who come to our door to sell stuff, he could chew their legs off.

James: Mike, what do you think of this suit?
Mikey Ubriacco: You look like my principal.
James: See? Even he thinks it's stupid.
Mollie: *He* is not offering you a dental plan.

James: Honey, this isn't me. I wanna be myself.
Mollie: Okay, you're not gonna get this job if you're yourself.

[Daphne and Rocks are starting at each other]

Julie Ubriacco: Look! They like each other!
James: [to Mollie] See, honey, they like each other.
Daphne: Mongrel.
Rocks: Bitch.

Mollie: [opening pay envelope] Pink! Mine's pink today... how festive! [reads paper, faints]

Mollie: No, I'm a Vulcan. What a death grip?

[Mollie is calling Mr. Conti to locate her husband and Samantha through a noisy office party]

Mr. Conti's Secretary: Mr. Conti's office? WHAT cabin? I'm sorry, there must be some mistake. Mr. Conti is in the Bahamas with his family-EEEEEEEE. [gets prodded in a ticklish area by a playful workmate, laughs zealously]

[Mollie is confronting a wolf]

Julie Ubriacco: [from the car] Mommy found another doggie!

Mikey Ubriacco: [after he and James have brought Rocks home and have seen Daphne for the first time] I like Rocks better...
James: [putting his hand over Mikey's mouth] A dog! A dog! Finally a dog! We'll play with your Rocks later.
Mikey Ubriacco: [muffled] Okay, no problem.
Mollie: As I was just telling Samantha, there's no way we'd take her precious baby away.

[as Samantha leaves room, she grabs James and gives him a suspicious look]

James: [citing the "dog school" Daphne attended] Radcliffe, honey, Radcliffe! [walks away]

Mollie: [dressed up like an elf] I need to get these shoes off, my toes are curling.

Daphne: What's your name?
Rocks: They call me No.
Daphne: Silly, that's not your name. That's what they say when you're bad. There must be something else, what're they always calling you?
Rocks: Well, there is that rocks thing.
Daphne: Rocks, that's it!

Mollie: [on the phone] Oh, yeah? Well, Merry Christmas, you bimbo!

Mollie: You want to open another one of your presents?
Mikey Ubriacco: It's probably just more stupid clothes.
Mollie: Well, you know that? If it weren't for them, you'd be freezing your little tushie off right now.
Julie Ubriacco: Yeah!

Daphne: I hate this haircut, my butt is freezing!
Rocks: Ha, ha, cute butt.

Dogs: That's your last meal, amigo. Then it's a big nap for you.

[Rocks and Daphne are staring at each other]

Julie Ubriacco: Look, they like each other.
Daphne: Mongrel.
Rocks: Bitch.
James: [to Mollie] See, honey. They like each other.



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