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Lost & Found is a 1999 American comedy film starring David Spade and Sophie Marceau and directed by Jeff Pollack.


Dylan: Never date a woman who pays her rent in singles.

Dylan: I'll need it by tomorrow.
Jeweller: That will cost extra.
Dylan: And isn't it great how that works out for you? Because it really could have gone either way.

Dylan: [Ubermann hangs up the phone] Never have I said anyone kiss ass like that.

Lila: You know what they say about cello players? They like to do it in a chair with their legs spead wide.
Dylan: Ma'am, we have a dog in our presence!

Dylan: I know I'm no Neil Diamond. But happy birthday, anyway.

Dylan: Remember what I said about conquering your fears up here? I was wrong. This place would scare me shitless! Look at all those seats!

Dylan: I found him down by the pier.
Lila: Oh, you bad dog! I should spank you.
Dylan: Ooh. Hey, I was down by the pier too.

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