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Lost Girl is a Canadian supernatural crime drama television series that premiered on Showcase on September 12, 2010. The series was created by Michelle Lovretta and is produced by Jay Firestone and Prodigy Pictures Inc., with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund (Canada Media Fund), and in association with Shaw Media. It follows the life of a bisexual succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk, as she learns to control her supernatural abilities, help those in need, and discover the truth about her origins.

Season 1[edit]

It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World [1.01][edit]

Bo: Would've dropped you home, but none of these wallets appear to be yours. Nice little sideline you got goin'.
Kenzi: I'm a...collector of...rare wallets.

Kenzi: Screw it, I gotta know. Some things are too stupid to say out loud, so...(she writes 'I am an alien' and 'I am a demon', with tickboxes, on a paper towel. Bo chuckles)

Kenzi: Learn to enjoy your shit already, you can frickin' control people by touch, and not in a creepy hand job way. That is awesome!

Bo: What the hell were those freaks that I just met?
Lauren: They're Fae. An evolutionary branch that predates on humans.
Bo: So am I Fae?
Lauren: Yes. Well... that's your genus, not your species.
Bo: And for those of us who flunked biology?
Lauren: I meant... Fae is a general classification. There are many different types.
Bo: So what type are you?
Lauren: The insatiably curious human doctor type. I'm in it for the science.
Bo: Oh, kinky. Now for the million-dollar question. What kind of Fae am I?

Bo: [after kissing Dyson] Oh. Wow! Did you- Did you feel that? That was like- That was like the 4th of July in my mouth!

Dyson: They're gonna underestimate you; use that to your advantage.
Bo (with more respect than earlier): I misjudged you. You got any other advice?
Dyson (tersely): Don't get dead.
Bo: And you're back to being an asshole. Nice.

Kenzi: I'm not crazy, right? That all just happened?
Bo: Yep. And now we know- Anyone can be Fae.
Kenzi: My bet's on wiener dude. So... what now?
Bo: We go home and we figure out the rest tomorrow.
Kenzi: "We," huh?
Bo: I gotta figure out some way to make a living while I'm here, and you're the one who thought we'd be a good team, so yeah, "we."
Kenzi: Cool. Just so we're clear about this partnership, you being you and all, uh, but I'm only into guys. Sorry.
Bo: I'll try to contain my disappointment.

Where There's a Will, There's a Fae [1.02][edit]

Bo: It's kind of tough growing up thinking you might have a shot at being prom queen, and then to find out that you're part of some ageless secret race that feeds on humans.
Kenzi: I hate it when that happens.

Kenzi: Easy! God! Not everyone here is a nookie-powered Amazon!

Hale: Saturday night I’m out with Katia, the girl I was telling you about?
Dyson: Remind me. Human or Fae?
Hale: This girl is all Fae. Okay? So after dinner, we’re back at her place, having a drink, listening to some music, one thing kind of leads to another...
Dyson: Amazing how that happens, huh?
Hale: Yeah, so we’re kissing right? She’s running her hands through my hair, unbuttoning my shirt, stroking my man chest.
Dyson: Stop it.
Hale’: Only suddenly, there are a few too many hands. Yeah. I open my eyes… two of her, man. Yeah.
Dyson: A gemini?
Hale: Yes, both of them drop-dead gorgeous, both of them wanting it bad.
Dyson: Just the way you are qualified to deliver, my friend.
Hale: Dude… I have sung my way into a lot of women’s pants over the years but I promise you, this was the most profound night of my life, man.

Oh Kappa, My Kappa [1.03][edit]

Dyson: [Bo wakes up to see if Dyson is alive] It’s rude to stare, you know.
Bo: I’m sorry. This is just so incredibly weird for me. You have no idea.
Dyson: Why weird?
Bo: Because, you’re the first person I’ve ever woken up next to that… Isn’t dead.
Dyson: Well, if it’s any consolation, I can now officially say, they died with a smile on their face.

Bo: What?!
Kenzi: Looks like somebody had an overnight guest, hmm? A gentleman caller, if you will.
Bo: Will you just relax? You know he was just here to heal me.
Kenzi: [laughs] Apparently he healed you all night long.
Bo: Can you just try to grow up for a second here, okay, and not make such a big deal out of this?
Kenzi: Totally. But if I was gonna make a big deal, like, how big are we talkin’? Just ballpark me. What?! He’s Fae. I’m just asking for science.

Bo: So no shopping, no texting, no talking in 48 hours.
Kenzi: Which makes her either dead or over 40.

Bo: Going undercover at Gina's school. (Kenzi squeaks in delight) Dyson got me in as campus security.
Kenzi: Ooh! Me, too?
Bo (carefully): Sort of. (Kenzi takes a pink top out of the bag)
Kenzi: Wait, what kind of security guard wears pink? (Bo almost smiles. Kenzi suddenly gets it. Shocked horror whisper) Oh, no!
Kenzi (dressed as a sorority girl): I hate you long time.

Bo: I'm gonna take a look around her office tonight, so wish me luck. And (knowingly) Kenzi...
Kenzi (as she's zipping up a boot which isn't hers): Uh-huh?
Bo: Stop stealing shit.
Kenzi: Now that just plain hurts.

Faetal Attraction [1.04][edit]

Kenzi: Why do you look like you're not at all sharing this monster hangover?
Bo (chipper): What can I say? For me, sexual healing is a literal thing.
Kenzi: I hate you.

Dead Lucky [1.05][edit]

Bo: I hope the neighbours don't call the cops.
Dyson: I am the cops.
Bo: Oh, well, thank you for responding to my emergency, officer.

Kenzi: Dude, I can’t believe I backed you with Bo. You made me look like a total tool. And the worst part is, you treated her like shit, but somehow, you’re forgiven. That is why I’m no longer on team Dyson.

Hale: That's your third energy drink, and you still look like shit.
Dyson: Hale, she is relentless. This is the first break I've had all week.
Hale: I'm gonna do you a favor and give Bo my digits, and I'll cover your shift. Huh?
Dyson: I can manage, brother. Thanks, though.
Hale: Clearly. So listen, what's it like with a succubus? Tell me.
Dyson: You remember Daphne?
Hale: The nymph?
Dyson: Uh-huh.
Hale: Hourly. Yes!
Dyson: Well, I lost her number, and I don't even care.
Hale: Damn!

Dyson: What is this, a blind date gone bad, huh?
Kenzi: Yeah, that's right. Mock the human, 'cause that's not getting old. None of you take me seriously, okay, except Bo, and I want to keep it that way.
Dyson: Then I won't mention this little debacle.
Kenzi: All right. Then I won't tell her how much it hurts you every time you two are together. Yeah, I noticed. But we both know it's worth it.
Dyson: What, are you back on team Dyson?
Kenzi: You wish.
Dyson: Come on, we're gettin' T-shirts!

Food for Thought [1.06][edit]

Kenzi: I'm always putting my foot in my mouth, but at least I know it's MY foot!

Guard: You aren't cleared to be here, ma'am.
Bo: Oh, I know, but I just love a man in uniform.
Guard: Honey, that makes two of us.

Kenzi: [in Trick's cellar] Did I just wake up in Narnia? Or is that the fever talking?

Kenzi: I'm frickin' freezing, dude. Can you, like, wolf out and lie on my feet?
Dyson: Maybe later.

ArachnoFaebia [1.07][edit]

Bo: [after bickering about how messy their house is] This is our first fight- our first real fight.
Kenzi: Mazel Tov?
Bo: It's like we're real-life sisters. [she hugs Kenzi]
Kenzi: For walking viagra, you're such a nerd.

Hale: Hi, nana, nice babushka. You runnin' some new gypsy con?
Kenzi: I'm an innocent entrepeneur...(Hale laughs sceptically)...who will cut you in at 5%.
Hale: As you were. (They high-five)

Kenzi: So, did you pick a lovah, or did Dr. Freeze and Canine Crotch fight to death?

Kenzi: Don't give up yet - his eyes say no, but his inner wolf says awoooo, yes! And Lauren?
Bo: She's human, I could kill her.
Kenzi: Thought she fixed your hungry honeypot?
Bo: Be a hell of a test run, with someone that I care about.
Kenzi: Poor Bo - so many choices, just one vag.

Kenzi: "A natural source of minerals and vitamins". So no Vicodin.

Kenzi: [hearing whispering] Do you hear that?
Bo: What?
Kenzi: I don't know. It sounds like- like whispering kids or giggling elves. Did you bring home elves last night? I'm not judging, I just want to know...

Bo: Oh, that is a lot of web for a wee little spider.
Kenzi: 'Wee'?! You could put a saddle on that thing!

Trick: 'He who lies in the mud rises dirty'.
Lauren: Less Gaelic wisdom, more looking for makeshift surgical tools.

Vexed [1.08][edit]

Kenzi: Smells like fried bitch!

The Ash: Child, you mean well. But you toy with elements you don't understand.
Bo: So do you.

Bo: So I have to be owned to be free?
Dyson: No, just to stay breathing.
Bo: Well, I don't accept that. Maybe you just never tried hard enough for something more.
Dyson: I've tried. (pause) You can stay with me tonight. You need more healing than Lauren's little needles can give you.
Bo: I needed your help tonight - not your pity.

Bo: Sorry to keep bugging you with all these questions; it's just there's so many different types of Fae. I wish there were some kind of book or something to keep track - (at this exact point, Trick puts a large, heavy book on a table with a considerable thump) I also want a pony.

Bo (tearfully): Were you sent here?
Lauren: Let me explain -
Lauren: Yeah. Look, it's not what you think! Just -
Bo (savagely, pulling on her jacket): You have no idea what I think, and less about what I feel, or you could not have done this to me!
Lauren (despairingly): I - I'm sorry! Goddamn it, Bo, I'm trying to protect you! I haven't done anything wrong!
Bo: You are in my bed...because he told you to be. Everything...about that...is wrong!

Bo (bitter and scathing): Don't forget your dog collar. (She throws the necklace at Lauren)

Vex (merrily): Care for a drink?
Bo (in agony from the knife Vex has just made her stab herself with): You know, I think you're the first person I'm gonna enjoy killing!

Bo: You cut out Siegfried's heart, and you made a woman drown her own children!
Vex: Well, I never said I was perfect, did I?

Fae Day [1.09][edit]

Bo: Right now what I really need is a vacation.
Kenzi: Fae-cation!

Bo: Seems like a hell of a party.
Trick: No, it's not a party. It's La Shoshain.
Bo, Kenzi: La what now?
Trick: La Shoshain. It's the most sacred day of the year for Fae. I thought you should see it.
Kenzi: Seems like a party.
Trick: Well, it is that one time of the year where light and dark Fae can get up close and personal with each other, and some of them use it as an excuse to drink and- How can I put this delicately? Uh... fornicate across party lines.
Kenzi: So it is a party. I am really likin' this Fae Day.
Trick: It's not "Fae Day." It's-
Trick, Bo, Kenzi: La Shoshain.
Trick: Good. It's spiritual.
Kenzi: Sure thing, T-man. You got any Fae Day signature cocktails? 'Cause we're gonna take two.

Siobhan: This sucks! All I wanted was to play the gig, get paid, get wasted - get laid -!

Shawn: I can't believe I'm doing this!
Kenzi: You like the car?
Shawn: Very much, but it's breaking the law!
Kenzi: What are they gonna do, execute you?!

Bo: This is really cool: "During the First World War, French and German Fae soldiers put down their weapons and secretly celebrated La Shoshain together."
Dyson: Heartwarming, isn't it?

The Mourning After [1.10][edit]

Bo: Gimme the 6-inch.
Kenzi: Honey, if I could give you the 6-inch, all our problems would be solved.

Kenzi: Hit me with some hooch, T-Bag. T-Dawg? [cockney accent] Please, sir, may I have some beverage?
Trick: [take out a shot glass and bottle] Here. Help yourself. I'm busy.
Kenzi: [in a high-pitched voice] Oh, my God. It's like Christmas!

Kenzi: [undercover speed-dating] Oh, my favorite literary quote about regret. Wow [chuckles] Fun. Um, well, I think it was the great poet, uh, Ludacris who said, "Regret is for suckaz, for suckaz, for suckaz, regret is for suckaz...bitch."

Faetal Justice [1.11][edit]

Kenzi: So what now?
Bo: All we have to do is find a girl dressed in black in the middle of a goth club.
Kenzi: Oh. Rapid calculation... that is about everybody, including me, in a "pigeonhole me and die" sort of way.

Trick: Sorry, bar's closed right now.
The Morrigan: Think of me as a VIP. I do.

(Dis)members Only [1.12][edit]

Bo: Aw, hang on one second, you've been so busy at work that we've barely seen each other, and now you're gonna spend the weekend alone in the woods? We could go away together. (She realises what she sounds like) Oh my God, is that too relationshippy?
Dyson (amused): Just enough.

Kenzi: [about Bo and Dyson] I can never tell with those two if they're on or off.
Hale: I put money on them fighting again in two weeks and back to square one. [they look at each other can take out their cells]
Kenzi: I pick the 14th for them hittin' the skids. Closest one to the date wins 20 bucks.
Hale: In the event of a tie... we go down to the hour and the minute. [they shake]

Kenzi: Off till my late shift. Oh, God. Public transit sucks tail.
Dyson: [in an accent] Senorita... the servants' entrance is in the rear.
Kenzi: Yeah, bite my rear, dog breath, okay? [Dyson chuckles] I just had to stand on the subway for 45 minutes while a woman clipped her nails in my face and a guy was poking what I can only hope to be a baguette into my back, okay?

Dyson: I don't want to share you, Bo.
Bo: What?
Dyson: I don't want anyone else's hands on your body. I don't want anyone's mouth on yours. And I know this is the last thing you want to hear right now.
Bo: Why wouldn't I want to hear that?
Dyson: Because you're a succubus, Bo. It's not in your nature to be monogamous.
Bo: I am fighting my nature for you, and I am more than just my species, and I don't see you out there running around howling at the moon and chasing rabbit all day.
Dyson: That's a good point.
Bo: I know.
Dyson: Look, I've been through more relationships than you, and I know that lying about who you are and trying to change the person that you care about never ends well. I can be intense, I can be territorial, and God knows I can be muleheaded. But I'm also yours... if you'll have me.
Bo: Dyson, you are an idiot. You've been mine for a very long time.
Dyson: Well, you better be careful, 'cause wolves mate for life.

Blood Lines [1.13][edit]

Dyson: God...the last thing I remember is -
Bo: Saskia riding you like a theme park attraction while draining your chi to death?

Dyson: Bo isn't returning my calls.
Kenzi: Oh, gee. Wonder why, genius.
Dyson: You have to make her listen to me!
Kenzi: You know what, man? I don't even want to listen to you, okay? Liar, liar, wolf-pants on fire! Damn it, man, we trusted you! I trusted you.
Dyson: And you weren't wrong to.
Kenzi: Bull and shit, buddy. You've been spying on her this whole time.
Dyson: Kenzi, you know I only want what's best for her.
Kenzi: Well, not anymore I don't, okay? Why would the - why the hell would I ever trust you around Bo again, huh?
Dyson: Because I love her.

Bo: So what do I call you, anyway, huh? Saskia? (pointedly) Aife?
Aife: "Mom" has a nice ring to it.
Bo: I have a mom. Her name is Mary. She knits wicked afghans, helped me with all of my homework, and never once abandoned me to figure out my true nature all by myself.
Aife: I could knit, you don't know!

Kenzi: Whoa, man. Where are you going? What's with the body armor?
Hale: All hell is breaking loose. I gotta lead this evac, get these important people underground.
Kenzi: Well, you are reasonably important yourself, so don't get too heroic on me, okay?
Hale: Nah. I'll play it just like you, all right? General cowardice with moments of crazy bravery.

Kenzi (finding the Koushang): Ooh, jack and pot, bitches. Hey, this Koushang thingamaFae looks a lot like this, right?
Bo: That's it.
Kenzi: How do we know it works?
Bo: Up for a test run? Lock lips and see if I can drain your chi?
Kenzi: Dude, seriously? Did you make this whole thing up just to make out with me?!
Bo (laughing): Yeah, you caught me. Now hold still, lovah...(as they kiss, there's a metallic clinking sound. Bo tries and fails to draw Kenzi's chi and backs away, coughing)
Kenzi: Ooh, you just got succu-busted! Not so tough now, little succubus, huh?
Bo (taking the Koushang): Kenzi, I love you...(at this point Kenzi discovers she's now handcuffed to the display rack)...which is why I can't let you risk yourself for me.

Bo: I came to officially ask you to stop your attacks. If you come with me, I will plead with the Light Fae to go easy on you.
Aife (snorting and bursting into laughter): Oh, you're adorable! (Bo, finally seeing Aife's beyond reason, draws her machete) Ooh, and armed! That's my girl!

Season 2[edit]

Something Wicked This Fae Comes [2.01][edit]

Hale: Didn't we tell you to stay in the car?
Kenzi: Cars are the basements of horror movie cliches.

Bo: What are you drinking?
Kenzi: Um- I don't know. Maybe something sweet. Like an apology from Dyson for being la merde-face since he got back.
Bo: Thank you! He's being a total ass, right? Guy disappears for three weeks and leave you hanging, usually, the girl gets to be the pissy one, yes?
Kenzi: That is how I have come to understand things from my education in romantic comedies, yes. Also- Girls with glasses are way smart, and being clutzy is adorable.

Lauren: Mmmm...why are carbs so damn tasty? Actually, I know why. It's an interesting fact: they increase the body's insulin, which clears competing amino acids and a path of serotonin to the brain -
Bo (mildly, amused): Lauren.
Lauren (wryly): Right. Less geeking, more eating. (Bo smiles fondly)

Kenzi: Dude, what's been up with you lately? That time of the wolf-month?
Dyson: Missed you, too, Kenzi. [Kenzi leaves]
Hale: She's got a point. You seem a little off your game since you came back. Something I should know?
Dyson: Not really.
Hale:Come on man it's lame you leaving me out like this!
Dyson:Okay- You know the old story of King Leopold? The tribute he made as a sacrifice to the Norns?
Hale: Yeah.
Dyson: Well, I asked a Norn for help when Bo went to face her mother.
Hale: So? [Dyson gives him a look] Aw... man... Alright, bold move. But, you just run off after? What's up with that?
Dyson: I was in shock, okay? Denial- Whatever you want. Wolves like to heal in private.

Bo: Before you left I asked you not to interfere in my fight with Aife. But that night, I swear I could feel you with me. And it made all the difference. Thank you.
Dyson: I asked a Norn to give you my strength against your mother. But, you should know: It came with a price.
Bo: Well, tell me. Whatever it is- We can handle it.
Dyson: Norns take in payment what you value most. I didn't know what it was at the time. I offered her my wolf-
Bo: Dyson!
Dyson: That's not what she took.
Bo: Well- What did she take?
Dyson: Us.
Bo: You're not even making any sense. How can someone take "us"?
Dyson: By making it impossible for me to feel anything for you. Ever.
Bo: Well, that's ridiculous. And- Anyway, at the rave, tonight, that kiss, it was-
Dyson: Our last! I'm sorry, Bo. That's not how I wanted it, but I had to know. Now I do. I'm sorry.

I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won) [2.02][edit]

Bo: Speaking of not home: would you give me some space on Saturday night? Dyson agreed to come over and talk.
Kenzi: Ahh. Gotcha. Operation “Woo” begins. And what is your plan of attack?
Bo: Cleavage. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten.
Kenzi: Honey, that’s farther than some of us ever get.

Girl at gala: Wearing the blue-- Baronet William Haley Francois Santiago: Clan Zamora.
Bo: Haley?
Hale: One more word, just one more, and I’ll sing you to sleep and leave you in a corner.

Scream a Little Dream [2.03][edit]

Bo: [hearing Kenzi scream] Are you okay? What's wrong?
Kenzi: [throwing the broom] Cruddy broom totally bit me!
Bo: Really? The big talker who survived basilisk poisoning gets TKO'd by a broom?
Kenzi: Oh, like you've never been suckered by a big shaft of wood.
Bo: Hey!
Kenzi: I'm sorry, okay, but you're freaking me out! We should be out there dusting bad guys, not actually dusting!
Bo: I'm just trying to scrub away- The wolf who shall not be named.
Kenzi: Bo...you're binge cleaning.
Bo: Spring cleaning of the heart starts with spring cleaning of the hearth.

Kenzi: Look- Bo deserves una casa that has that fresh from the dentist feeling. But I am not genetically programmed for housework. And she doesn't earn enough moolah to get me the squadron of maids I deserve!
Trick: Well, if you want some spending money, I'll hire you on for some shifts.
Kenzi: Work for a living? Do I look like a chump?
Trick: Do I?
Kenzi: If I say yes, do I still get that beer?

Mumphert: I'm Mumphert.
Kenzi: I got a shot for that in kindergarten. Keep walkin', pal.
Mumphert: I'm a Brownie. I clean houses.
Kenzi: Before you... devour the inhabitants?
Mumphert: I try to stay out of the way. Mostly I work at night. So quiet. You won't even know I'm there. And I do it for free.
Kenzi: [quietly] Mumphey! Have a seat! [walks over to Trick and whispers] Brownies: perfectly harmless or lock-up-your-honeys?
Trick: They eat honey, not honeys. In fact, they like it in their porridge.
Kenzi: What else do they like in their porridge, huh? Nuggets of girl-brain?
Trick: No.
Kenzi: A drizzle of virgin blood?
Trick: No.
Kenzi: Eyeball dumplings?
Trick: All they eat is cereal and honey.
Kenzi: Okay, so what you're saying is, he is Trick-certified safe to take home?
Trick: Absolutely.

Kenzi: [Mumphert gives Bo hot-chocolate] Guess what I brought home!
Bo: Um, confusion and chocolate-dispensing terror?

Mirror, Mirror [2.04][edit]

Kenzi: Flaming tequila, crumbly old book? Not a good combo, drunky.
Bo: [chuckles] I am not drunk, I'm coping. And Trick is gonna kill you for swiping that.
Kenzi: Oh no, what is he gonna do? Revoke my Fae library privileges?

Kenzi: [looking through Trick's book] Here's one: the Festering Hex. We cast this on Dyson we can make it fall off.
Bo: [raises her shot glass] To his wang! May it rest in peace.
Kenzi: Yeah, we hit him with the old Bob Barker special then hit his waitress with- A bad case of "Toadstool-itis."
Bo: [laughs] That can't be a real thing.
Kenzi: It is, and it might be tricky. How much Eye of Newt would you say we're packing?
Bo: No! Besides, it's not the waitress' fault! I mean, Hale is right. Dyson can be mighty convincing.
Kenzi: Yeah, but with the right spell, he can be completely neutered.
Bo: Yeah! [they clink shot glasses] Right there!
Kenzi: Know what we should do?
Bo: What?
Kenzi: We should invoke Baba Yaga.
Bo: Baba-what-now?
Kenzi: [whispers] Baba Yaga. Every young Russian devotchka is taught to fear the old witch who lives deep in the lost woods, in a cottage made of bones.
Bo: Sounds kind of drafty.
Kenzi: The bones of young girls who don't do what they're told.
Bo: Oh my- You are scared of this Baba Gaga.
Kenzi: Baba YAGA, and yeah, she's horrible! Horrible- But, you know, occasionally she'll help chicks get revenge on a dude who's wronged them! [points at herself and Bo] Uhh?
Bo: Okay, I'm listening-
Kenzi: Okay, you get a mirror, you say her name three times, you tell her the name of the dude you want cursed-
Bo: Bye bye wolf junk?
Kenzi: Perhaps we're concentrating too much on Dyson's genital region.
Bo: No, no- We can't curse Dyson! I mean, he sacrificed his love for me to save my life. i mean, deep down, we know he's all noble.

Bo: What did we get up to last night?
Kenzi (badly hungover): This is what happens when you buy 'wine' from the bargain bin.

Kenzi: When I found out about the Fae I knew that had to mean that Sasquatch and the Lochness Monster and Little Miss Piggy all existed but Baba Yaga can't, okay? She can't!

Dyson: You know, I understand you hate me right now, but you put a curse on me?! What are you?! Fourteen?!
Bo: Again, it wasn't me! It was Baba Yaga via Kenzi!
Dyson: Who does whatever she thinks you want her to do!
Kenzi and Hale: Hey! Not fair, man!

Bo: Dyson, this THING took Kenzi! Stupid, stubborn, HUMAN Kenzi! And if you don't help me get her back, I'm gonna make this curse look like a teddy bear's picnic!
Dyson: Of course I'm gonna help. I'm still me.
Bo: Yeah? Sometimes I wonder.

Brotherfae of the Wolves [2.05][edit]

Dyson: [Bo and Kenzi walk behind him] What?!
Kenzi: Goosebump alert! How did you know we were gonna ask you something?
Bo: Yeah, we didn't say a word.
Dyson: Yeah, you two never shut up. So either you're scheming or it's my lucky day. Thing is, I'm not that lucky.

Dyson: What am I? A German Shepherd?
Kenzi: Oh my God-Guys, this just in! You're a policeman who's also his own police dog! [Bo laughs] How did I not see this before?!

Cayden: Me an' the boys made some cash. Spent most of it on booze and women...(wry grin)...the rest we wasted.

Kenzi: It is a riddle cloaked in a mystery wrapped in layers of hot, hot manliness.

Kenzi: Wait, there's a Fae black market? Somebody had GOT to get me a Cherry Coke! [Cayden looks at her] What? They're like really hard to find.

It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away [2.06][edit]

Hale: [watching Kenzi pour syrup on her pancakes] You want some pancakes with your syrup?
Kenzi: One more word. One more word and I'm having Siren with my syrup.
Hale: You're getting nasty in your old age.
Bo: She fell into the bottom of two bottles of wine last night.
Hale: Here- Check this out. [takes Kenzi's hands and whistles]
Kenzi: Oh... my- [takes off her sunglasses] Oh my God, my headache is gone. How did you do that?
Hale: I got skills.
Kenzi: Will you marry me?
Hale: Nah, you drink too much.

Fae Gone Wild [2.07][edit]

Death Didn't Become Him [2.08][edit]

Kenzi:Why do I have to touch it!?! Eww, eww, eww...(she opens up Hale's shirt and stares in awe as he's amazingly hot/gorgeous)
Hale: Can I help you?!
Kenzi:Huh? Oh,ummm, nothing, I'm just, uhh, sizing you up to see if I have anything that would fit you.
Hale: Uh-huh.

Kenzi (with Tori lying on the floor): I killed the Glaive's daughter - I KILLED - the Glaive's daughter!
Hale: Dyson trusted me, he depended on me - this poor girl -
Kenzi: Who doesn't drink coffee? I mean, it's just - it's just coffee! You have it with breakfast, or when you're sitting in a cafe pretending to write a novel - it's not a drink! It's a hug!
Hale: She was in my care -
Kenzi: I'm gonna be Fae food - oh my God, they're gonna lock me up with a crazy beast and watch as he eats me for breakfast! Maybe with a coffee! (She slaps Hale)
Hale: What'd you hit me for?!
Kenzi: Why didn't you tell me she couldn't drink coffee?!

Original Skin [2.09][edit]

Woods: So, you’re friends?
Kenzi: Yeah-
Hale: Kind of-
Kenzi: Kind of?
Hale: Mmm, it’s complicated. I’m an all-powerful siren, you’re a lightweight.
Kenzi: I’m wicked, you’re a wang.
Hale: I’m playing it cool. I don’t want the bounty hunter to know about us.
Kenzi: About us what?
Hale: About us anything. [later] Fine! Fine, we’re friends! Ok? Friends, BFF’s! Pinky swears, borrow each other’s bras--[Desperately]Can we go now?

Trick (discussing the Nain Rouge): What did you see?
Bo: Some damned effective birth control.

Kenzi [in Dyson's body]: [pours a shot of vodka] Come to mama! [takes the shot] Whoo- Five shots and I am feeling fine! Woo! Lordy, lordy, this body can drink! [Dyson in her body walks by] Hi, me!

Kenzi [in Dyson's body]: [seeing Dyson leave] Oh, whoa, whoa- Dude! Booby trap!
Dyson [in Kenzi's body]: It won't leave a scratch. Promise.
Kenzi [in Dyson's body]: [grabs her jacket] It's chilly out there. [gives it to Dyson] I'm allergic to peanuts. And my hair does this crazy thing when I get out in the rain-
Dyson [in Kenzi's body]: Kenzi, I'll take care of your body. [walks away] Every powerless human inch of you.

Dyson: You are weak, pathetic and you need glasses.
Kenzi: [laughs] Oh, wow. That’s kinda mean.
Dyson: It’s a miracle you survived this long, Kenz. You just might be the strongest person I have ever met. [they hug]
Kenzi: You know, I learned a few things about you, too. Being inside you felt very empty. [puts her hand on his chest] You’re missing something huge in here, aren’t you? [Dyson puts his finger to her mouth]

Raging Fae [2.10][edit]

Can't See The Fae-Rest [2.11][edit]

Hale: The parties are insane, ladies. One word: hot-tubs.
Kenzi: That's two words, dinkus.
Hale: Okay, okay, okay- Hot tubs filled with Cristal.
Bo: Ooh, those are five really good words.

Masks [2.12][edit]

Barometz. Trick. Pressure [2.13][edit]

Midnight Lamp [2.14][edit]

Dyson: You said you were taking my love of Bo. You overreached, you took my love of Ciara as well.
Norn: I took exactly what I said, no more, no less.
Dyson: Speak plainly, crone.
Norn: You know well that when a wolf mates, he mates for life. When you gave your love to this woman, this Bo, you gave her all of it. Which you then sacrificed to me. You have no love left to give.

Dyson: I learned today that there’s something broken inside of me. Something that can’t be fixed.
Ciara: What happened?
Dyson: I went to see a Norn.
Ciara: I know about the Norn. I heard the rumors and I don’t blame you for Stephan’s death. I’m glad you didn’t deal with the Norn, no one ever should-
Dyson: I did deal with her! Just not then. It was recently. To save Bo’s life.
Ciara: What did she take?
Dyson: I offered her my wolf. But she took my love instead.
Ciara: No… No-
Dyson: I did what I had to do, I’m sorry.

Ryan: Have you ever been with one of us? Am I your first?
Bo: First what?
Ryan: You don’t know, do you?
Bo: What?
Ryan: I’m Dark Fae.
Bo: What?!
Ryan: I’m Dark Fae.
Bo: No! No, no- I mean, I assumed because you were working with the Ash that-
Ryan: I work with a lot of people that I shouldn’t. That;s why we’re good together. I’m like you. There are no rules.
Bo: Perfect, just perfect.
Ryan: I thought you were unaligned.

Table for Fae [2.15][edit]

Kenzi: Can I just say, your boyfriend is awesome! I'm like one jewelry case snap away from giggling like Julia Roberts.

School's Out [2.16][edit]

Bo: Whatever you need me to do.
Dyson: Go undercover? In high school.
Bo: Oh, no, except that. Oh, no, no, see I didn't do great with sixteen year old girls when I was sixteen.
Dyson: You think I'm gonna do any better?
Bo: Oh! Sad wolfy eyes? Huh? Chris Martin hair?
Dyson: Other girls could be in trouble.
Bo: Okay, fine, I'm in.
Dyson: Good, how are you at English lit?
Bo: Needs improvement.
Dyson: Well, that's what you're going to be teaching.
Bo: No, I cannot do Jane Austen again.
Dyson: That's what I said when I left England.

Bo: [both going undercover in high school] Okay, Kenzi, you sure you know what to do?
Kenzi: Unleash all this coolio onto the student population? [looks around] Oh, honey. They're gonna be printing my face onto t-shirts by lunch.

Mean girl: Is that ensemble trying to share some childhood trauma with the world? [she and her friends laugh]
Kenzi: Excuse me?
Mean girl: You heard me, bitch.
Kenzi: Oh, wow. We're already at bitch. Uh, well, it's very nice to meet you, Heather, Heather, and Heather.
Mean girl: What?
Kenzi: Cult film. Circa 1988.

Bo: What happened?
Kenzi: The chic clique didn't appreciate my accessorization skills. Especially when I tried to pierce Heather number one's nose with a pen.
Bo: You're supposed to be fitting in.
Dyson: Hey- Did you guys get anything yet?
Bo: A lecture from the vice principal and twenty seven invitations to the dance. One delivered by soliloquy.
Kenzi: Oh, nice-
Bo: You?
Dyson: A fist bump. Kenz, you?
Kenzi: Well, I was attacked by rabid muffies, man-handled by coach bitchy butch and I got detention.
Bo: We are not getting very far, are we.
Kenzi: Teen angst- Our greatest foe.
Bo: You said it, sister.

The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire [2.17][edit]

Fae-nted Love [2.18][edit]

Truth and Consequences [2.19][edit]

Bo: [about the Glaive] How do I know she's dangerous enough to neutralize?
Kenzi: I have been thinking about it and I've come up with a fool-proof plan, ok? I'm gonna do surveillance on the Glaive for a few days, check out her habits, her route to work, and then for a measly hundred bucks, my cousin Dima and his capos are gonna-
Bo: Dima has capos?
Kenzi: He believes Don Corleone is his real father.
Bo: [laughs] He does know that Don Corleone is a fictional character, right?
Kenzi: I've never had the heart to tell him.

Lachlan's Gambit [2.20][edit]

Trick: Every single snake at the zoo has disappeared.
Bo: Maybe they're on a plane?

Kenzi: [to Hale] Dude, I told you, protect the face. It was the only thing you had going for you.

Kenzi: This place creeps me out!
Bo: It's not too late to turn back, Kenz.
Kenzi: Are you kidding me? I've been waiting all day to kill me a Berserker- [there's a loud noise] Ah! Too cute to die! [Ciara and Dyson look at her] What? It's true.

Bo: Don't you ever do that to me again.
Kenzi: I actually had to hide under one of the Ash's dead guards. And wait for the creepos to be insane somewhere else. And I have three letter for those guys, D-O-D'RANT!
Bo: I've really got to do this, don't I? This is on me, isn't it?
Kenzi: Yes, it is. But we have all got your back, Bo. From a very, very safe distance. [they both smile] Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Bo: You are not a liability, Kenz. You are just the thing I need.

Into the Dark [2.21][edit]

Norn: [Kenzi threatens to cut down the sacred tree] You, you wouldn't dare.
Kenzi: Oh, yes I would. I'm human, remember? We drive SUVs and we dump raw sewage into pretty lakes and we will burn this planet to the ground if it means just one more cheeseburger.

Flesh and Blood [2.22][edit]

Vex: Well, what's so important about finding Trick anyway? Yes, he lets you drink for free, but it's hardly worth you putting your lives, and more importantly my life on the line. [drinks from a bottle behind the bar]
Bo: Trick is the Architect of the Peace.
Vex: [he spits out the drink and laughs] You're trying to tell me that imp is the Blood King?! [Bo and Dyson look at him and he seriously places the bottle back] I never touched this.

Bo: The last time we went after the Garuda, he manipulated us into fighting with each other.
Kenzi: Dude was like a Fae Jerry Springer.

Season 3[edit]

Caged Fae [3.01][edit]

Hale: The Amazons won't listen to me.
Kenzi: Because of your stupid penis?
Hale: I prefer 'untested leadership'.

Traso: Name?
Kenzi: [Southern accent] Kenzi Von Clare. I'm Bo's honeybee, and I'm here for some sugar.
Traso: But... you're human!
Kenzi: Trust me: the shorter the lifespan, the deeper the quicksand!

SubterrFaenean [3.02][edit]

Confaegion [3.03][edit]

Kenzi: Can we just forget about your Fae-self for like a nanosecond, and talk about something that's really important?
Vex: Doubtful.
Kenzi: [whispers] Mascara.
Vex: [sits up] You have my attention.
Kenzi: Dude, your lashes are freakin' amazing!
Vex: Yeah... it's all in the brush technique. Wait- [grabs a bag] I picked up a few tips from Da Vinci.
Kenzi: As in The Code?
Vex: [chuckles] Oh, yeah, now there was a queen for ya. He was all over David's ass like curry on chips.
Kenzi: Can you help me with my clumping?
Vex: Oh, please...

Bo: O.M.G. You guys are so cute together. I wish I had a makeup buddy. I thought she could be my friend, and she doesn't even like me.
Kenzi: Who?
Bo: Tamsin! She is so mean girl, right? I mean, buy an actual personality already.
Vex: Did you happen to rifle through my duffel bag, and scarf down a couple of yellow pills with tigers on 'em?
Bo: I'm gonna talk to Dyson. And Bee-Tee-Dubs- It is tres private. [leaves]
Kenzi: Private? [in sing-song] Lauren's pelt is gonna be steamed!
Vex: What's it with you and the doc? I mean, besides her terrible bedside manner and the fact that she's a damn sight cleverer than you.
Kenzi: Not to mention sneaky! She spy-banged Bo.
Vex: Dyson's drop-kicked Bo's heart times over, and you still howl when he comes 'round.
Kenzi: I-! No! Listen, are you gonna teach me the double pump smudge-proof technique or not?
Vex: [sighs] I'm so proud of you.

Dyson: [affected by the bug] Hey, Tammers. T-sin. Officer Slamsin!
Tamsin: [playing pool] Okay...
Dyson: Are you playin' with yourself?
Tamsin: Did somebody spike your brewski?
Dyson: Dude- This one time? That totally happened. I got to be Kenzi. Nailed it.

Bo: [Trick turns of the music while she's dancing on the bar] Hey! Let me finish! Don't Kanye me!

Fae-de to Black [3.04][edit]

Kenzi: Dude, you are the leader if the Light Fae, hello? You need to start dressing like the leader of the Light Fae. Okay? This sports coat is waaaay caj. And the shoes, I can't even talk about the shoes. Obviously you need a stylist.
Hale: Uh huh. And I suppose you're just the fly-girl to do it, huh?
Kenzi: Why, Mr. Ash... I'd be delighted! I have so many ideas. I'm thinking like, silk ties and tailored suits. You know, your basic Ocean's Eleven special-
Hale: Ok, ok, ok, ok- Just don't go too crazy, huh? [hands her a credit card]
Kenzi: The Ash has his own black platinum?!
Hale: Honey, the black platinum ain't got nothing on that.
Kenzi: Thank you! You will not regret this. [Hale leaves] How do we feel about ascots...?

Faes Wide Shut [3.05][edit]

Kenzi: Is this gonna take long?
Lauren: Pardon?
Kenzi: The bed antics. It just keeps going, like a Grateful Dead jam...

The Kenzi Scale [3.06][edit]

Tamsin: What's so great about Kenzi, anyway?
Bo: She's, uh... She's Kenzi. She's smart and honest and kind. And she makes me feel normal. And special- all at the same time.
Tamsin: Oh.
Bo: She is my heart, Tamsin.

There's Bo Place Like Home [3.07][edit]

Fae-ge Against the Machine [3.08][edit]

Bo: Thanks, Balzac, I owe you one.
Balzac: [puts out his hand] Excellent.
Tamsin: [Bo takes it] No! Crap...
Bo: What?
Balzac: You said you owe me one, then you shook on it- softest hands, do you moisturize? But that favor? I'm really gonna have to call that in now. You must help me find that which I truly seek.
Bo: Once again- What?
Tamsin: You made a deal with a Spriggan. And it's binding.

The Ceremony [3.09][edit]

Bo: [after chasing a man] Hey- How you feeling?
Kenzi: [panting] Like Wile E. Coyote... You?
Bo: Yeah, he's fast... But Stella says I need him. Well, his sweat.
Kenzi: Right, right- At least we're not risking a heart attack for something gross.
Bo: He secretes pheromones I need to gain entrance into the Temple. He's an Oo'Glug. Didn't Trick tell you?
Kenzi: Me and Trick only talk sweat on Tuesdays. We gangsta like that. Anyway, not that I don't enjoy this rest- but doesn't the most important ceremony of your life start in like an hour?
Bo: Yeah, you're right. Break's over. [starts running after the man again]
Kenzi: No, I-! No, I take it back! We have plenty of time! Where's the ACME company when you need 'em?!

Kenzi: Back when I got that rash from the Kitsune and she Kenzi-napped me and yadda yadda yadda... She told me that I could be Fae.
Trick: Did she now?
Kenzi: Which- Isn't really true. Is it?
Trick: What did Stella say to you? You looked upset.
Kenzi: She told me what happens to humans who are abandoned by the Fae who claimed them.
Trick: [sighs] You're not Bo's pet.
Kenzi: I'm not Fae either.
Trick: Bo's very strong. I have every hope and faith that she will emerge safely.
Kenzi: And if she doesn't?
Trick: Hale or Dyson could use someone to do chores around their house.
Kenzi: Don't play me, homie.
Trick: I suppose... If Bo weren't around anymore- I could claim you.
Kenzi: Get out.
Trick: Even though I have no right to, I've come to think of you as family, Kenzi. I hope you don't mind.
Kenzi: [smiles] Well, it's a little presumptuous but- if you must.
Trick: And for however long you want it, you have a place in my world. Our world. [Kenzi hugs him]

Bo: [both inside the Temple] I appreciate the help but stop cop-blocking me!
Dyson: I guess a thousand years of chivalry is hard to shake.
Bo: Did it ever occur to you that I don't need taking care of?
Dyson: I know. I just wanted to be here.
Bo: Why?
Dyson: Because I love you.
Bo: Was that so hard to say?
Dyson: You're with Lauren now. I can't say I like it, but I respect it. [Bo hits him in the arm] God, I'm not gonna be much help if I'm crippled!
Bo: You're not going to be much help to me either if you're pining away for me, you moron! Wait- Is this some sort of suicide mission? Some kind of male honor bullshit?!
Dyson: I'm here because I want to be.
Bo: Why?
Dyson: Because you would have done the same for me. 'Cause in the last three years, I have learned more from you than I've learned in the first fifteen-hundred from every other person I ever met. Even if I can't have you- Even if I can't be with the woman that I love with every ounce of my being- Look, I'm just a wolf, standing in front of a succubus asking her- [Bo hits him again]
Bo: A-HOLE!!!
Dyson: Ugh- I deserve that-
Bo: You are the most frustrating, stubborn, ass-face that I have ever met!
Dyson: I don't like me much either, trust me-
Bo: Stop- Stop being so charming- This isn't the time! Okay, I will kill you! So, what happens now?
Dyson: Nothing. But ask me again in a hundred years. When things are different- [he kisses her]

Delinquents [3.10][edit]

Nelson: Anyone else think that these deaths might be some sort of freaky animal attack?
Trudy: Like a wolf?
Dyson: [standing in the doorway] A wolf wouldn't leave the body intact.
Kenzi: Yeah, not to mention, they're really lame.
Dyson: Oh, really?
Kenzi: Yeah, and surprisingly girly.
Dyson: I think you protest too much. I think you love wolves.
Kenzi: Wolves WISH I loved them.

Adventures in Fae-bysitting [3.11][edit]

Kenzi: [telling a story] SuperKenz wasn't just any human. Not only did she have killer personal style, but she had a smorgasbord of powers. Her sense of smell was a strong as a wolf's. And when she sang, she could knock people out just like a Siren.
Ethan: What's a Siren?
Kenzi: A douchebag who wears stupid hats.

Hail, Hale [3.12][edit]

Tamsin: [drunk] Where do you get off being so perfect? You think you've seen everything and then you see you.
Bo: I'm alright, but I'm not perfect.
Tamsin: [leans close to her] Yes you are. To me you are. Your eyes are both brown and blue.
Bo: [whispers] Tamsin, what are you doing?
Tamsin: [touches Bo's chest] Your heart is both strong and gentle. You're virtuous. Yet you're a Succubus. You shouldn't be.
Bo: Be what?
Tamsin: Be real. Be here.

Bo: [toasting] To a new Fae under the right man.
Dyson: To that dress under the right man.
Bo: [laughs] Ohhh... Drink your whiskey, wolf.

Hale: What are you still doing here?!
Kenzi: Bo's in trouble. I think Tamsin's trying to hurt her-
Hale: Forget about Bo for a second. You have to go-
Kenzi: Stop saying that to me! Why does everyone keep saying that?! We all used to be friends, Hale!
Hale: Goddamn it, Kenzi! You are not my friend! You've never been just a friend! If anything happens to you... I won't be any good to anyone. And right now I need to be better than I've ever been.
Kenzi: [quietly] Asshole. You stupid- Why didn't you tell me that?!
Hale: Because I was scared.

Those Who Wander [3.13][edit]

Dyson: Aife. Please talk to me.
Aife: Is my daughter okay?
Dyson: Bo is fine.
Aife: She's my daughter, you see. My daughter. Bo is my daughter. Bo is my daughter. [singing] Dark, light, wrong, right. Skip to my loo darlin' skip to me loo. [normal] Most couldn't handle the pain. But I could. I can.
Dyson: What does he want?
Aife: At first he wanted... me. He'd been watching me. Tracking me. Thought me powerful, the most powerful. Then he saw me defeated, broken, after Bo and I fought. Still he picked me up. Brought me here.
Dyson: Aife. What did he do to you?
Aife: Always with the questions. What's the ultimate type of Fae? Succubus. Who's the strongest? But I never told them. I never told them it's my Bo, my daughter. I told them it was you. I saw it in her eyes, that night. You gave up your wolf, to save her.
Dyson: Yes.
Aife: I did too, I gave up the wolf to save my girl. Because we love her. We love her.

Bo: Mom, it's okay.
Aife: No, it's not okay, you have to leave. If your father was here he would kill them all! And then resurrect them and kill them again!
Bo: My father?
Aife: They want powerful? They fear us? If HE were here, if he were here... he would never allow this to happen to his seed.

Kenzi: Look out for surprise attacks.
Bruce: Surprise. I'm huge. I don't do stealth.
Kenzi: Bruce, I'll be fine. Really, you have to go. If The Morrigan finds that out you helped me...
Bruce: The Morrigan just declared you an enemy of the realm. I'm not leaving your side 'til you're safe. You're tough, Kenzi. But you're human.
Kenzi: Not for long.
Bruce: What?!
Kenzi: I met someone who said he could make me Fae. I think I'm going to take him up on it.
Bruce: Bad idea.
Kenzi: Yeah, I'll probably owe Massimo for the rest of my life, but-
Bruce: Massimo, the Druid? Really bad idea.
Kenzi: Yeah, well, my friends need me, Bruce. They need me to nut up. Do the rescuing, for once. And I can't. I can't when I'm... this.
Bruce: I'm not letting you meet him alone.
Kenzi: Well, it's a long walk.
Bruce: Who's walking? [unlocks a sports car] The Morrigan's new toy. And you get to drive.
Kenzi: I love you.
Bruce: I love you too, Kenzi.
Kenzi: I was talking to the car.
Bruce: [quietly to himself] Uh, idiot.

Season 4[edit]

In Memoriam [4.01][edit]

Kenzi: So what you're saying is, somebody's been in here extracting our memories? [Snook nods]
Dyson: This is very disturbing.
Kenzi: Yeah you're telling me. I could be famous. [gasps] I could be a Kardashian.
Dyson: You could be shy.

Sleeping Beauty School [4.02][edit]

Dyson: [About Bo] She has the most beautiful heart, and it breaks ever time someone she loves is hurting. She's brave, stubborn, passionate, true. She loves with all her being and I can't do any of this without her.

Trick: [looking around Bo and Kenzi's house] I've seen duck ponds with greater security. How are you still alive?

Trick: [about Tamsin's memory] Valkyries deal in the souls of the dead. They see so much carnage in one lifetime that sometimes they repress those memories in the next.

Lovers. Apart. [4.03][edit]

Bo: Just a couple of things about me: I like leather, having a good time, and, in case you haven't noticed, I always meddle in things that don't concern me.

Turn to Stone [4.04][edit]

Tamsin: Is Bo your girlfriend?
Dyson: No, she's not.
Tamsin: But do you want her to be?
Dyson: I did. But then a lady in a tree took my love away and by the time I got it back Bo had a girlfriend.
Tamsin: You forgot to start with "Once upon a time..."
Dyson: Once upon a time we never found the right time. The end.
Tamsin: What does love feel like?
Dyson: Are we really doing this? [she gives him a look] When you feel it you'll know it. And when it's gone you'll never want to lose it again. You know what, talk to Bo and Kenzi about this stuff, okay? It's really not my bag.

Kenzi: I cannot believe he Kenzi-proofed it. He's playing off my power.
Bo: How do we make you stop sparking?
Kenzi: Ugh. It kinda just runs out. You know, like sunscreen. Reapply after swimming. I guess I could take a shower but I really don't wanna get my hair wet, it's such an ordeal.
Bo: I hear ya.
Kenzi: You know what though, it's been like a week, I probably should wash it. Is Lauren's conditioner like the worst?
Bo: It's the worst.
Kenzi: Does it contain disinfectants? I mean God knows what that woman is putting in her hair. She can not be trusted.

Let the Dark Times Roll [4.05][edit]

Of All the Gin Joints [4.06][edit]

La Fae Epoque [4.07][edit]

The Keeper: [to Dyson and Kenzi] You have failed to abide by the sacred rules of the Fae. If you have any last words speak them now.
Kenzi: Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God.
The Keeper: The human has spoken for you then.
Kenzi: [to Dyson] I just stole your last words?! Oh my God, I suck!

Bo: You're quiet.
Dyson: It was intimate. You- In me for once. [referring to her being in his memories]
Bo: Such a way with words. [they chuckle]
Dyson: I could feel you. Sent you a message without even knowing it. Glad you got it.
Bo: Our minds work well together.
Dyson: Yes they do.

Groundhog Fae [4.08][edit]

Destiny's Child [4.09][edit]

Waves [4.10][edit]

Kenzi: [about to climb into a vent] If this goes Aliens I am Sigourney Weavering out of there.

Lauren: What is it Dyson? A flesh-eater?
Kenzi: Sharknado?!
Dyson: Worse. Mermaids.

Kenzi: Oh my God mermaids! I love mermaids! But like love them.
Dyson: They are the psychopaths of the sea Kenz. "The seas have eyes" is their cultural motto.
Kenzi: I have lied awake at night my entire life thinking of the marvelous merday when I would meet a fin-flapping, seashell-bra wearing Daryl Hannah. Oh my God!
Lauren: They are a rare and fascinating species.
Kenzi: Yeah. They comb their hair with forks!
Dyson: Yeah. Right after they stab you in the face with them. Just before they blow up your ship that's on route to the new world.
Kenzi: Yeah, but then they sing to us with crabs.
Dyson: No they don't Kenzi.

Bo: Breaking curses is kind of my thing.

End of a Line [4.11][edit]

It Begins [4.12][edit]

Dark Horse [4.13][edit]

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