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Lou Vincent (born 11 November 1978) is a New Zealand cricket player.

By Lou Vincent[edit]

  • You doubt where you're going, you doubt the way you shave in the morning and even the way you talk to people. Looking back on my past, I think that when you are out of form I attribute it to how I am in my life. I guess it was a reflection of the way I was playing my cricket, you know, I was inconsistent.
    • When asked about his career and self-doubt. Quoted in Michele Hewitson (2008-06-05). Hanging out with Lou Vincent. The New Zealand Herald. Retrieved on 2008-06-05.

About Lou Vincent[edit]

  • Lancashire have brought in a player with a great reputation in the format who will add firepower to our top order. He is an exciting player and excellent fielder, just what we need for Twenty20 cricket.

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