Louise Imogen Guiney

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Louise Imogen Guiney

Louise Imogen Guiney (January 7, 1861November 2, 1920) was an American poet, born in Roxbury, Massachusetts.


  • North from the beautiful islands,
    North from the headlands and highlands,
    The long sea-wall,
    The white ships flee with the swallow;
    The day-beams follow and follow,
    Glitter and fall.
    • Gloucester Harbor
  • Now that the wind is tamed and broken,
    And day gleams over the lea,
    Row, row, for the one you love
    Was out on the raging sea:
    Row, row, row,
    Sturdy and brave o’er the treacherous wave,
    Hope like a beacon before,
    Row, sailor, row
    Out to the sea from the shore!
    • After the Storm
  • Over the ships that are anchored,
    Over the fleets that part,
    Over the cities dark by the shore,
    High as a dream thou art!
    • The Sea-Gull
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