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Louise Jameson (2013)

Louise Jameson (20 April 1951 –) is an English actress.


  • There must be moments in your life where you can instantly recall the melancholy, or the anger, or the grief, and you just step into that for a second and then transfer it to whatever you're doing. It's called transference. That gets easier as you get older. It's just like exercising a muscle. I think it's why a lot of actors are a bit mixed up and a bit neurotic, because if they let go of their neurosis it would become less easy to do that. If you say, you know, let go of that anger Louise, in a way I don't want to because I want to keep it there and use it for my acting
  • Really to immobilise your face when you’re in the business of communicating is an oxymoron…is that the right word? It just doesn’t seem to make sense.

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